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What is a Blue Zircon Stone?

If you are wondering what is a blue zircon stone, then read this article. This article will explain the value, meaning, and care of this beautiful stone. We will also discuss its price. The power of a blue zircon depends on how strong your wishes are. This stone is said to keep evil spirits away and to clear the mind. It also helps you gain greater clarity of your emotions and feelings.


Blue Zircon is the most rare gemstone in the world and is much less expensive than diamonds. Its value is much higher than diamonds, however, as the blue variety is the rarest and most valuable. Blue zircons are said to cleanse negative energy and are considered protective and useful for astrological purposes. The stone has been used as talismans for travel, protection from evil, and for healing purposes.

Natural zircon is found only in certain locations on Earth and can take many thousands to millions of years to form. Until recently, scientists assumed that zircons formed due to volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate shifting. However, recent studies suggest that zircons are the result of a meteor impact billions of years ago. This impact likely created lakes of lava and newly heated Earth’s crust provided ideal conditions for the formation of zircons.

The price of a blue zircon gemstone varies by carat. The carat size, color, and clarity determine its price. For example, a pure blue zircon is worth about $250 to $300, while a green zircon can command up to $400 per carat. Those seeking the most affordable blue zircon gemstones may consider a golden or red zircon instead. These are cheaper stones, but still have excellent value.

Another important factor in determining a blue zircon’s value is the shape of the gemstone. A top-notch blue zircon will appear transparent without any spots. However, natural zircons may have inclusions and impurities. Even though these inclusions can be visible, a real zircon will still provide a perfect glance. So if you’re looking for the best value for blue zircon, the answer is a round, trilliant, or square stone.


What is the meaning of blue zircon? It is a stone with magical powers that are believed to cleanse negative energy and stimulate the Root and Sacral Chakras. This stone is also a December birthstone, making it an appropriate gift for your significant other. It is also beneficial for healers as it strengthens spirituality. Wearing a piece of blue zircon can enhance your spirituality and heal physical ailments, as it can transform negative energy into positive energy.

The gemstone is also connected to the planet saturn and venus. Wearing it can benefit people born under certain signs. For example, if you were born under the sign of Cancer, the gemstone is said to align the chakras. Other signs of the zodiac that would benefit from this stone include Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, and Pisces. You can read more about the meaning of blue zircon stone by reading the following article.

Wearing zircon encourages you to become grounded and let go of emotions that can cause stress. It also promotes peace of mind, letting go of old loves, and letting go of outmoded beliefs. It also promotes lucid dreaming and encourages you to let go of the attachments you have to material things. Ultimately, zircon will give you a stronger sense of purpose.

The blue zircon stone is a natural gemstone and as such has certain properties that make it suitable for use as jewelry. For example, a blue zircon stone can absorb dark energies from the human body. This is why it is vital to cleanse your stone regularly. Just remember to avoid ultrasonic cleaners, bleach, and acid. The best way to cleanse a zircon stone is to use a soft brush and warm water to clean it.


When it comes to caring for your beautiful blue zircon stone, it’s best to follow some simple guidelines. First, avoid rubbing it with abrasive substances. While zircon is a solid stone, it can fracture around faceted surfaces, which will result in color enhancement. Additionally, don’t try to polish it with harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners. Keeping it clean is as easy as cleaning it with a soft cloth and mild soap. After cleaning, always rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

As with any gemstone, it’s best to prevent scratching from dust. Dust particles that are less than seven in hardness can easily scratch zircon stones. Because zircon is brittle and easily scratched, you must wear protective settings for your jewelry. You should also avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or similar mechanical systems to clean it. Instead, use a gentle brush to clean the stone and a soft cloth to dry it.

In addition to cleaning, the blue zircon gemstone can be subjected to heat treatment. In contrast to other gemstones, heat treatment can damage or chip the stone. In addition, zircon is highly porous, so it must be cleaned carefully to avoid scratches. Care of blue zircon stone becomes even more challenging if you’re using abrasive cleaner. While abrasive cleaners can damage the stone’s surface, they can help restore its luster.

Abrasive cleaning agent may be needed to remove dirt and grease from your blue zircon gemstone. Heat treatment also helps in reducing the risk of scratching the stone. Additionally, blue zircon is quite expensive and can damage your jewelry if you don’t keep it clean. You should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions when cleaning it. After cleaning, make sure to keep the stone out of sunlight for several hours to allow the colors to reappear.


The price of a blue zircon stone is determined by several factors. Large, rich blue zircons cost between $280 and $450 per carat, while lighter stones are available at prices of around $150 to $200 per carat. The price of a blue zircon stone depends on the quality, size, and cut. The best way to know the price of a stone is to compare it with those of other gemstones.

While the stone itself is beautiful, not every piece is created equal. Most of the blue zircons in the market are heat-treated to create the desired colour. Brown Zircon may turn green when heated. Although zircon is found throughout the world, Sri Lanka produces the highest quality gem-grade material. The country also produces rare cat’s eye zircons. Aside from the quality of a blue zircon stone, it’s also available in green, yellow, and red.

Although rare, Blue Zircon stones are a popular choice for people looking for a lucky stone. The stone enhances self-esteem and helps couples achieve harmony. It is used in a variety of applications, including fibre optics, ceramics, refractory, and laboratory machines. The price of blue zircon stone varies, but it is typically in the range of $50 to $400. While natural zircons are the most expensive, synthetic zircons are far cheaper.

While most blue zircons are more expensive than aquamarines and diamonds, they are actually rarer. Some vendors may use misleading names to sell them. Some zircons pick up small amounts of radioactive uranium and thorium during the process of formation. This radiation breaks down the zircon crystal structure. This creates metamict zircons, which have less brilliance than crystalline zircons.


There are many different ways to identify a blue zircon stone. Its color can be caused by the presence of thorium or uranium. However, it is important to note that most zircons have little or no residual radioactivity. A stone with a high refractive index is called a high zircon and one with a low refractive index is called a low zircon. This property is important because it indicates how the crystal is degenerated by radioactive elements.

Various characteristics are necessary for identifying blue zircon stones. The lowest type of zircon is called low-type, while the highest-quality stones are high-quality. They should have a strong repeating twinning pattern and exhibit angular inclusions. A medium-type stone will have yellowish cast, and will have a higher refractive index. It is a common type of zircon.

Fine-quality stones are the most expensive. There are no other gemstones with this color in such high-quality cut. To identify these gems, you should check the stone in daylight and look for a yellowish cast. It is possible that the stone will change color due to exposure to sunlight, but that would mean it is changing back to its original color. The best quality blue zircons are slightly greenish, and resemble aquamarine. Their price is higher as a result.

The heat treatment process makes the stone more resistant to breakage. A red-brown Sri Lankan zircon may turn blue or golden yellow. However, if uranium is present, this will result in a green-blue hue. Zircon is found in different locations around the world. In fact, the primary source of gem-quality zircon is in Sri Lanka, where it is mined in abundance. Besides producing gem-quality material, Sri Lanka also produces a unique form called cat’s eye.