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Natural Looking False Eyelashes: What Women Love

AZLO, Bepholan, and Velour Effortless Collection

If you want a dramatic change to your eyes but aren’t quite sure where to start, then try false eyelashes. These can look quite dramatic, but they won’t make your eyes look overly artificial. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few options. From feathery false eyelashes to contact lens friendly options, there is something out there for everyone. We’ll also cover which styles and brands are most suitable for your eye type.


The AZLO Natural Looking False Eyelashes are a great way to get a gorgeous look with minimal effort. These eyelashes are made of 100% cruelty-free faux mink and can last for up to 20 applications. They also feature flexible cotton thread bands that make applying them a breeze. These eyelashes are made with sterilized human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. To purchase these eyelashes, click here.

AZLO uses animal-friendly materials, which promotes an ethical company. Their products are also backed by a warranty that guarantees your satisfaction. The company’s products also encourage positive self-image and promote animal rights. You can choose from Classy, a light style made of delicate jet black hairs, and other styles. You can find a style that suits your skin tone and hair texture with varying lengths.

The Classy type is the most dramatic, yet natural-looking, and looks best with a subtle smokey eye. It’s great for evening events, such as dinners, or any other occasion where you need to look fabulous. And they won’t look obvious if you wear them at work, either! They look great and will never annoy you. So, buy a few pairs of these eyelashes to give yourself a natural look and save money!

Ardell Natural Looking False Eyelashes are a great option if you’re looking for affordable high-quality false eyelashes. They’re easy to apply and blend in with your natural lashes. Ardell Natural Looking False Eyelashes come in four different styles, and are extremely comfortable to wear. You can purchase these eyelashes at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other major department stores.

Jenna Lyons has a beautiful line of natural-looking false eyelashes. Her line includes two shades of natural looking fake lashes: Light Brown/Black. These are perfect for a girls’ night out! The lightweight mink fibers are easy to apply and feel comfortable on your eyelids. The lashes have a clear band, and the hair is designed to mimic a real flutter.

The waterproof adhesive keeps these eyelashes in place all day. This eyelash adhesive is safe to use on your eyes and can last up to 10 days. Most major insurance plans cover this product, and you can save money by purchasing a Medicare or Medicaid plan that covers it. There are also a few other features that make the AZLO Natural Looking False Eyelashes unique. The adhesive is water-resistant and dries quickly, so you can use them for up to ten days without worry about them coming off.


Bepholan is a brand of natural looking false eyelashes that were first manufactured in China. This Chinese company is the one that we worked with to create them. In fact, they have over 10 years experience in manufacturing false eyelashes. They are the best when it comes to quality and natural appearance. Whether you’re looking for volume, length, or fullness, Bepholan has you covered. Their product is available in many different styles and colors, and their customer service is second to none.

These eyelashes are multi-layered, cruelty-free, and reusable. Their tips are hand-ground for an even, beautiful, and comfortable appearance. You’ll love the way you look after wearing these gorgeous extensions. You won’t have to worry about clumping or itching, and you can even wear them with mascara if you like. Moreover, BEPHOLAN offers a customer feedback system that makes the whole process more transparent. This way, you can read how other people have tried their product and how they have found it satisfactory.

Whether you’re looking for a natural looking eyelash extension or a full-fledged fake lash, BEPHOLAN is here to help. With over ten years of experience in the industry, they’ve developed a line of products that you’ll love! You can check out their reviews, read customer testimonials, and even read a buying guide. You’ll have the best false eyelashes in no time!


You can wear the Velour Effortless Collection 20 times, and these are a great option if you’re not a stickler for precision. They look just like natural lashes, but without the extra work and mess. These lashes are round, crisscrossed, and wispy for a natural look, and they’re easy to apply and remove. Velour Lashes are ideal for first-timers because they don’t need to be trimmed, and they have an easy-to-follow adhesive band that makes application a breeze.

In the world of false eyelashes, synthetic materials and silk have long been the standard, but some brands are going beyond the norm. Velour, for instance, offers plant-fiber lashes that feel fluffy and soft. Ardell, a staple brand since 1971, also makes natural fiber lashes that come in biodegradable paper cartons. Their Effortless line was created with beginners in mind.

When buying false eyelashes, it’s important to choose the right ones. Look for those that will last throughout the day or night. They should not irritate the delicate skin of the eyelids, so they shouldn’t be difficult to remove. Moreover, if you want to sleep with your lashes on, make sure they’re removed from the band. You don’t want to wake up with a pair of stick-on falsies.

Unlike traditional lash extensions, VELOUR Lashes are flexible, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. This is a great option for first-time lash users. They’re easy to apply and don’t require trimming. They are also free of latex, gluten, and parabens. You’ll look like a diva. You’ll love the result! You won’t need a perm or extensions, which require hours of lying still and constant touch-ups.

Velour Lashes are easy to apply, thanks to the bonding agent between individual synthetic fibers. The application process is straightforward, and each individual lash is individually designed to look as natural as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to customize your lash style and length. Using them is easy – you’ll never know it’s a fake eyelash! Just follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be on your way to beautiful-looking eyelashes!

A popular choice for a natural look, Ardell has been around since the 1970s and has quickly become one of the most popular brands of everyday lashes. Their Naked Lash line is a testament to a quality pair of fakes. They can be purchased at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Target. And for a vegan option, try Lilly Lashes. The company makes their products in the USA, which is a plus!

Magnetic False Eyelashes – Achieve a Winged Look

Magnetic eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to create a winged look. Unlike other false eyelashes, magnetic lash extensions are easy to remove using micellar water or another eye makeup remover. They do not damage natural lashes and are easy to apply. This product is very popular with women who want to achieve a more natural look. This product is available in many colors. If you want a natural look, you should go for Mink magnetic eyelashes.

