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How to Find a Psychic Spy

In one famous case, the U.S. intelligence services gave psychic Rosemary Smith a map of Africa and a Soviet Tu-22 bomber outfitted as a spy plane. The Russians were trying to get their hands on top-secret U.S. equipment and codes. The bomber crashed in the Central African Republic, but the DoD managed to use multiple satellites to find the wreckage. Smith pinpointed the Tu-22’s location, which was hidden beneath the canopy of the jungle.

Psychic research

Recruiters are now passing out surveys with questions about ESP to potential officers. Over one thousand officers responded. Officers with more creative hobbies and those who have survived dangerous missions performed better at psychic readings. But is parapsychology real? Or are these tests just a myth? Parapsychology is a branch of psychology that investigates unexplained mental phenomena, and the field is divided into two sides – the sheep and the goats.

According to Dale Graff, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s ESP program, the government has used psychics to track a terrorist group. In 1981, psychics helped Italian police locate the Red Brigades, which led to the capture of Brig. Gen. James Dozier. The Italian police worked with undisclosed U.S. specialists and sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment. The project, codenamed “Stargate,” was evaluated by researchers and cost the government $20 million.

The CIA, for example, has used psychics for years to gather intelligence. But despite the success of the program, CIA, DNI, and NSA are keeping their secrets. Despite the secrecy surrounding such research, May continues to work on private parapsychological research. But the question is, “Can psychics really spy on you?”

While psi isn’t easy to detect, it has been used in the past to track the location of suspected terrorists. And in one case, the CIA was able to track down the terrorists in less than five seconds. This operation, codenamed “Grill Flame,” took place in 1979, when dozens of American diplomats were held hostage by revolutionaries in Iran. According to a declassified CIA database, the CIA had a squad of military-trained psychics watching the hostages. The psychics had a dimly-lit room in Fort Meade, Maryland. Half of the psychics pried through the ether and watched the hostages on 200 occasions.

One of the best-known cases of a psychic’s work was in the failed rescue mission of the US Embassy hostages in Iran. According to CIA database documents, psychics’ efforts were monitored by many agencies. When a failed rescue mission occurred, the hostages were scattered all over the country, so psychics were assigned to track them. Because psychics had been assigned to hunt down the hostages, psychics had erred hundreds of miles from their location.

Psychic espionage

Many people wonder, “How to find a psychic spy?” It was once a mystery, but now a government-funded program has revealed the answers. The United States and Russia were conducting a ‘psychic arms race’ as they vied for supremacy in space. Project Star Gate employed psychics and remote viewing to gather intelligence for the United States. While the United States and Russia are not officially affiliated, both have admitted to using psi in various operations.

One such program, called True Spies, used a former police officer as a ‘psychic treasure.’ The mission was to locate a Soviet bomber outfitted with top-secret Russian codes. The bomber had crashed in the Central African Republic, but the U.S. intelligence services were able to track the wreckage by using multiple satellites oriented to the precise location of the Tu-22’s crash site. A psychic spy would pinpoint the exact location of the crashed plane.

It’s hard to know where the Men in Black got their psychic skills, but they did use them to track down missing people. A rogue customs agent was being tracked by an espionage program, but a psychic spy had a better chance of catching him. The espionage program had dozens of psychics, and a psychic spy could tell you exactly where the missing person is hiding in the mountains.

There have been a few reports about the government’s use of remote viewing. In the cold war, the Soviet Union and USA used psychic’remote viewers’ for military purposes. Psychics were used to predict the rise of Trump and to prevent unknown disasters. They were used for missions where they could use remote viewing to acquire information on their target. This is why so many governments and other government agencies have been interested in learning about it.

As parapsychology and psychic abilities have been investigated for years, the CIA began testing them. The CIA began funding remote viewing experiments at Stanford Research Institute. The program was designed to determine whether psychic skills could be learned by ordinary people. And it was long before Miss Cleo began to urge Americans to get readings. So, while the program is still controversial today, it has shown promising results. When looking for psychic abilities, remember that they are often used by the CIA to spy on their enemies.


Project Stargate, a U.S. government project that was launched in the 1970s, aimed to develop a mind-reading psychic spy in order to outdo the Soviet Union. This was well before the TV show Miss Cleo encouraged Americans to get psychic readings. As with all things advanced, this program took years to develop, but the benefits are many. The psychic spy can access and use the mind of others to learn secrets about other people and to manipulate their memories.

Telepathy is one of the most perverted powers known to science. It is an invasion of privacy for the telepath, and he can be an overlord of a person’s life. It would fuel paranoia in Real Life, and unmasked telepaths are often persecuted, registered, and policed. While it would be impossible to police a telepath in Real Life, a few people have found ways to do it.

One alleged psychic spy was Uri Geller. He was a former paratrooper and became famous for his psychic powers. He was able to bend metal cutlery using his mind and was an international sensation. This man was also a member of a top-secret espionage program. The CIA, which had dozens of psychics working with them, aimed to find missing people. During the investigation, Geller’s ability to manipulate people’s minds was a huge red flag.

Remote viewing

Finding a remote viewer can be challenging, but it is possible, and many psychics practice this technique. It involves a structured approach and protocols that can bring information from the subconscious mind to the surface. Carl Jung calls this process the “Collective Unconscious.”

The United States Defense Intelligence Agency has spent millions of dollars training psychic spies to use this technique, and the results speak for themselves. They’ve gathered teams of psychics since 1978 and have been able to conduct life-saving operations. While some dismiss the idea as a fad, countless people have been trained to use remote viewing. The military has even assembled a team of psychic spies in the name of terrorism.

One of the most famous psychic spies used remote viewing as a secret intelligence tool. It was developed during the Cold War, and was used by spies for military projects. In the late 1970s, the CIA began funding top-secret remote viewing research in Menlo Park, California. At the time, more than 40 U.S. government agencies partnered with SRI and the Fort Meade group to perfect the method. And during this time, these agencies continued to renew the contracts for the work.

In 2001, the MoD began working with psychics in London, but their funding was very limited. So they turned to the internet to search for clairvoyants who had websites. The spies then asked around to find clairvoyants who could help them track Osama bin Laden. The results were disappointing. However, the MoD eventually settled for novices and found that these psychics were indeed capable of doing the job.