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HIM Razorblade Romance Album Review

HIM Razorblade Romance Album Review

Razorblade Romance is the second studio album by HIM. The group originally began recording with Hiili Hiilesmaa, the same producer who worked on their 1997 debut album. Unfortunately, those sessions proved unsuccessful, and HIM had to hire another producer, John Fryer. The end result is Razorblade Romance, which has earned positive reviews from critics and fans alike. If you’re curious about the new album, read on for some details.


If you are looking for a HIM album review, then you have come to the right place. Razorblade Romance is the band’s second studio album. It is a much more mature and polished affair than their debut album. This album is definitely worth the listen. Its lyrics deal with themes such as death, love, and romantic relationships. However, the lyrics are somewhat limited and simplistic. I am not sure if HIM is trying to get across a message to women in general, but it is still an impressive work.

HIM’s first album, GREATEST LOVESONGS VOL. 666, was a commercial success and helped them break the sophomore slump. The album showed off the band’s talents and juxtaposed romantic and macabre themes. Razorblade Romance was the band’s defining moment, as it highlighted their strengths and played all the right emotions. In addition to the great songs, Razorblade Romance also paved the way for a long, intense journey into the limelight. This album also charted in the USA. HIM subsequently changed their name to HER, but they still maintain a strong presence in the world of music.

Razorblade Romance was released on 24 January 2000. The album gained popularity in Finland and other European countries, where it peaked at number one. The album was also released in the United States under the name Her. It was a huge commercial success in Europe and went platinum, double platinum, and triple gold. It also made the top five in several countries and received Platinum Europe Awards. There was mixed reaction to the album, and the album itself received mostly positive reviews.

Track listing

HIM’s second studio album, Razorblade Romance, is released on July 27, 2018. The band originally began recording with Hiili Hiilesmaa, who had produced their debut album in 1997. Sadly, these sessions turned out to be unsuccessful and HIM decided to work with John Fryer instead. In the process, HIM has created an album that is both powerful and eclectic. This review looks at Razorblade Romance’s track listing and the process that went into its production.

While the lyrics are highly sensitive, they still manage to make the album entertaining and catchy. The album deals with themes such as death, love, and romantic relationships. The album’s intention is to appeal to a female audience, which makes it feel simplistic and limited. This may be because the album was not released in the U.S., but it did chart in Finland. The album was certified double platinum in Finland.

The band’s Razorblade Romance album was released in December 1999 and quickly became popular in Europe. Although the album was initially released under the band’s name, it was distributed under the Her name in the US. The band had been signed to a deal to release the album under Her, but HIM secured the rights to the name and its trademark to ensure a worldwide audience. The album features a diverse collection of songs that highlight the band’s many talents.

Album history

The Album history of HIM Razorblade Romance began with its release in October 2003. Its production was highly polished, and it received mostly positive reviews. It reached number one in three countries, including Finland, Germany, and Austria. It was certified double platinum and triple gold, and charted in the United States in January 2004. It was also nominated for a Platinum Europe Award. The album received some negative reviews, but it remains one of the most popular albums of the last decade.

The Album history of HIM Razorblade Romance began with the band’s decision to change the sound of their music to a more rock-oriented sound. To achieve this sound, they parted ways with Hiili Hiilesmaa, and recruited English producer John Fryer to work with them. Fryer has produced albums by This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, and Swans. HIM’s sound changed dramatically with this decision, and Razorblade Romance became the band’s biggest breakthrough, not just in their homeland.

HIM’s voice is what brought their audience to this album, and its dynamic range is exceptional. HIM is equally comfortable being soft-spoken or loud when the time is right. The performance of HIM is passionate and sincere, with plenty of passion and emotion. The songs are emotional and deal with matters of love and death. In short, they’re great. There is no doubt about the band’s talent, but it’s no coincidence that the album’s title refers to the band’s name change.

Critics’ impressions

HIM released their second studio album, Razorblade Romance, on 24 January 2000. The album was a marked improvement over the band’s debut and featured a more polished production and sound. The album’s lead single “Him” hit number one in Germany and Finland. Razorblade Romance received mostly positive reviews from critics. It peaked at number one in Finland and Germany and went double platinum and triple gold. It also charted in the United States, reaching number one in Finland. The album won a Platinum Europe Award.

While HIM knew that it would be tough to break into the UK market, the band was able to surprise themselves with this success three years later. The album is a fine example of his talent and a must-have for every rock music fan’s record collection. Here are some of the most common impressions from the critics’ circle. Although Razorblade Romance was a surprise hit, it is still a wonderful album.

Ville Valo has a smooth voice that oozes melodramatic sappiness. He goes over the top in most tracks, and the inappropriate delivery is part of the experience. Fortunately, Ville Valo’s vocal range is substantial and his ability to use it in unusual ways is impressive. During the chorus of the track “I Love You,” he uses falsetto and bass tones that are not usually heard from him.

Album’s balance and economy

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Faust, Shure, Aarne Lempimaki

The release of Razorblade Romance saw HIM embark on a massive support tour, which almost shattered their relationship. On the album, HIM brought Mika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen and Jussi-Mikka Salminen on tour with them. They performed all the songs from the album live.

Razorblade Romance received generally positive reviews from critics, though some criticized its polished production. The album peaked at number one in Finland and Germany, and also reached the top spot in Austria. It was certified triple platinum and gold in several countries, and it was released in the United States in January 2004. It also earned platinum and gold certifications from the Finland Film Awards.

Patti Hara

The Razorblade Romance is the second studio album by American rock band Patti Hara. It was released on December 19, 1999, in Finland and January 24, 2000, in the rest of Europe. The album was distributed through BMG and Universal Records in the U.K. and was first released in the U.S. on October 28, 2003, through Jimmy Franks Recording Company. The album was also featured in the film The Thirteenth Floor.