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Top 5 Good Romance Manga of 2017

Top 5 Good Romance Manga of 2017

Inari Kon Kon

Inari Kon Kan is a good romance manga for anyone who likes sweet stories. This manga is more like a romance novel than a realistic romance novel. It is bright, light, and less angst-ridden. Inari is all about warmth, kindness, and positive messaging. This manga sounds like a slice of marshmallow-soft heaven! However, you might find it bland. It has the same charm as many romantic comedy manga.

Inari Kon Kan is a manga series based on Shinto mythology, and the main character is named after the deity that is associated with rice, fertility, and prosperity. In addition, the character’s appearance is based on the actual Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. The series does not fail at any aspect of its plot, but it lacks the originality and uniqueness needed to stand out in the crowded field of romance manga.

Inari’s brother Touka has known of her crush, but he insists on keeping them separate. As they work on their relationship, Inari is distracted by a mysterious boy at school, who seems to know about her divine secret. In addition, she accidentally humiliates her crush, Kouji Tanbabashi, in gym class. After apologizing to her crush, Inari secretly eavesdrops on his confession to a classmate.

Inari’s love interest, Tanbabashi, is athletic and popular. He has the perfect qualities, but the perfect boy drains all the life out of romances. He is the perfect guy for Inari. However, he sucks out the life from romances. But this does not mean that Inari isn’t an attractive heroine. She’s a hapless, average girl.


While some manga are just plain funny, Rent-A-Girlfriend has a more serious side as well. Ruka has a heart condition and cannot experience the thrill of excitement and fear. As an adult, she watches her heartbeat closely and discovers that it beats faster around Kazuya. In the anime, she seemed like a hindrance to the romance between Chizuru and Kazuya, but in the manga, she appears as more of a weakness.

Rent-A-Girlfriend has a very sweet and likable protagonist in Chizuru Mizuhara. Fans of the series love the way the manga author develops her character before the relationship begins. It’s a genuinely enjoyable read and definitely worth checking out. Rent-A-Girlfriend is a great way to get into the world of romance manga.

The story follows Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who recently dumped his girlfriend. He then decides to rent a girlfriend through an online dating site. When he meets Chizuru Mizuhara, she reprimands him for leaving her low rating. After the next meeting, Kazuya brings Chizuru to visit his grandmother. When his parents discover his new girlfriend, Chizuru panics. When she learns that Kazuya is the daughter of his grandmother, she begins to question if she’s the right girl for him.

My Love Story

My Love Story is a shoujo romantic comedy with an unusual protagonist: Takeo Gouda. A big, blond boy with bushy eyebrows, Takeo has a tendency to overemote. This causes him to fail to see the whole story in his own perspective. His friends are a bit confused by his behavior, and his lack of self-awareness makes him less than sympathetic.

A group of four high school students who are friends and a bit clumsy meet through mutual friends. The story centers around their feelings for each other, and how each one reacts to the other. While the two are pretending to be a couple, they begin to fall for each other and influence each other to become better people. They overcome various challenges in high school, and even in their adulthood. In a second series, Yuki Machida, a second-year student, finds herself falling in love with Kido. She seeks to end this relationship, but is discovered by her co-worker Sho Naruse.

There are a lot of different genres of romance manga. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below. My Love Story: A Dramatic and Hilarious Romance Manga

Horimiya: This popular manga has a great story. It is full of romance is one of the most popular genres in Japan. The characters in this manga are realistic and well-developed. While the plot is more serious than many other romance manga, the humor in My Love Story is refreshing. The series is not without its share of sex-love and passion. And despite its rocky terrain, My Love Story is a great manga for lovers of the genre.


If you’re a fan of romance manga, you’ll love this story of a young girl named Sujo. Sujo’s friends are the perfect people to go to for romance. Her gentle and loving character will melt your heart in no time! Plus, you’ll love her smart, gentlemanly, and cute ways to get her boyfriend. Sujo is a great romance manga for teens! This is one of the most popular romance manga in Japan, and you’ll love this cute, sweet, and romantic tale.

Sujo is also an ideal person to emulate – she’s a humanitarian with a good heart, a perfectionist who appreciates the finer things in life, and a perfectionist who judges people quickly. Her sweet personality is universal, and she’s confident and charming – traits that make her a good romance manga hero. Whether you’re looking for a man-to-man romance, Sujo is sure to please.

This high school romance manga is very realistic, with plenty of humor and emotional depth. The main character, Nanase Sakura, has long loved someone who turned out to be a dark lord who treats his coworkers terribly. However, when she meets Kou Tanaka, she realizes that he’s the same guy she fell in love with in junior high! If you like your romance stories with a twist, this is the manga for you!

Another excellent romance manga is Horimiya. This manga, which has been adapted into a live-action film, was very popular in the early 2010s. This manga is also one of the few with no anime adaptation yet. Despite its comedy, this manga is a classic for many readers, and is sure to win the hearts of fans of romance. There is no shortage of laughs and romance in this manga!

Kimi no Todoke

A slow-burning romance manga called Kimi no Todokeni by Karuho Shiina has been a top seller in Japan since its launch in 2006. This series has inspired several spin-off manga. One such manga is Soulmate, which will conclude in the May issue of Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine. The following article will give you a short list of the best romance manga of 2017.

The official translation of this manga is “From Me to You,” but the title is more literal, meaning “Reaching You.” The main character, Sawako, is an outcast from childhood. While her parents divorced, she has to hide her power and avoid her classmates. However, one classmate is fascinated by her ability to read people’s minds and finds her interesting. This manga is similar to Kimi Ni Todoke in the fact that it follows the fate of two teenage girls who are isolated from each other.

The story follows Sawako Kuronuma, a shy, and introverted high school freshman who resembles Sadako in the Ring. She longs for friendship but is isolated from people. Kazehaya Shouta, a popular boy in her class, helps her open up and makes her feel better about herself. The story’s realistic relationship and romance are one of the main reasons why Kimi no Todoke is so popular.

The plot revolves around a girl named Sawako and her classmate Kazehaya. The two are introduced in Chapter 44, where Sawako first meets Kazehaya’s father. She’s forced to introduce herself to Kazehaya’s family, and he stops her from telling her more. The two have a brief first date and then he goes home to visit his parents. After that, he becomes Kurumi’s love interest and Sawako’s boyfriend. The main characters are largely secondary in the manga.