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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance Review

If you’re familiar with the Fire Emblem series, you’ve probably heard of the Three Houses concept. These are the three houses that make up a relationship. Support is a relationship between two characters, and it determines how helpful the character is to allies. An A-rank support is helpful in battle while a C-rank support is less helpful. Getting to know these houses is essential for a satisfying relationship.


If you’re into games, then you’re sure to enjoy Dorothea and the Three Houses. This role-playing video game features a colorful cast of characters, each with unique personalities and fighting skills. Here’s a look at Dorothea’s story: She’s an excellent dancer, but her lack of resources challenges her impressions. Her life is fraught with a looming sense of the clock and she feels that if she doesn’t marry a man with money, she’ll be “screwed.”

At one point, Dorothea met a noble who she suspected to be her father. However, the noble failed to recognize her as his daughter and flung her away to a maid. But as they grew closer, their feelings for each other grew. Despite the misfortunes of their situation, the two bonded over their disdain for the Crests. And the two fell in love and were married in the end.

During the course of their romance, Dorothea and Ferdinand had many fascinating conversations about art, politics, and religion. Ferdinand had always admired her singing, so Dorothea interpreted his fluster as him looking down on her. In addition to their romance, they have several interesting supporting conversations. In the third act, she flirts with the player’s character Byleth by asking him if his heart is beating.

In addition to this, Dorothea can be recruited by the other houses. You need a high Charm Stat and Authority Skill to recruit Dorothea. You can also lower your threshold for recruiting her by obtaining C Support rank. Once recruited, Dorothea can also join an event, called a Tea Party. To host the event, you need to purchase an Elegant Tea Set. After receiving the tea, you can invite other characters to tea.

Another great thing about Dorothea is that she’s a fantastic mixed character. While her magic pool focuses primarily on Thunder magic, she also has a number of ranged spells that can soften enemies at long range. Her access to long-range spells is a great asset as she can help allies. In addition, she has a decent amount of Support chains, which can even reach A-rank. Although her Faith pool is shallow, the songstress personal skill can help you in late-game, when you need her most.


Ingrid is set to marry the older brother of Felix, Glenn. While Ingrid respects her fiance’s position as a knight, her father has tried to set her up with other noblemen for marriage. Her father hopes that he can marry off his daughter to a wealthy man. Despite this, Ingrid has no intention of marrying anyone who can’t support her lineage.

The three houses represent different facets of an arranged marriage. Ingrid is associated with Blue lions. Although she isn’t a knight, she wants to become a strong and noble knight. Her desire to fight and be a knight also makes her susceptible to dangerous monsters. She is also associated with Ashen Wolves. While the three houses have their differences, they are able to work together to protect Byleth.

Ingrid and the Three Houses is set in a medieval castle, and takes place during the time when Europe was divided into countries. Ingrid is the only female noble in her house. She has a knightly air and a crest, and she wants to marry a knight in the future. She wants to be a knight, but her father wants her to get married. Despite the pressures she faces, her love life is happy and successful, and her father is happy to give her that.

Ingrid is the Lady of House Galatea. She is the childhood friend of Dimitri, and she has always dreamed of becoming a knight. Despite the pressures of her life, she is still obsessed with sweets and is prone to having a bad temper. Ferdinand, on the other hand, has an incredibly strong personality and is very attractive to Ingrid. Ingrid and the Three Houses is a must-read for fans of fantasy novels.

Although Ingrid was destined to become the archbishop of Galatea, she opted to serve as a knight instead. She was appointed as ruler of the territory and worked alongside the common people. The people didn’t like her at first, but after a few years of serving them and gaining their trust, Ingrid and Yuri got married and the territory grew under their leadership.

Ingrid’s relationship with Byleth

Ingrid’s romantic relationship with Byleth is a beautiful and enchanting story. She has an intense desire to become a great knight and has a troubled past. The arranged marriage of her father has left her shackled to a life of arranging marriages and being a good knight. However, her romance with Byleth provides her with many memories that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Byleth is a mercenary with the Sword of the Creator and Crest of Lames. Initially, Byleth serves in the army but eventually becomes a class leader. He is the son of a famous mercenary, Jeralt Eisner. In the game, Byleth is able to interact with a number of characters and develop a relationship with a few of them. It’s important to understand all the possible scenarios for romance between Byleth and Ingrid in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

While romance isn’t the only option in the game, it is the most popular and satisfying option. Ingrid’s relationship with Byleth is one of the most romantic and enduring in the game. The characters can choose to be same sex or a heterosexual pair, depending on the circumstances. A lot of the relationships in this game are romantic, but they can also be platonic.

Ingrid is a member of the Blue Lions house and a good match for Byleth. Byleth is a potential S-rank, but his relationship with Manuela is strictly platonic. She also acts as a good friend for Byleth, and is a good conversationalist. However, Byleth can’t marry Manuela, the female member of the Ashen Wolves.

Annette is the most popular option for the Three Houses romance. Annette is a hardworking character with a bubbly personality and adorable features. She shows Byleth how much she cares for him, which is evident in her conversation with Byleth. Byleth helps Annette gain confidence and affection. Annette’s romance with Byleth is one of the best in the game.


In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Annette is a gifted student of magic, and a graduate of the Magical Academy. Though she is not as accomplished as other characters, she has a lot of potential and a good relationship with Mercedes and Byleth. She also has affiliations with the Blue lions and Golden deers. Her personality is diva-like, but her hard work and dedication make up for her slacking tendencies.

The characters in the game can be ranked by their romance-worthy qualities. To be considered for a romanceable character, characters must have good hair, be terribly annoying, and be incredibly earnest. Polygon’s staff members rated each character using three criteria: cuteness, indescribable annoyingness, and earnestness. To select the best character to write, the following journalists contributed to this article: Karen Han, Petrana Radulovic, and Ryan Gilliam, news writers.

The two characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses have incredibly distinct personalities. While their characters may have very different personalities, their similarities and differences make them the perfect match for a romance. For example, Flayn is a cinnamon roll. Dedue is a quiet giant with a heart of gold. The two also share a deep devotion to cooking, and Flayn allows Dedue to choose a nickname for her. Their names are related and hint at the importance of cooking in a marriage.

Dorothea and Yuki are also compatible and have a special connection through their shared backgrounds. Both are engaged to nobles and want to become better knights. Their friendship has helped them to become a stronger person, and they both share the same values. As a result, they make an almost perfect couple in the Fire Emblem Three Houses series. But there are a few problems with their relationship.