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The Best Christian Romance Novels Of All Time

A Christian romance novel is a type of fiction centered on the Christian faith. A Christian novel follows many conventions that are common in Christian media. Typically, it features a Christian hero or heroine who struggles with a difficult decision, or a challenging character who faces a difficult challenge. In addition, a Christian novel usually includes elements from other genres as well, such as humor and drama. In addition, the plot of a Christian romance novel is usually a little different than other genres, allowing readers to learn more about the Christian faith without the religious connotation.

Julie Lessman

A popular author of Christian romance novels, Julie Lessman was named the 2009 Debut Author of the Year by the American Christian Fiction Writers. Her books have won 14 awards from the Romance Writers of America and the Family Fiction magazine. She has also been recognized as the top Christian fiction author by Booklist and Borders. Readers who aren’t Christians have criticized her for her use of language and style.

Arabelle Denler

The premise of Arabelle Denler is a classic one. Arabelle Denler, a nurse and heiress, is twenty-five years old when she meets and falls in love with a handsome British Army pilot named Philip Camden. While they initially find each other a bit catty, Arabelle refuses to lash out at the pilot and recognizes that underneath he is another soul. His kindness, constancy, and humor win Arabelle’s heart.

I liked Arabelle and the storyline of her stifling insecurities. I like the way White portrays Arabelle. She isn’t particularly beautiful, but she’s a sweet character who tries to fulfill her calling. Even though she’s plain and unattractive, Arabelle is still kind and patient, despite her lack of confidence. I think we’re all jealous of supermodels. Arabelle isn’t perfect, but she’s a nice, decent person, and it’s easy to relate to that.

Arabelle Denler is an enigmatic heiress who has inherited a huge sum from her aunt. She has spent most of her life on her own, since her father, a renowned explorer, is away for the war. She’s desperately in need of a family, and she’s determined to find one. Her friend’s handsome brother, Drew Douglas, gives her the security she needs to move on with her life, but their love story is filled with twists and turns. The characters in this Christian romance novel are as religious as you’d expect them to be, making this a wonderful read.

Elizabeth Camden

In her second book, Elizabeth Camden combines Christian themes with a captivating storyline and a unique point of view. “Against the Tide” has received several awards, including the Christy and RITA awards. The novel follows a woman named Lydia who grapples with her religious beliefs and the problems that stem from her traumatic childhood. Along the way, she battles with her growing attraction to Lieutenant Banebridge, who has also suffered from an unpleasant past.

Julie Petersen

Free to Love is the first book in the Inspiration Point Series. It tells the story of a young woman named Julie who has amnesia. She is escaping her controlling mother and rich fiance and trusting God for help. She also falls in love with the charming and mysterious James. However, Julie is troubled by her amnesia and can’t remember who she really is. Fortunately, she comes across a young man named James who will help her overcome her difficulties and find love.

Tracie Peterson is an American writer of Christian fiction. Her novels have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Christy Award. Peterson has published over thirty novels under her own name and under the pseudonym Janelle Jamison. She lives in Montana with her husband and three children. Her novels have been deemed “essential” Christian romance by the New York Times and have been translated into many languages.

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love is a historical Christian romance novel set during the California Gold Rush in the 1850s. It is inspired by the Book of Hosea in the Bible, and its central theme is God’s redeeming love for sinners. It was recently announced that D.J. Caruso will direct the film adaptation in 2020. Here is a synopsis of the book and the film adaptation.

Redeeming Love is a story about a girl who finds her worth and falls in love with a Christian man. The story takes place during the 1800s, when women did not have many rights and were expected to stay at home. As a result, Angel is a bit hardened towards men. But her faith grows and she falls in love with Michael, the young farmer. The two eventually meet, and the plot thickens and develops.

This historical novel is loosely based on the Book of Hosea and set during the 1850s gold rush in California. Although based on biblical scripture, the novel contains significant changes and additions. The biblical stories are lost in the novelization process. However, the book is still a Christian novel that depicts God’s redeeming love for sinners. In fact, the book has received an announcement that it will be adapted into a film in 2020.

The Christian romance novel Redeeming Love by Francine River is based on a biblical story of Hosea and Gomer. It is an allegory of God’s steadfast love for wayward Israel. Although the story is based on Biblical scripture, its Christian themes are often controversial. The biblical tie-in leads to conclusions about consent, abuse and God’s redeeming love. Although the book portrays Hosea as a god-like figure, a character called Michael has a very flat portrayal of male Christian virtue.

