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It’s the Royal Romance Book 3

Olivia’s Royal Romance always has a serious element, but this book is no exception. Maxwell talks about apples, and Maxwell dance-offs are a bit out of the ordinary. The plot twists keep the reader interested. But don’t get too excited – this trilogy isn’t over. Keep reading to find out what makes the last book so special. The first two books in this series are just as good as this third one!


The cover of It’s the Royal Romance Book 3 is based on the iconic image of Queen Guinevere from the Adventures of Merlin. As always, this royal romance has some serious elements to it, but there are also some wacky ones as well. The chapter has a long time limit of 29 minutes – a record for any Choices book – and even shares the name of the third book in the series, Embers of Hope.

The Royal Romance, Book 3 will be released on March 2, 2018. The series consists of three books – The Crown & The Flame, Book 1, and Book 2. The Heist of Monaco is the first book in the series. The book also features a slew of other characters, including Anton Luno and Anton Edison. These characters have a history of kidnappings, attempted murders, and treason. The plot of this book is the same as the first two, but there are some differences.

The third book, The Royal Romance Book 3, will feature 15 chapters – the first chapter is titled Light the Night and is part of the Cleveland Ohio chapter. Fans will be able to continue the story from the events of Book 1 and Book 2, while Book 3 will introduce a new group of characters – The Brothers Beaumont. In the meantime, the last book, Bloodbound, is launching in early April.

Liam offers Hana a place in court as the duchess and her own duchy, and she agrees to accept. Eventually, they are married, and Hana gives the ring to a player and announces the engagement to a group of friends. But Constantine’s conspiracies against her character threaten to ruin everything – and Liam is heartbroken. While the series is a fun ride, it is not without its problems.

It’s the longest book in Choices

Though the games in the Choices series are episodic, the lengths of the books vary. The first book in the series introduces itself as a slice of life or romance, then shifts to a horror, adventure, or comedy-style theme as the book progresses. Fortunately, these games have remained consistent in terms of gameplay. However, some chapters are longer than others and a few of them are not very well-written, or even funny.

It’s a trilogy

It’s a trilogy of the royal love story that will be released on March 2. The book is about a boy named Anton Luno, who has been a hero of the series so far. In book one, he kidnaps the princess and steals the crown. In book two, he is accused of treason, and in book three, he asks Liam to be his best man.

For fans of the love story of the Sussexes, the Reluctant Royals series is a must-read. The story focuses on an African prince and a grad student. The prince is not willing to wait for long to get his bride, so his princess doesn’t have much choice but to accept it. This enchants the reader with its romantic premise, while still capturing the essence of royal love.

While The Royal We started out as a light-hearted fairy tale romance, it soon became a complex and dark world of political intrigue, enemies-turned-allies, and adorable corgis. Even though the story has darker elements, it’s easy to forget the fairy tale element and enjoy the nuances of royal life. So if you enjoy reading books about royal love stories, don’t miss out on this one!

The Crown and the Flame was the longest book in the series before the re-release of Her Royal Highness. The book also has some of the longest chapters in Choices history. The longest chapter in This Royal Romance book is 29 minutes long without diamonds. The cover was inspired by Queen Guinevere in the adventures of Merlin. And the title of the book’s third chapter is called Embers of Hope.

In This thrilling love story, an arrogant prince meets a sassy waitress. A passionate love affair is born and the Arrogant Prince struggles to keep his throne. A love triangle forms between the Arrogant Prince and one of the Red princes. This story is an addictive series and you won’t want to put the book down. If you’re a lover of fantasy and royal fiction, you’ll definitely want to check out this trilogy.

It’s not ending

It’s not over for the series, but it is far from over. Book 2 of Rules of Engagement is already 21 chapters long, and Book 3 will be even longer. The third book will be a novel, focusing on Hana’s journey of self-discovery. Previously, she worked as a waitress in New York before moving to the pinnacle of high society.

The storyline is still interesting, but the book veers off course. The wedding preparations are left to the last minute, which doesn’t make much sense. There are more important things to resolve first, and I’m not sure how to do that. Olivia’s Royal Romance series is a series where the two lead characters grow closer. But there are also serious moments that aren’t addressed.

Despite their differences, they end up falling in love. While her sister is a sexy and flirtatious waitress, she is the perfect princess. She always has the right words and says the right things. And she’s a terminally single princess. So far, she’s kept the men at arm’s length because they all want the same thing. But the royal watchdog won’t stop seducing a man who doesn’t impress her.

As for the storyline, there are many twists and turns throughout The Royal Romance. I really liked the way the story progressed, with many different characters coming into play. There are several different main crushes, but the most interesting part is the fact that Riley has to prove herself worthy of a queen. This test takes place over multiple books. If you enjoy historical fiction, I recommend reading The Royal Romance series!