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What Is Netflix Hidden Gems?

Netflix is home to some great hidden gems. From classic films you may have forgotten to brilliant shows that slipped under the radar, Netflix has something for everyone. NME has rounded up some of the best hidden gems and recommended them to you. Enjoy! Here are a few of our recommendations:

On My Block

If you are looking for a show that’s both entertaining and uplifting, On My Block is an excellent choice. The 30-minute episodic series focuses on the lives of a diverse group of people in a fictional neighbourhood. With its twists and turns, emotional conflicts, and wonderfully drawn characters, On My Block is a true storytelling gem. Here are five hidden gems to discover in On My Block.

“On My Block” is a comedic dramedy set in an inner-city neighborhood, and the most binge-worthy show of 2018 by watch-time-per-session. This drama explores the life and times of a group of teenage Latino and Black teens. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves Netflix shows. With hilarious moments and deep themes, On My Block will keep you laughing well into the wee hours.

Jamal is an endearing deuteragonist in the On My Block series. He’s played by Brett Gray and is a witty and quirky character who doesn’t want to disappoint his parents. Jamal is drawn into the rollercoaster mystery and is a “believer.” He goes to Freeridge High School and is black. He’s 5’7″ and has brown eyes. The characters are full of funny lines and antics.

If you’ve been a fan of the show for years, you should watch the spin-off on Netflix. The show will have executive producers Jamie Dooner and Lauren Lungerich. Both executive producers signed overall deals with Netflix last year. Dooner is currently working on the show Boo, Bitch, starring Lana Condor. Dooner and Lungerich co-created the series, and their core showrunning team includes Jeremy Haft and Jamie Uyeshiro.

Fruitvale Station

You’ve probably seen Black Panther, but you may not know that you can stream this documentary on Netflix. You might think that Netflix movies are limited, but in fact, many are available for streaming without any hassle. If you’re in the market for a film to watch for free, consider Fruitvale Station on Netflix hidden gems. The Netflix documentary is based on the real-life story of Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man who is shot and killed by a white police officer in Oakland.

Michael B. Jordan stars as Oscar, a man shot by police in 2009 after he refused to submit to their demands. He was handcuffed and lying face-down when the incident occurred. The film is set in real time, but there is a harrowing flashback with Oscar’s mother. Sarah Paulson shines in the role of Blue Jay, Oscar’s love interest. And Octavia Spencer is just as good as ever.

Fruitvale Station and Ink Master are two films that have been attracting fans for a long time, but you should catch them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a hit show. Fruitvale Station is one of the most anticipated Netflix titles of the year, with its cast of talented young black people. Netflix’s selections are constantly growing, and the new season of Fruitvale Station is no exception.

Another Netflix original, Uncut Gems, stars Adam Sandler as a jeweler who becomes a gambling addict. The documentary is a two-hour breakneck ride with a unique storyline. This movie is set in the future and features the incredibly talented Chris Evans, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. This movie is both fun and serious, and will make you laugh and cry.

Love And Monsters

For a fantasy film, look no further than Love And Monsters on Netflix. This film follows Joel, a young man who has lived in an underground colony since the monster invasion. He is searching for his lost love, Aimee, while escaping from the monsters. The movie is directed by Michael Matthews and received generally positive reviews. If you are looking for a family-friendly sci-fi film, look no further.

The Searchers

If you’re looking for hidden gems on Netflix, you might consider The Searchers, a 1956 American TechnicolorVistaVisionepicWestern directed by John Ford and based on the 1954 novel by Alan Le May. The story revolves around a middle-aged Civil War veteran who is sent to find his abducted niece. This classic film stars John Wayne, Vera Miles, and Natalie Wood.

The Searchers is a classic John Ford western that landed on Netflix in 2016. It’s about an injured Roy Goode and a ruthless outlaw, who are hiding in a small town. The two men are joined by a local sheriff who tries to track them down and protect Goode from the ruthless Griffin. They are pursued by the local sheriff, but soon fall in love.

The first season only covered a quarter of the book by Colson Whitehead, who wanted to create a drama about slavery. In Sacred Games, a troubled police officer is given 25 days to save a city from destruction when he tries to arrest a gangster who has escaped from a plantation. However, the story has so much more to offer. Despite its slow start, the series is already a hidden gem on Netflix.

The novel ends differently than the film. In the book, the woman, Debbie, is nicknamed Dry-Grass-Hair by the Comanches. She escapes from the white men and their Native American pursuers, and Marty discovers her days later when she faints of exhaustion. In the film, a few of the characters die. In the novel, however, the love story between Ethan and Martha is more compelling than the plot of the movie.