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The Greywalker Paranormal Romance Series

Paranormal romance is my absolute favorite genre to read. The paranormal genre takes romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, and a variety of other genres to the next level. These books will take you beyond your expectations and push you outside of your comfort zone. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Greywalker series. This series is sure to be a fan favorite! But before you dive in, here are some tips to keep in mind while reading this genre.


The genre of PNR has many definitions and is an excellent choice for readers of a variety of genres. This style of romance incorporates both science fiction and fantasy elements. In some cases, the paranormal is even a subgenre of sf. Readers can expect to find a variety of species in these stories. Some PNRs also feature fairies or shapeshifters. Some are set in a world where humans and supernatural beings don’t normally coexist, so the choice is a personal one.

While reading a paranormal romance, you’ll find the common themes of love at first sight, insta-love, and other elements. In particular, shifter cats are a common theme in PNR romance. Shifters are destined mates for one another and have no choice but to love each other. Many shifter books are set in a magical world where shifters can turn human beings into animals and vice versa. Ultimately, it is all about insta-love, and PNR is a perfect example.

Other PNR series that have paranormal elements are The Healing Edge trilogy by Anise Eden and Selkie’s Song by Kimberly A. Rogers. For a more steamy paranormal romance, read Amy Proebstel’s trilogy An Agent for Love. Likewise, Carol Davis’ Lost series contains shifters and the first book of a new STEAMY paranormal romance series. One more series is Red Night, which features a female investigator who has supernatural abilities.


The FR genre is an emerging category of romantic fiction that draws readers into stories of supernatural creatures that live among us. Some paranormal romance series feature a futuristic setting, such as Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series or Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. Other series focus on a more traditional urban setting, such as Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series or Kerry Arthur’s Riley Jensen series.

Despite her skepticism about vampires, Anita Paulsen is a scientist and single mother who’s used to fighting for what she wants and protecting her daughter Janie. But she’s never married someone dangerous before. When she finds out her latest client was poisoned, she offers to help her new client, Cal, hide out at her home. But something is very wrong! The series’ plot builds from here.

If you’re looking for a paranormal romance series with a strong alpha male and strong female characters, then the Breeds series might be for you. The characters are part-human, which makes them quite funny. These books come in series of fifteen, so you can read any book as a stand-alone. The first book in the series, The Beasts, is the most popular one. You can read the first book in the series below, or you can find out more about the rest of the books in the series.

Urban fantasy

If you are looking for an Urban Fantasy Paranormal romance series, you’ve come to the right place. This series has an interesting writing style, with glimpses of the horror genre. Readers will enjoy the heroine’s mysterious nature and strong personality. The series has been on my TBR list for quite some time, but I’m still enjoying it! Here are some recommendations:

A typical urban fantasy series involves a young girl who discovers she is part angel and has supernatural powers. A similar story is told by Alyson Noel in her Immortals series, about a girl who gains superhuman abilities after an accident, and becomes close to a mysterious boy. Urban fantasy novels typically involve love triangles. Many of these books focus on coming-of-age themes. A collaboration between Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville resulted in Armageddon Summer, a young adult urban fantasy series set during the apocalypse.

Other popular UF and PNR series involve actual demons. The term is used to describe any entity that is not human, including vampires, lycans, voodoo gods, and spirits. While these terms might seem foreign, the underlying themes of these stories are generally similar. In addition to being based on the supernatural, UF and PNR books often include things that people don’t normally associate with the word “demon.”


The Greywalker paranormal romance series is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure series featuring Seattle P.I. Harper Blaine, who dies in a violent attack and returns to life two minutes later. Soon, she begins to see dark visions from the shadow world, and she wonders if she will ever be able to lead a normal life again. But what is a paranormal romance? How does it work, and how does it compare to the other paranormal romance series?

The characters are well-rounded and likable, with many of the characters being likable. I loved how the paranormal world overlapped with the normal world, and I loved how Harper discovered her gift and began to explore it. The mystery aspects of Greywalker outweighed the urban fantasy elements. Overall, the series is a must-read for fans of paranormal romances. In addition to being fast-paced, Greywalker is full of original fantasy ideas.

The plot is paced in such a way that readers can’t help but feel tense, anxious, or nervous. The book features sizzling sex scenes and telepathic intercourse, as well as a brilliant billionaire scientist who’s obsessed with physics. But the main attraction between Lily Whitney and Ryland is that they both are psionically gifted. The paranormal elements are subtle and perfectly blended together. It doesn’t matter whether the story is dark or light – both are incredibly well-written.

Inverse harem urban paranormal romance

In the Inverse Harem urban paranormal romance series by Kel Carpenter, we’ll meet a half-succubus named Ruby who lives in Portland, Oregon, with her best friend, tattoo artist Moira. She occasionally gets into mischief with the law, but her world will be turned upside down when the Four Horsemen of the Apocalim show up at her doorstep. But can she save the fae? Only time will tell.

This book is a tamer version of the Inverse Harem. It involves one woman and four men, though the story is still polyamorous. After all, the four men are still close friends, and each has a distinct personality. They also share some magic. While the four main characters are relatively innocent of each other, the dynamics between them evolved into a unified power group.

The reverse harem urban paranormal romance series is packed with steam, love, intrigue, and beautiful m/m romances. But while the story is slow-burning, it’s still packed with exciting scenes. The two main characters have a chance to find true love in the Inverse Harem series, despite the circumstances. A twist in the plot forces Lilah and Pack to make some important decisions about their future.

‘Horde Kings’

If you’re looking for a paranormal romance series that is a little different than your average sci-fi novel, ‘Horde Kings’ might be the one for you. These books feature both humans and aliens on a world far away from our own. Though each book focuses on a different couple, it’s easy to read the series as a standalone. ‘Horde Kings’ will leave you satisfied and wanting more!

The first book of the series features single mother and scientist, Cara Paulsen. She’s used to fighting for her rights and protecting her daughter Janie, but never before has she married a dangerous stranger. Until Talen comes into her life and touches her in a way that makes it look like he’s been attracted to her for three hundred years. While this could be a bit much, Cara’s determination to protect her daughter will get her through this dangerous period.

The second book of the ‘Horde Kings’ paranormal romantic series follows Lachlain MacRieve, the leader of the Lykae Clan, who is a vampire. MacKayla’s quest to find her sister’s killer is complicated by the fact that she’s entering the dangerous realm of the Fae. But as she finds out, the stakes are far greater than revenge, and she’s not able to ignore the seduction of Jericho and Vlane, her desire for their love makes her go a little overboard.

‘The Unleashing’

The Unleashing paranormal romance series features a Viking named Odin as the protagonist, as well as a warrior-turned-heroine. The paranormal romance is full of action and explicit detail, as the heroine is a war veteran. She is sent on a mission to kill a master vampire named Jean-Claude, who is attempting to kill Arianna’s mother. This mission is much easier when she isn’t attracted to the man she’s trying to kill.

Readers should know that there are sex stereotypes in this series, so it’s a good idea to read with a grain of salt. While there are a few nice things about the characters, they can be cheesetastic at times. Also, be aware that this paranormal romance series includes many sex stereotypes. Readers should be aware of this before diving into the story, as it can get a little dark.

The Unleashing paranormal romance series starts with a twist on the vampire genre. This urban fantasy series introduces a new type of vampire, the ghoul. Vampires are a new breed of creature, but there are also shapeshifters and vampires. The characters struggle to adjust to their new status, as well as navigate the political connections they must make. As the series moves forward, Elena must make difficult decisions and fight her demons.