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What is Psychic Fairy Weakness in Pokemon GO

What is the weakness of a psychic fairy? Well, there are many. Here are three of them: Flying, Water, and Rock. Using them to your advantage is the key to beating your enemies. But what about the other two? There’s a reason why all these creatures are so powerful. So, how can you beat them? Find out in this article! It’s time to face the truth about the weaknesses of a psychic fairy and beat them at their own game!


Psychic Fairies can resist many types of moves but their strongest weakness is grass. However, many Psychic types can use grass counters to their advantage. In addition, Fairy can be taught to deal with grass type Pokemon. Grass types have no weakness to Leech Seed, but they are not immune to other forms of attack like Electric. This weakness will be important to know for when training a Fairy.

Grass: The dual type of Grass negates the weaknesses of Flying, Bug, Ice, and Fire. Psychic fairies can counter these types by using moves that deal damage to those types. Fire, meanwhile, can negate most other types. Grass can also counter Electric and Fire. However, Ghosts and Flying are the weakest of all. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of what kinds of attacks can hurt a psychic fairy.

Fire: Psychic fairies are best used against Fire-type Pokemon. They can learn Psychic fairy moves, which make them extremely effective against Fire-type Pokemon. Fire-type Pokemon are harder to catch than Fairies, so you should avoid using them against Fire-type Pokemon. As a bonus, Fairy moves can also provide secondary defense against Fire-type Pokemon. Psychic fairy Pokemon can be trained to learn Poison-type moves, which can be beneficial when training a Fairy.

Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon are not good against Fairy types. These types have very different types of attacks, and their best use is to avoid them. Fairies are weak against Dragon and Ice-type Pokemon, but can be extremely effective against Fighting and Ghost-type Pokémon. Luckily, there are no Fairy-type Pokemon that are immune to Fire. However, dragons are a weaker match for Fairy types. However, they are extremely effective against Fairy-type Pokemon when used correctly.


The strongest fairies in Pokemon GO are Zacian and Xerneas. Both of these creatures have high CP ceilings and have excellent type distribution. While they are weak against dragons, they are exceptionally good at attacking other fairy types. In addition, they have neutral interactions with a wide variety of other types, including fire, rock, and water. Fairies are a useful addition to the game.

The strongest Fairy type has very few weaknesses. The most significant is its resistance to Flying. Flying is one of its most common weaknesses, and they are best avoided by using Fairy-type Pokemon. Their high Attack and Defense make them good against many popular types, although they are not immune to Water-type Pokemon. In addition, the Fairy types have great typing, making them good against several popular types, such as Dragons and Psychics.

The Flying ability is another weak spot for Fairy types. While Fairy types are not particularly common in the Pokemon game, they are powerful against dragons and other creatures with strong physical attributes. As such, they can safely switch to a Fairy-type Pokemon when they’re faced with a fighting or dragon-type opponent. The type’s weakness to Flying, however, can also be one of their strongest features.

The Flying type has two weaknesses: Fire and Ice. Fire types are very weak to Flying, while Water and Electric-types can deal with both. A Flying fairy is also weak to Flying, which is why they’re so often weak to Fire and Electric-type Pokemon. Flying and Electric-type Pokemon are also weak to Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon. So, if you’re thinking of using a Fairy, you’ll want to consider that.


As its name suggests, the Fairy type is made up of Psychic-type Pokemon. Unlike their counterparts, Fairies are weak to Darkness and Metal but are strong against Dragon. This is one of the reasons why most Fairy-type Pokemon are considered weak. However, the type was canceled out of the TCG after Sword and Shield. Since then, they have been relegated to Psychic.

The Fairy type is weak against Fire and Steel-type Pokemon. This means they can’t be easily destroyed by either one. However, they do have a few weaknesses. Fairy-type Pokemon are not strong against Water-type Pokemon. Water-type Pokemon can be switched into them safely in most situations that involve Special Attacking Pokemon. However, their weakness to Fire-type Pokemon is still a concern. In addition to water-type Pokemon, Fairy-types are weak against Fire-type Pokemon.

In addition to the Fairy’s weaknesses, these types also have some overlap. Psychic-types are weak to Fire-type Pokemon, but can handle Flying-types. Fairies can also be affected by Electric-type Pokemon. While this may seem confusing, Fairies are largely immune to Fire-type Pokemon. However, Fairies can also be vulnerable to Ghost-type Pokemon. So, if you’re trying to battle a Fairy, you should know these kinds of Pokemon.

Another type-type Pokemon that has a weakness to Water is the Fire-type. This type has a number of weaknesses, which makes it a good counter to Psychic-type Pokemon. In addition to Fire-type Pokemon, Fairy-type Pokemon are also vulnerable to Rock-type Pokemon, but the Fairy-types are the best against Rock-types. These types also have a nice number of resistances and special defense boosts when affected by a sandstorm. They’re good against both decent four types and three-type Pokemon.


Lightning strikes higher objects and is weaker against flying creatures. Similarly, many types of birds migrate towards the equator in order to avoid winter weather. Psychic types are weak against rock types because they can’t survive fire, but they can outsmart brute strength. Ground and Water types are vulnerable to fires, and Dark type moves can knock them out. Psychic types are more powerful than normal or fighting types, but they are still vulnerable to Grass and Ice.

Fairy types are generally strong against Fire, Ghost, and Fighting-type Pokemon. However, they are weak against Poison and Steel-type Pokemon. They can easily switch into a battle if the situation calls for it. A psychic fairy can use Poison to attack a human, so it is crucial to avoid them. Poison is one of the only types of Pokemon that can hurt Fairy-type creatures.


A fairy-type Pokemon can be very powerful if used properly. Its resistances to different types of moves are listed in the type chart below. Fairies can switch into most situations that involve Special Attacking Pokemon safely. As a result, they are great choices for Pokemon battles. This article will explain some of the weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon, including the Dragon-type and the Bug-type. However, it is important to note that some Fairy-type Pokemon also have weaknesses to other types of Pokemon.

Psychic Pokemon are usually prone to Dark Pokemon, since their attacks are quite effective against Fairy-types. These Pokemon are often confused during battles, as their attacks are a nuisance for the opponent. If they are about to win a battle, they can teleport away. As a result, you should be careful when playing against these Pokemon. They will often try to sneak up on you, so you should be sure to play wisely.

Lightning and sandstorms are also common enemy weaknesses, as they can destroy objects at high levels. They can’t survive in cold weather, so they often migrate towards the equator. Rocks, meanwhile, are a common target for psychics because they are strong against fire. In addition, rocks are incombustible and water removes heat. The most common types of fairy attacks are Fire, Lightning, and Dark, but these three types can also be very effective against the Fairy.

While the majority of Fairy-type Pokemon have a fair-type weakness, there are a few that are stronger than others. Fairy-type Pokemon are strong against Normal-types but are incredibly vulnerable to Ghost-type attacks. They also aren’t immune to Steel. So, if you’re thinking about switching, try using these Pokemon against a Fairy-type opponent. They will not be able to learn the Fairy-type moves, but they can learn and use Normal-type moves.