The Most Famous Christian Romance Novel Authors

Many women turn to Christian fiction for hope and comfort, and there are many good authors out there. Here are some of the most famous Christian romance novel authors: Alana Terry, Lesley Ann McDaniel, Lacey Carmichael, and Lori Wick. Which ones are your favorites? And what is their secret to writing such a novel? It is a little bit of both!

Lesley Ann McDaniel

The best-selling author of Christian romance novels Lesley Ann McDaniel is perhaps most famous for her Madison Falls series. The books follow famous opera singer Tracy Fontaine, who is forced to leave New York after a stalker threatens her life. As her life unravels and her relationship with her boss is tested, she finds herself torn between courting Adam and her boss.

In this series, six Christian authors weave together five interconnected stories. In one, a jilted lover finds that his worth is more precious than gold. In another story, Rob leaves Vera at the altar months after their wedding but returns months later. His second chance at love and mercy are put to the test. In a final story, Timothy leaves Leanne at the altar but rescues her from a floodplain rooftop.

Lori Wick

Lori Wick writes Christian fiction, including historical, contemporary, and romance novels. Her books are published by Harvest House, and the novels in the Lori Wick series do not pick up where the first novel left off. Lori Wick lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Bob. Her faith and family are major inspirations for her work. She started writing novels in 1988. She has a large backlog of novels.

In addition to writing historical and contemporary inspirational romance, Lori Wick has written several multi-family series set in Collingbourne, England, during the 1800s. One of her most popular books, “Good Characters Having Their Faith Tested,” follows a similar formula. The story focuses on the social structure, rather than the physical structure. It is also a light read with suspense.

In 1988, the author put pen to paper for her first novel, A Place Called Home. That novel went on to become a best seller, and the author has steadily reached the top of the bestseller list. Yet, she remains true to her roots and continues to write Christian romances. Whether she’s writing historical fiction or fantasy, she never fails to inspire readers. And if you’re looking for a good romance novel with a Christian twist, Lori Wick is the author for you.

The author’s love of her faith and her family’s faith inspires her to write. She is married with a family and plans to write many more novels. It’s no wonder she is one of the most popular Christian romance novel authors. There’s no shortage of stories in her queue. And it doesn’t matter how well they’re received – they’re still the most enjoyable to read!

Alana Terry

If you’re looking for a heart-warming and faith-driven novel, try Alana Terry’s What Dreams May Come. This award-winning Christian author has won awards from the Women of Faith organization, The Book Club Network, and the Grace Awards. Her most popular novel is based on her own experience, in which she falls in love with a missionary recruiter and develops a relationship with him through letters.

Alana Terry is a USA Today bestselling author of Christian suspense novels and other genres. She has received praise and awards from a number of organizations for her books, which present the gospel without sounding preachy. While her stories are fun to read, readers have claimed they stayed up way past bedtime to finish them. Alana Terry lives in Alaska with her family, where she co-hosts a podcast called Praying Christian Women. Despite the fact that she hates to cook and has three kids, she is dedicated to writing Christian fiction and stories.

Christian romance novels come in a variety of genres, ranging from action-suspense stories to classic stories to modern-day stories. Most of them center around couples who are impacted by the work of God in their lives. These novels are popular with readers because they feature inspirational stories, strong female characters, and realistic relationships. Many of the stories also feature Christian romance authors who write novels about faith, love, and hope.

Lacey Carmichael

After the Civil War, sixteen-year-old Lacey Stewart must work with Virgil Smithson, a preacher and blacksmith in a small town, to complete his spiritual work. While they may be different, their shared faith and values make them perfect for one another. In this Christian romance novel, Lacey and Virgil must work together to accomplish their dreams and fulfill their mission.

In A Glimmer of Hope, Lacey Carmichael’s main characters are a so-called father and his daughter, who were separated in early childhood. Jack was her first love, but he had been abandoned by his mother, who died of an overdose. Now, Lacey has returned home to make amends with her ex-boyfriend and the two of them fall in love.

Another popular author is Julie Lessman, who has become an award-winning author. Her tagline is “Passion With a Purpose.” Lessman’s novels include the Daughters of Boston series, Winds of Change series, and the Isle of Hope series. Lessman is also an award-winning author, and has received numerous honors and awards for her work.

