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What Are Good Romance Anime to Watch?

What Are Good Romance Anime to Watch?

Looking for a good romance anime to watch? You have come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites! From Toradora to InuYasha, Kanon to Monogatari, we’ve got you covered! Just pick one and start watching! There’s something for everyone! If you’re looking for an entertaining and uplifting romance anime, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re looking for a lighthearted romance anime, consider Toradora! The two leads, Miyazawa and Arima, have a bumbling relationship in which they promise to help their crushes find true love. However, the duo ends up falling in love with each other in spite of their differences. While this anime might seem like a typical high school romance, it’s not.

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The characters are wonderfully crafted, and Takemiya never once sells out the characters. While Toradora does feature a few sexy moments, the story is never overly melodramatic, and the protagonists are often cynical, albeit with a touch of sexiness. Toradora is also available in light novels and manga. Aside from the anime, you can also find it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.

This romantic comedy is one of the most popular on the market today, and is directed towards a slightly mature audience. While it may not be as mature as Golden Time, it’s incredibly entertaining and has an ideal blend of themes, music, and animation style. It’s also full of twisted Nana, which gives it a unique and memorable tone. A great romance anime to watch is Toradora!

Aside from the anime’s light romantic approach, Toradora also focuses on the two leads’ unique personalities. While the main character, Misaki, is the student council president, she also works as a maid at a cafe. She discovers her secret when Takumi catches a glimpse of it. The result is a romantic comedy with some very awkward moments. And the two lead characters grow closer as the story progresses.

While this show is not about true love, it’s a lighthearted experience that combines comedy, romance, and ecchi. This story follows two high school students, one named Misaki Takahashi, as she tries to pass her university exams. But when she discovers that he’s been wrongly expelled from the school, she tries to make amends with the pervert artist who created the work.


If you’re looking for a good anime to watch about romance, InuYasha is definitely worth watching. This old-school classic follows a girl named Sakura Mamiya, a ghost, as she travels back in time to find her missing twin sister. A dog-like being known as InuYasha helps her collect the shards of the wish-fulfilling jewel. Together, they fight evil.

InuYasha is a great romantic comedy that deals with love and passion. The story revolves around Chiyo Sakura, who has a crush on manga writer Nozaki. She joins his team in creating a Shoujo manga, but does not realize she’s working on it! She’s a genius! And she manages to do it all while hiding her true feelings.

This anime is perfect for those with strong hearts. It’s about a socially outcast boy who falls in love with and becomes engaged to a girl with pancreatic cancer. She will die soon from this illness, but he manages to get her romantically involved. But the plot gets a little confusing at times, and the plot is often ambiguous. But it’s still worth watching, and you’ll feel happy after watching it.

Kamisama Kiss is another good romance anime to watch. Like InuYasha, this anime features a high school girl and a yokai. Her character is a kitsune man, which is a fox demon. This is primarily a romance anime, but it does include action moments. Kamisama Kiss has been compared to Fruits Basket in its premise and has its own share of drama.

InuYasha is not the only romantic series created by the same mangaka. Ranma 1/2 is a comedy anime, and the same artist created the manga for InuYasha. Both series have a love-hate relationship between two characters. If you’re looking for a romantic anime to watch, InuYasha is definitely worth a try. And you’ll probably find something you enjoy in this series.


Another good romance anime to watch is Monogatari. In this lighthearted romantic comedy, the two main characters are high school students Koyomi Aragi and Hitagi Senjougahara. Both have their own tragic backstory. In this show, however, they both struggle to keep their inner feelings secret from the other. Both characters discover that they’re in love with the same person, and the story slowly builds to a climactic episode in episode five.

This romantic comedy is a two-season anime about a student president who works at a maid cafe. She falls in love with a popular high school boy despite his distaste for boys. This anime is a true classic, and is so charming that it can even make grown men cry. It also tells the story of a tall girl who has never had friends, and a short boy who seems to be interested in her. The two always fight each other, but eventually things change and they begin a complicated romance.

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy series that doesn’t involve cute puppies and adorable kittens, then Ore Monogatari might be for you. It is based on the famous William Shakespeare play, and contains many romantic scenes. This anime is set on the floating continent of Neo Verona. It follows the Montague family who butchers the entire Capulet family and take control of the kingdom. Even though the story is a little cheesy at times, it’s worth watching.

Another great romance anime is ‘Kimi ni Todoke’. The series follows the journey of Kuronuma Sawako, a high school student who is misunderstood by her classmates. She resembles the ghost girl from the horror movie ‘The Ring’. She is also nicknamed ‘Sadako’ by her classmates, who think she’s a ghost. She wishes to make a close friend, but Kazehaya Souta is the most popular guy in school.

Another great anime series is Maid-Sama!. This story follows two teenage girls who find love in unlikely places. One is a shy and awkward girl who is terrified of a man, while the other has a quiet life. Both have their own unique personalities, and it’s a fun show to watch with the family. And for those who love romance, this show is perfect. If you’re looking for a romantic anime, then Whisper of the Hearts might be the perfect choice.


If you’re interested in a slice-of-life, supernatural, drama, and romance anime, then you should consider watching Kanon. The first season of Kanon was released in January 2002 and it was a huge hit, but it wasn’t until its October 2006 remake that it really began to catch on. The remake improved the art, added more episodes, and added more character development to the mix. The anime is an excellent example of a manga that takes a very traditional format and turns it into a modern-day classic. Kanon has 24 episodes, but there are no ongoing series.

The storyline is a fairly standard one, with multiple romantic arcs and several characters. Because of the length of the anime, you’ll be able to spend time getting to know each character. It has some tragic events and back stories, but they’re not outright shocking. Instead, the events are meant to feel natural and seamless within the story. The anime will likely draw you in and keep you interested until the end.

Another great anime to watch is Saito. This romantic comedy features a giant guy who has never been loved. There are many cute scenes throughout, but the main character, Banri, is the one who develops the closest connection to the girl. The four seasons span over twelve episodes and are both full of humor. Anime lovers will surely enjoy this series. There’s a lot to love in this show, so you can’t go wrong.

There are thousands of romance anime series out there, but this category is more than just Seinen. Romance anime is a staple of the anime genre and will continue to be popular for many years to come. Its popularity is a testament to the fact that people are still looking for a good love story. Good romance anime tug at the heartstrings and make viewers feel all of their emotions. One of the best examples of romance anime is Toradora, a classic from J.C. Staff.