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The Four Quadrants of Troll Romance: Best Resource

Trolls have a unique romance system that differs from our own. The four quadrants of troll romance are Matespritship, Moirallegiance, Kismesissitude, and Auspisticism. Read on to learn more about each one. These are the four quadrants that make up the basic troll romance system. Each of these quadrants has specific characteristics and benefits for a relationship.


An Auspistice is an ingrained couple’s therapy. The relationship stabilizes and is stable enough for the two trolls to work out any tangled problems. But the problem is that Auspistices rarely last long enough to be a moirail. While they are a good option for trolls that are unstable or volatile, they are not a viable long-term option.

Unlike the other two quadrants, Auspistice’s role is more complex. It involves meditating between two steady ashmates. She is often a close mutual friend and cares about the trolls she is meditating between. During their encounters, the two trolls often argue, and Auspistice often has to intervene to prevent them from destroying each other’s pitch territory.

Auspistices may kiss or cohabitate, but they are rarely romantic. The Auspistice must know their partners’ situations to be effective, and they must be willing to take care of the trolls involved in the relationship. The Auspistice’s role is to make sure the relationship ends in a stable ashrom. In some cases, a relationship will end in aggressive or violent behavior.

Trolls have a complex romance system that is different from the way humans experience love and romance. In general, troll relationships are volatile and complex, with the couples alternating between the red-black and blue-green quadrants. In extreme cases, these relationships may result in the death of one partner. There are also other kinds of troll romance. So, what are the best options for you?

This type of relationship works best when both trolls are affixed with an Auspistice. The Auspistice helps the two trolls diffuse their tension and reach an ashen understanding. The Auspistice can also prevent a troll from engaging in black infidelity. Unlike kismesis, Auspistices can be easily misread for the troll equivalents of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Pale Quadrant

Troll romances are not as intense as bonded ones, but they can be quite intense nonetheless. Generally, a troll will mistake an alien’s efforts to help a pal as romantic affection. But if the two creatures are truly in love, they will find ways to reassure each other. These types of relationships can be characterized as moirallegiance. A troll may be attracted to an alien but not know it until the troll is able to tell them that the two are in love.

Another troll romance is called moirallegiance. It is the red version of auspisticism. As the name implies, the two characters have the same racial heritage and are related to the same gender. Moreover, trolls who are in a relationship with the same racial group share the same ancestry and are bound by the same religion. These relationships are typically successful.

Trolls also have another type of romance called matespritship. It is similar to the human concept of romance, except that it is based on pity. In both cases, the matesprit serves as the other person’s “better half.”

Trolls believe in romantic destiny. They believe that each quadrant has one perfect pairing for each person. In other words, there is a triad of trolls in each quadrant. The trolls have four kinds of romance: Moirallegiance, Auspisticism, and Matespritship. Each of these types of love is different from each other and can be difficult to navigate, even for trolls.

Ashen feelings

The troll-human relationship is one of the most complex forms of romance in the world of Warcraft. The character who experiences ashen feelings, Karkat, is the opposite of the romantic troll he wants. In the series, Karkat is portrayed as having an intense love for Rose, while Kanaya is portrayed as a sexually aggressive troll. Ashen feelings are a unique and very distinct type of feeling for a troll.

In troll culture, there are four types of feelings and desires. In human culture, relationships are usually categorized into two quadrants – red and black. The emotional intensity of each quadrant fluctuates, with one party having red and black feelings at one time, while the other is experiencing black. Ashen feelings are usually tempered and adjusted as the relationship progresses, because trolls believe in the power of the soul.

A troll who falls in love with a lower-ranking troll is the “Moira” (fated) troll. Similarly, a fleet admiral who falls in love with a low-class troll may feel remorse after a failed romance. While the couple has no physical rivalry, they do have a dangerous power imbalance between the two. The Fleet admiral has significant social power over his prospective mate, which could create relationship issues.

A troll’s romantic relationships are complex, and the concept of love and hate is a common theme throughout the game. Ashen feelings are often characterized by frustration and entrapment. Despite these complications, these romantic relationships are often portrayed as passionate and emotional. Ashen feelings are the result of a troll’s desire to mate, but it is a fantasy, so it is important to keep in mind these aspects of troll relationships.


A knife carved with intricate details, like a heart, can be used to end a Quadrangle troll romance. The knife’s blade can only be as sharp as the troll putting as much effort into making it as into making the ring itself. A knife can also pierce the heart, which is why a troll will be reluctant to use it. If a troll does manage to kill you, it will do so only after you’ve pierced its heart.

The blade is sharp and easy to kill with, but it is more effective when struck to the head. If it hits the victim’s head, it uses their shared secrets and emotions against them. A single swipe with a stone blade will take out all their knowledge and memory. They’re a great choice for a troll romance! If you’re not sure which blood type to choose for your partner, you’ll probably want to stick to the high bloods.

Arrg’s relationship with Aga

The Troll romance series features two main love interests: Ug and Aga. While Ug is a romantic troll who expects her lover to give her trollweiss, Arrg is not. Because he doesn’t know where to find trollweiss, Aga believes that he’s not in love with her. However, he’ll eventually discover that Aga is in love with Ug and they fall in love.

Unlike most romances between humans, a troll’s love affair is difficult to pull off. In this case, the game provides an extra challenge: a fight! Aga is stronger than Ug, and she will have to fight him off to win his love. If the battle ends with a draw, Ug is likely to lose Aga’s love. In addition to the fights, he will have to survive a trek across the rocky terrain to the troll’s stronghold.

Trolls have a cultural preoccupation with romance. Trolls have parents and child Trolls, as do humans. Their relationships are characterized by strong positive and negative emotions. Both Aga and Arrg must learn to cope with the contradictory nature of their feelings and emotions. Trolls believe that they have a single “true pairing” within each quadrant of their home.

The Red route begins at the Rellekka lodestone. To get to the other route, use the Yellow route. It takes you to a room that faces the west. Inside this room, you’ll meet a crying troll named Ug. Ug is in love with Aga, but is afraid to tell her about her feelings for Arrg. The fight will take a few hours to complete.