Laura Frantz

If you are a fan of the genre, you should try to read some of Laura Frantz’s novels. She has won a Christy Award and has been listed among the ECPA’s best sellers. Her books feature deep characterization, amazing writing prowess, and a captivating plot. To find out more about Laura Frantz, check out her biography below.

Laura Frantz is a historical Christian romance novel author who loves the depiction of early America. One of her latest books takes place during the American Revolution, and her heroine is accused of siding with the British. As she must decide which side to support, she falls in love with an old English gentleman from Berea. Although she has lived in Lexington for many years, she still claims that her heart is in Berea, Madison County.

The Christian fiction genre is an interesting genre to write about. Frantz loves historical fiction and writes her manuscripts in longhand first. Many of her stories incorporate Scottish themes. She is a direct descendent of George Hume, a Scottish man who was exiled to the United States during the Jacobite Rebellion in 1715. Hume is credited with teaching George Washington surveying in 1748-1750. Laura Frantz writes her books from a log cabin in Kentucky.

Laura Frantz has a long list of books that have been published. Her books are available at hundreds of bookstores. To get a taste of her work, you should try her historical novels and contemporary Christian romances. If you are new to the genre, you should start with Laura Frantz’s books. These books are full of vital lessons for both Christian romance novel readers of history. You will want to start with the first one in the series and continue from there.

The Best Christian Romance Novel Publishers

If you’re looking to publish a Christian romance novel, you may want to consider one of these publishers. FaithWords, Bethany House, and Canon Press are just a few of the many options. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this list of top publishers. Each has their own unique mission and philosophy, so you can expect a diverse list of titles. FaithWords, for example, focuses on biblical themes, so you can expect some of their titles to be focused on these issues.


As a member of the Hachette Book Group, FaithWords publishes Christian novels and non-fiction books. Authors that have been published by Faithwords include Joel Osteen, Lauraine Snelling, Carla Stewart, and Joyce Meyer. If you are a Christian author and would like to submit your work to this publisher, you should consider sending it to their Author Portal. Publishers are able to send authors free copies of their publications. Faithwords also publishes audiobooks and is not afraid to send authors their work.

FaithWords is one of the top Christian inspirational book publishers. The company also publishes mainstream fiction as well as ABA fiction. ABA fiction has a stronger moral code and religious overtones. FaithWords is a leader in the Christian inspirational market, publishing a large variety of Christian romance novels and nonfiction. For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

Another great publisher for Christian fiction is Wipf and Stock Publishers. Founded in 1995, this Eugene, Oregon-based company has published hundreds of books. Its digital technology helps them release titles quickly. They have six imprints that feature beautiful covers. Authors can submit unsolicited manuscripts to this publisher, and they’ll respond within four weeks. It is important to note that these two publishers publish both traditional and digital books, so authors should consider both.

Thomas Nelson is another great publisher. While their Christian content is diverse, they’re well-known and have a wide range of authors. They publish between 40 and 50 books per year. Their books include Noah: A Man of Destiny and the Dinah Harris Mysteries Christian suspense series. Submissions to these publishers are difficult without an agent. You may want to consider submitting your manuscripts to other Christian publishers before submitting your own.

Bethany House

The publisher is dedicated to producing wholesome books that reflect God’s love for us. Bethany House offers books in print, ebook, and audio format. Those interested in publishing their Christian romance novel should contact their literary agents. Authors should also be aware of the company’s mission statement and guidelines for submissions. The publisher’s website is also useful for answering questions. Bethany House was founded in Minnesota in 1966 and became an imprint of Baker Publishing in 2003. Their fiction titles include historical and contemporary romance, Amish fiction, romantic suspense, academic nonfiction, self-help books, and more. Christian romance novels are part of their catalog.

Bethany House publishes books by top-selling Christian authors including Beverly Lewis. They also publish books by prominent Amish authors like Wanda E. Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis. The Blessing, coauthored by Brunstetter, tells the story of a young Amish girl and her six students. Another popular Amish book is The Beloved Christmas Quilt, coauthored by Brunstetter.

The publisher grew by adding new authors to its list. Its acquisitions department expanded its list by attracting strong authors such as Paula Faris, Susie Larson, and Tony Evans. In this time, Bethany House has also published the movie versions of several of the most popular novels in the Christian genre. In addition to the novels, Bethany House also publishes the study guides for Christian fiction and nonfiction.

In the Christian romance genre, Bethany House has been a leader for many years. The novel At Love’s Command is a fictional book about an ex-cavalry officer. The story is set in the 1890s, during the Wounded Knee Massacre. Hanger falls in love with a fictional character named Josephine Burkett. The book’s historical setting is a stark contrast to contemporary culture and religion.

