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The Royal Romance Book 2: Thoughts and Opinions

The Royal Romance is set to take the main character, Hana, on a journey that will take her further into the realm of experimentation. She had thought of herself as a New York waitress until her mysterious disappearance. Her father, Justin, and her boyfriend, Madeleine, helped her escape the shackles of high society and bring her back to her homeland. The Nevrakis family is officially recognized by the government. The Sons of Earth have also been revealed as the culprits of the attacks on Cordonia.

Chapter 16

The main character of The Royal Romance Book 2 will have a new role in this second installment. She has been promoted to Duke of Valtoria, after betraying Anton. She has also met Hana, who falls out of the running for Liam’s fiancee in Book 1. She has also met her fiance’s father, Madeleine, and Justin. Her family is now officially recognized by the government, and the Sons of Earth have been revealed to be responsible for the attacks on Cordonia.

Book 3 will be released next Friday, and it will have 15 chapters. The book’s chapters will be titled “Light the Night” and “Veil Of Secrets”. As with the first two books, Chapter 16 of The Royal Romance book 3 will be released in the spring. This will be a re-release of Book 1, which was released in 2017.

The two are friends, and Maxwell’s brother, Godfrey, is a powerful magician. But the heir is not a perfect man, and he’s determined to make the right decision. In Book 3, Chapter 1 of The Royal Romance, Maxwell will propose to the girl and will give her an engagement ring. The two will marry and be together in Book 3.


This series has a cast of lovable and interesting characters and I was excited to read about their journeys in The Royal Romance book 2. I am particularly interested in the character of Hana, a waitress who had thought she was just like the rest of us in New York, but was actually part of high society. Her father, Justin, and mother, Madeleine, play a key role in the plot, and we get to know their back stories in Book 2.

The Royal Romance book 2 follows the events of book one, and continues the story after a scandalous photo threatens the monarchy. A whirlwind romance and political intrigue continue to unfold in Book 2.


The storyline of The Royal Romance book 2 takes the main character Hana’s journey in a more experimental direction. She had been a waitress in New York and thought she had been accepted into high society, but she was mistaken. Her parents, Madeleine and Justin, are now officially recognised by the government, and her father’s family, the Nevrakis, is now involved in the attacks on Cordonia.

The story of The Royal Romance book two begins with a scandalous photo. The royal family has hired a waitress from New York to go to Cordonia and find out the truth about the Crown Prince. The two fall in love, but there is a dark side to the storyline. Both sides have motives, and the plot against them is so powerful that they end up fighting each other. The storyline of The Royal Romance book 2 continues the storyline of Book 1 in an interesting way.

Character’s journey in a more experimental direction

Book 2 of The Royal Romance series takes Hana’s journey to a more adventurous direction. Unlike Book 1, Hana was once a common waitress living in New York, where her parents were well-known. Now, Hana has been embraced by high society. Her father, Madeleine, and boyfriend, Justin, are rediscovered, and the Nevrakis family is formally recognized by the government. Also, the Sons of Earth have been revealed to be behind the attacks in Cordonia.

While the world is becoming increasingly modern, the Royal Romance series continues to take experimental turns. The first book, The Royal Romance, is a visual novel style game. In it, players build a character and guide him through love and loss. Book 2 continues the story of book 1, and offers a variety of choices and dialogue options. Characters can choose different endings or alternate plot lines, allowing them to have different outcomes.

As with any romance series, The Royal Heir is best read in order. Book 1 is the first novel, and Book 2 is the second. Book three is set to follow and succeed Book 1. This is the third book in the series, and the fourth will follow soon. Books three and four of The Royal Romance are expected to be published later this year, with Book 4 and Open Heart set for release in 2018.

Character’s relationship with Drake

The character’s relationship with Drake in The Royal Romantic Series is an interesting one, as the reader gets to see the lives of royalty through the eyes of people from the common people. During the first book, Drake was a mere suitor to Liam, but later on, he becomes friends with Hana and is drawn to her body and mind. Despite his obvious attraction, Drake is hesitant to admit his friendship with the group, and he is quite sad to see her leave Cordonia.

Drake is the love interest of the character in the first book, The Royal Romance. At first, Drake seems to dislike the character and only looks after him as a favor for the Prince. However, over time, he comes to appreciate and like the character, and their relationship is finally revealed in Chapter 14.

In The second book, the main character, Liam, is asked by Drake to be his best man. Liam accepts because he wants to be with Drake, even though he is unsure of his feelings. Despite this, Liam remains loyal to Drake, as he fears that she will forget about him once she marries. While Liam still has feelings for Drake, she does not allow herself to feel any resentment towards him.

Character’s relationship with Liam

The second book in The Royal Romance series continues the story of the main character, Hana, who thought she was a waitress in New York and was accepted into high society by the Nevrakis family. The Nevrakis family has been recognized by the government. The Sons of Earth have been revealed to be behind the attacks in Cordonia. In Book 2, the main characters are faced with the challenge of saving their kingdom.

Drake and Liam’s relationship continues to progress in the second book of The Royal Romance series. Drake’s family ancestry has been revealed to the readers, and their relationship develops between the two. Liam is also a strong character in the book, and his relationship with the main character develops. Liam is determined to win the love of the Queen and Drake, but he is not willing to let one man’s heartbreak destroy his friendship.

Drake is a potential love interest for Liam Rys. He makes his presence known in the first book and is a potential love interest for Liam. Drake appears in both books of The Royal Romance, as well as The Royal Heir series. Drake has wavy hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He is a bit of a bridezilla in Book 2, and he has the same personality as Esther.