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What Are Dragon Age 2 Romance Options?

When choosing a love interest in Dragon Age 2, you have a number of options. While the game does not have a “romance quest” per se, you can choose to date a number of characters in the game. Some characters are much more romantic than others, and the game provides a number of romance options. Listed below are a few of them. Let’s start with Josephine. Josephine is a bisexual diplomat who can handle verbal volleys. However, she is often flustered by the Inquisitor, while Leliana flirts and threatens with knives. There are plenty of reasons why she may be a poor choice, including a broken betrothal, a contract with an assassin’s house, and a family feud. But her loyalty to her family is stronger than her desire for


If you’re interested in exploring bisexual relationships in Dragon Age 2, you’ve probably already pondered the possibility of romance with Leliana. While she can be a fantastic partner for a male Hawke, she is often overshadowed by the game’s two more popular romance options. Thankfully, there are a few ways to date her and make her yours. Read on to learn more.

First, there are some things you should know about Leliana as a possible love interest for male and female wardens. Leliana’s mother was born in Ferelden, but she was raised by Lady Cecile in Orlais. Later, she meets a mysterious woman named Marjolaine, who begins working under her and quickly falls in love with Leliana. However, she betrays Leliana, making it seem like she’s selling her secrets to keep her from falling in love.

One of the best reasons to choose Leliana as a romantic option is the character’s design. A strong warrior woman, Leliana is an excellent option for a female companion, but her storyline doesn’t have to be overly complex or dramatic. Despite the low amount of drama, Leliana is a fun character to woo. She sings beautifully, and her voice is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll also want to consider obtaining the game’s Leliana’s Song soundtrack to add to the music experience.

While the majority of characters in the Dragon Age series are relatively easy to woo, the two female protagonists are the exceptions. Although she’s not as easy to woo as Isabela, she’s a compelling and passionate character. Alistair, who was a main character in Origins, is loyal and awkward at first, but is romantic at heart. You can also romance a character based on their racial background.

Aside from Leliana, you can also romance Zevran. This apostate mage was previously a Grey Warden, and he’s a strong romantic option. If you’re looking for a more dramatic storyline, you can try Anders. Zevran is also a great replacement for Leliana, and Sten can be a good stand-in for Alistair.


If you’re looking for a female companion in Dragon Age 2, you’ve probably already heard about Isabela, but she’s a controversial choice. The game has a terrible history with her, including racist jokes and sexism, which only serve to ruin her already bad reputation. Besides, Isabela’s romance is more interesting than Merrill’s. Here’s a look at how Isabela compares to Merrill.

First off, Isabela is a shipwrecked pirate who spent 10 years raiding on the Siren’s Call. During the Qunari occupation, Isabela’s ship was destroyed and she landed in Kirkwall. She stayed there and eventually met Hawke in a tavern, where they became fast friends and fell in love. But before you can fully appreciate Isabela’s abilities, you need to get to know her well.

One of the biggest challenges to Isabela’s romantic prospects is her fear of intimacy. She was once unhappily married to the owner of a pirate ship, but was murdered for no apparent reason. Because of her disdain for her former husband, Isabela speaks of him with disdain. Her lack of trust in people makes her vulnerable to manipulation. She also says that love is useless.

If you’re interested in dating Isabela, you can find her in the smuggler’s caves. The quest Blackpowder Courtesy begins in Act 2 and will require you to use this item. If you don’t have the Ship in a Bottle, you’ll need to find the Rivaini Talisman, which is also found in the Disused Passage in Docks.

Once you’ve found the relic, Isabela will join the party. After a storm destroys her ship and kills her crew, she’ll leave. Once you get her back, she’ll be able to join Hawke and his party. During her adventure, she will leave the party mysteriously, refusing to speak to Qunari Arishok. The Qunari are also interested in the Tome of Koslun, so Isabela’s departure from her party is not surprising.

In the Dragon Age 2 game, Isabela will play an integral role in the events of the game. Her role is similar to that of Luke in the Star Wars series, but this is not the same. She is vulnerable and self-loathing, and she’s determined to find justice in the Venefication Sea for herself. While she’s not perfect in this respect, she is a wonderful companion.


While dragon age 2 has many romantic companions, one of them is Merrill. You can fall in love with Merrill if you are a good player. You can show your interest by completing quests related to her and giving her gifts based on your own preferences. Interestingly, the “breakup” dialogue that Isabela says doesn’t trigger until Merrill moves in. As a result, all other romances between Isabela and Varric will be disabled until you have moved Merrill into her house.

While her name sounds adorable and innocent, Merrill is also quite unhinged. She starts off as a cute companion and quickly reveals herself as a blood mage and demon hunter. Sadly, this makes her vulnerable to the intrigue of her clan mates and often ends up in the dungeon. She is the only dragon age 2 love interest that uses her birth name. The other love interest that goes by her full name is Hawke, a mage who is extremely angsty and psychotic.

Although the storyline of Dragon Age 2 does not explicitly address Merrill’s romance options, it does highlight the fact that she is an important character. After completing the quest to become Aveline’s companion, Merrill will appear in the game. However, you must visit her home first before you can begin the romance. It will take you a few days for Merrill to open up to you and let you do all the talking.

Although Merrill can end up dying by Hawke’s hands at the end of the game, she can be saved by her party. She can also be saved by Hawke by siding with him during the final battle. If Merrill is totally loyal, she will eventually move into Hawke’s house. She will also eventually visit Hawke’s house when she is romanced, though she will not move into Hawke’s home if you choose to romance him.

Once you have obtained 505 friendship points, you can try to flirt with Merrill. You can also earn additional friendship points by completing companion quests or giving gifts to her. By the end of the game, she will move in with you. So, if you aren’t sure which option is best for you, read on! Merrill’s dragon age 2 romance options


Dragon Age 2’s storyline is full of exciting romance possibilities, and one of the most intriguing of them is the Solas romance. This storyline provides additional character insight into the character. Although it focuses on the fact that Solas should marry, the player has the option of finding happiness elsewhere. For instance, there is an interesting twist to the storyline in which Solas contemplates confessing to Lavellan.

Developing a meaningful relationship with Solas can be a challenge, but the game has a few strategies to help you succeed. For starters, you can use the approval system to your advantage. By being thoughtful and asking questions, you can win Solas’s approval. If you’re interested in a deeper relationship with Solas, be sure to start by talking to him in Haven. He’ll tell you about his dreams and wandering through the Fade. In addition to these methods, he will also give you several flirt options during conversations.

Aside from pursuing a romantic relationship with Solas, you can also choose to date the Inquisitor. Solas has a quest for his party, and the other members of his party have tried to save him. However, the Inquisitor has a different idea. He tells Solas that he can only carry the Anchor by himself, which will increase his strength. Inquisitors can also immobilize Solas using the Anchor.

Another romance option with Solas is the quest. It can either bolster your approval of the Inquisitor or destroy it altogether. To make this option work for you, Solas will ask the Inquisitor to talk privately with him. He’ll bring him to a balcony, and you can decide whether you want to pursue romance with him. You may even get to kiss him for the first time during this conversation.

Another possible romantic option in the game is the marriage between Solas and Briala. During the events of the Dragon Age 2 game, Solas becomes the Inquisition agent after being found emerging from a dimensional rift. This rift allows demonic spirits to pass through. Since Solas was recruited for the Inquisition, he is considered to be an expert on the Fade, a metaphysical realm connected to the Thedas. Normally accessible only through dreaming, Solas’ knowledge proves useful in closing down the Breach.