Canon Press

Canon Press publishes a wide variety of books for Christian readers, including fiction and non-fiction titles. Their diverse list of titles includes Bibles, ministry texts, and church history. You can find Christian romance titles in a wide range of genres, from paranormal to historical, and many others in between. This Christian publisher also publishes books on faith and family, as well as parenting and homeschooling resources.

The publisher’s mission is to provide a reading experience that is rich with Christian values, while keeping the stories of ordinary people close to the heart. For example, Bethany House is a Christian publishing house that publishes historical, contemporary, and Amish fiction titles. They also publish nonfiction, self-help, and academic nonfiction titles. You can browse their website for available titles. They also publish a small collection of Christian romance titles, including Behind Love’s Wall by Carrie Fancett Pagels, The Blizzard Bride by Susanne Dietze, and others.

If you’re considering submitting your manuscript to a Christian publisher, you’ve come to the right place. Harvest House Publishers actively accepts new manuscripts, but they only accept them through a literary agent or specific request. Check out their guidelines here. Moody Publishers was founded in 1894 by D.L. Moody and has published over 200 Christian-themed fiction and nonfiction titles since. Their Christian romance list is ever-growing, with titles such as Lore Wick, Phoebe’s Gift, and other popular series.

Westminster John Knox Press

For many Christians, the best Christian romance novels are those with a moral compass. Whether you’re seeking a softer side of Christianity, or a more serious Christian message, you’ll find a variety of options from Westminster John Knox Press. This Christian publishing house accepts manuscripts electronically, and reviews manuscripts within eight to twelve weeks. In addition to Christian romance novels, WJK also publishes books on social justice, and the company has a strong academic branch. The Flyaway Books imprint focuses on children’s literature, and WJK prefers literary fiction.

This Christian publishing house also offers discounts on some of its titles. Their authors can take advantage of their 50% off offer for all books, as well as a 10% discount on all other products. Its mission is to promote the Christian faith through literature and encourage readers to live out their faith. Authors can also submit their manuscripts through this publisher, but they must be serious about their writing and the content.

In addition to romance and other genres, WJK also publishes classics and non-fiction books. Its titles range from uplifting and inspirational to educational. Its latest titles, including the bestselling Love Story, have a moral compass. This company has been around for over a century, and its imprints are diverse. With over 100 titles available, WJK is a trusted source of Christian fiction.

In addition to publishing award-winning books, the Upper Room is also a Christian publishing house with an open call for unsolicited manuscripts. Its imprints include Baker Publishing, Thomas Nelson, and Wipf and Stock. These publishing houses publish both mainstream and ABA fiction, and authors can submit unsolicited manuscripts to Wipf and Stock. Unlike other Christian romance novel publishers, Wipf and Stock handles every step of publication in-house, from editing and typesetting to printing and binding.

Thomas Nelson

One of the biggest names in Christian publishing is Thomas Nelson, which is known for publishing big-name authors such as John Eldridge, Sarah Young, Shauna Niequist, and Max Lucado. This ecumenical business publishes many Christian fiction titles and even has a kids’ version of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Although they are a Christian business, they welcome ecumenical authors, though you will have to submit your manuscript to get published. For example, the bestselling novelist Susan Van Volkenburgh recently published a historical novel, The Stone of Ebenezer, retelling the biblical story of the battle for the ark of the covenant.

Originally a printing business, Thomas Nelson expanded into publishing new books and grew to become the second-largest publisher of Bibles after Macmillan. The firm diversified its range to include non-religious material, too, and by the 1880s, religion accounted for less than six percent of the company’s output. The company’s Hope Park Works in Edinburgh burned down in 1878, and after that, the company moved to a temporary location on the Meadows. Later, the company helped fund stone pillars at the east end of Melville Drive. Eventually, the company’s founder, Thomas Nelson III, passed away in 1917 and the company was passed on to his son, Ian Nelson.

Another great imprint of Thomas Nelson is Emanate Books, which promotes content for the charismatic community. Emanate Books authors are committed to Christ and his teachings and believe in the work of the Holy Spirit today. Thomas Nelson is an excellent publisher and has more than ten times the revenue of Zondervan. So what makes Thomas Nelson one of the best Christian romance novel publishers? These are all solid publishers, and Thomas Nelson is an excellent choice for your next read.