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What is the Most Expensive Black Opal?

What is the Most Expensive Black Opal?

You may have already heard of the Aurora Australis or the Fire Queen, but you might not know what the most expensive black opal is. The cosmos isn’t visible through such a big piece, but a 7.89-carat specimen can still cost millions of dollars. But a movie starring Adam Sandler and Howard Ratner about diamond dealers and their quest for the ultimate prize can’t be far behind.

Aurora Australis

The Aurora Australis is the most expensive black Australian opal. This stone was first found in 1938 in the Lightning Ridge region of New South Wales. It weighs 180 carats and measures three inches by one and a half inches. Its bright colours against the black background make it a striking piece of opal jewelry. It was purchased by Altmann and Cherny, who cut it into an oval shape. Its striking harlequin pattern is one of the most remarkable features of this opal.

The world’s largest black opal, the Aurora Australis, was discovered in 1938. In 2005, it was valued at about $1 million. It is expected to fetch $3 million. The stone is so rare that it can cost more than PS2 million per carat. However, mining for this gemstone is difficult and it is not possible to find just one stone. Despite its high price, it is one of the most beautiful and captivating stones in the world. It displays vivid colors and contrasts with its dark body tone.

The Aurora Australis is a remarkably rare and beautiful piece of opal. This piece was discovered in 1938 and is now on display in the Altman and Cherney showroom in Sydney. Its price was AUD $1.2 million at auction in 2005. A similar stone from Lightning Ridge, also known as the “Andamooka Opal,” was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II and is among the crown jewels at Buckingham Palace.

Another piece from the area was found by Charlie Dunstan in 1906 and is 900 carats. It was worth PS100 when Dunstan sold it. It later changed hands several times and eventually landed in the Chicago Museum’s gem collection. Later, it was purchased by John D. Rockefeller for PS75,000 and donated to his family collection. It remains one of the most famous black opals in the world.

Fire Queen

The Fire Queen black opal was first discovered in 1906 in the diggings at Angledool, Western Australia. It was originally known as Dunstan’s Stone, after its finder Charlie Dunstan. It was described as “too beautiful to describe.” At that time, it weighed 6.5 oz, which is approximately 900 carats today. The Fire Queen went through several owners before it was finally sold to a man named John D. Rockefeller for PS100 in the 1940s.

The Lightning Ridge area is the world’s largest source of black opal. Its mining community has long struggled to make a profit from the black opal that is available. The cost of leases and fuel has caused a steady supply of low-grade opal. The high-grade variety, however, is in short supply, so the mining community is not finding as much. While opal has historically been an extremely popular gemstone, it is becoming scarce.

The Flame Queen is one of the most famous examples of eye-of-opal. This gemstone is distinguished by its singular ocular effect, and it rivals the most expensive opals. Geologist Benjamin Dunstan also noted that the gemstone contained traces of gingko leaves on its back. The Flame Queen black opal was exhibited at the Gemological Institute, London in 1937 and again in 1980-81. It was eventually bought for US$1 million. It was back home in Australia by 1992.

The Black Prince was discovered in the same area as the Fire Queen. At the time, it was worth over 900 carats. In 1915, Tom Urwin and Snowy Brown bought the opal, which was eventually renamed Fire Queen. Dunstan’s sister Bertha named the stone and sold it for PS100. However, he died a few years later, and the death was ruled a suicide.


The most valuable black opal is a piece called the Black Prince, which weighs more than eight hundred and thirty-one carats. It was first discovered by Urwin and Brown in 1915 and is known as the “Harlequin Prince Opal.” It is known for its flag pattern on one side and its red color on the other. The stone was later purchased by the New York Museum of Natural History, and it now resides in the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles.

The “Pride of Australia” or the “Red Emperor” is considered the world’s most valuable black opal. It was discovered in the year that Halley’s Comet was visible from Earth. The gem was found in the Lightning Yard area of New South Wales, Australia. It weighs over two hundred carats, and is about the size of a man’s fist. This rare stone was sold to a rich American serviceman in England for PS2000 in 1920. He eventually donated it to the New York Museum of Natural History and the other two were sold to Dr. Hubert Eaton.

The black opal is a rare gemstone, valued at more than $700,000 USD. The value of the stone, including the 22 per cent buyers’ premium, is only part of the story. Its discovery has sparked a debate in the opal, jewelry and paleontology circles. The opal’s history and value make it an exceptional piece. It is worth millions, and there is a strong chance it will be in a museum someday.

The Fire Queen, found in 1906 in Lightning Ridge, weighed 900 carats. It was sold for three pounds and sold for a few hundred pounds. It changed hands several times, and by 1928, it was owned by the Chicago Museum. At that time, the stone was valued at around PS40,000. In 1940, it was sold to J.D. Rockefeller for PS75,000, and later donated to his family’s gem collection.


The history of the precious stone is long and complex, but one thing that remains the same is its rarity. Opals, unlike rubies, grow in clusters over a large area, making them harder to find. Despite its rarity, Andamooka is still the most expensive black opal in the world. Its name comes from the Queen of England, who presented it to the Queen in 1954. The opal is 203 carats in weight and was cut by John Altmann in 1949. It was later set into a palladium necklace by the Queen of England.

Opals in Andamooka were discovered in the 1930s by boundary riders at Andamooka Station in South Australia. The region is semi-arid, receiving less than one hundred and seventy millimetres of rainfall per year. Mintabie, another opal mine, is located 350 kilometers northwest of Coober Pedy. Both areas have been extensively prospected since 1931.

The gemstone is also known as “blue diamond” opal. It is very rare, and is valued at more than $1.2 million. Its beauty is not limited to its color, either. It can come in various shades of blue or red, and some specimens are even colored blue. Andamooka is the oldest and most famous opal field in Australia. It is a prized precious stone for jewelry collectors.

The Pride of Australia is an unusual two-inch-long opal with blue, red, and black veins. This stone was sold to a local admirer for PS2,000 in 1921. In 1931, it was valued at about PS2,000. It later changed hands several times before being bought by John D. Rockefeller for PS75,000 in the 1940s. It was subsequently stolen.

Virgin Rainbow

“Virgin Rainbow” is the most expensive black opal on record. It was discovered by John Dunstan, an opal miner in Coober Pedy, Australia, and has gone on to become the center piece of an exhibition at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. The gemstone is said to have an internal fire, catching the available light and returning it in a rainbow. Its rare and breathtaking beauty is the reason it is the most expensive black opal ever sold.

The history of opal mining is fascinating. A single centimeter of opal can take five million years to develop. The price of a single piece of opal is very high, and many people will shell out hundreds of dollars for a small piece. But larger pieces sell for even more. Virgin Rainbow opal is an incredible, multicolored piece of gemstone that literally glows in the dark.

The discovery of the Virgin Rainbow was the first step in the history of opal mining in Australia. The South Australian Museum has an ongoing exhibition about fossils and opals. It is also home to an opalised plesiosaur skeleton from the inland sea, which is six metres (20 feet) long. The museum hopes that the exhibition will encourage tourists to Coober Pedy and the surrounding region.

The Virgin Rainbow opal is worth more than a million dollars, according to Australian jeweler John McLaren. The opal is owned by the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. Don’t miss seeing this amazing gemstone, though, as the price tag is certainly worth the hype. In 2015, Virgin Rainbow is the most expensive black opal. A visit to the museum is a must for anyone who appreciates the beauty of this precious gemstone.