Individual eyelashes are the easiest to apply

Individual false eyelashes are one of the easiest types of lashes to apply. They are made to be applied individually for a one-time use only. Usually one eyelash pack is enough for two or three applications. After the first time, it will take less than two minutes to apply each eyelash. The key to getting a perfect pair is applying individual lashes as per the instructions on the packaging. Once you have the eyelashes applied, you need to apply a waterproof glue.

The best way to apply individual lashes is to start from the outer corner of your eye. This way, you can build up the volume. When applying medium lashes, place them on the outer edge for an effortless elongated look. Once you are finished applying the false eyelashes, blend them with your natural lashes using a mascara wand brush. You will have the illusion of long, beautiful lashes in no time.

Individual lashes are the easiest to apply compared to the traditional strips. The traditional strips cover the entire lash line with one application and are usually pre-styled. On the other hand, individual eyelashes (also known as’singles’) must be applied by hand to achieve the desired look. For beginners, Individual Lashes are the best option. For more experienced users, Ardell’s Individual Medium Black Multipack is an ideal choice.

Mink magnetic lashes are the most natural looking

Mink magnetic lashes are a cult favorite that’s been made by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Anika Goodwin. These lashes are made of premium synthetic silk and are slightly shorter than average faux lashes. These are especially comfortable to wear behind glasses, since they’re made from a latex-free formula. Magnetic strips adhere to individual lashes and blend seamlessly with your natural lashline.

Magnetic faux mink lash strips look and feel like real mink lashes, but they’re cruelty-free. They’re also ideal for vegans and those with allergies. Whether you’re a fan of dramatic eye makeup or are just looking for a subtle wing, mink magnetic lashes can help you create a glamorous look. Mink magnetic lashes are also known for their comfortable cotton band.

Magnetic lashes are lightweight and flexible. They don’t interfere with your makeup routine and don’t take extra time to apply. You can apply them with a pair of lash applicators. They’re also less prone to catching on eyeliner and creases. In addition, magnetic lashes adhere to eyeliner and don’t require any glue to adhere.

Ardell’s Naked Lash line is the best buy

You can use magnetic false eyelashes to give you a stunning look, and they are very easy to apply. The Ardell magnetic lash line comes in various lengths and styles, including the shortest and the longest. The Ardell magnetic lashes also come in a brow tinting kit that you can use to enhance the look of your brows. Unlike traditional lashes, the magnetic ones are not visible. They can be removed with a makeup remover.

The Ardell Naked Lash line is one of the most popular false eyelash brands, and you can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and Target. These lashes look so natural and realistic that they have become a classic staple in everyday wear. Their products are also cruelty-free and come in a variety of styles. If you’re on a budget, Ardell has a range of false eyelashes for every occasion.

If you’re looking for a more casual look, try Ardell Professional Natural 105 Eyelash. This style is lightweight and permanently curled for a flawless look. The Ardell Professional Natural 110 Black Multipack provides a dramatic effect and is made from 100% natural hair. Its Invisiband technology guarantees a secure fit and extreme comfort. And, because the Ardell Naked Lash line has a range of exciting products, you’ll be able to find the right lash set for your needs.

Ardell’s Lucky magnetic lashes give you a winged boost

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of magnetic lashes, you’ve come to the right place. Ardell is the leading brand of false lashes, and they offer a huge selection of high-quality products. To get started, you can order free samples by completing an online form. Alternatively, you can visit the Ardell website to learn more about their different types of lashes.

The lashes are made from synthetic hairs that look natural and are held on with five double-strength magnets. The magnetic liner is included with the kit, giving your look a mink-like effect. They also give you a cat-eye look, filling in the inner corners and midsection, and are easy to apply. If you don’t have time to spend hours applying your mascara and falsies, you can use these magnetic lashes to get a voluminous, dramatic look.

Unlike lash glue, magnetic lashes are comfortable and washable. The adhesives in these lashes are waterproof, which makes them safe to wear. They are made of human or synthetic hair, and blend seamlessly with your own lashes. These lashes can be used several times, giving you a dramatic winged look that will last for weeks. These magnetic lashes are perfect for beginners or experienced lash wearers alike.

Mascara with false eyelashes and pincers on color background

Eylure’s Lucky magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are a popular choice for people who want to look like a movie star. They snap into place and don’t fall out, unlike glue-on lashes. They’re also easier to apply than traditional false eyelashes. To use them, you just need a magnetic eyeliner. There are a variety of styles to choose from to achieve the look you’re after.

The natural look of the lashes is largely determined by the materials used to make them. Most magnetic lashes are made of synthetic fibers, silk, or faux mink. The latter two materials tend to be the most realistic. Magnetic eyelashes that are waterproof will last longer. While they may not be as natural-looking as silk and faux mink lashes, they do look more realistic.

If you want a dramatic look, you can choose from three lengths. These lashes are super soft and voluminous. They give your eye a dramatic finish, and the adhesive offers up to 18 hours of wear. The lashes are made by hand and can be reused up to five times. The natural-looking lashes will not look artificial, but they will give you a natural-looking look.

Ardell’s Naked Lash

Using a seaweed-based product to apply your false eyelashes, Ardell’s Naked Lash are truly magnetic. They can be used again. The Magnetic Liner & Lash set comes with everything you need to apply them. It even comes with its own magnetic application tool. Read on for more details! Here are the main features of the Ardell’s Naked Lash magnetic false eyelashes.

Magnetic Naked Lashes are lightweight, natural-looking false eyelashes that are glued to a thin black strip. The lashes are asymmetrical in length and blend seamlessly with the natural lash line. Magnetic Naked Lash are very comfortable and easy to apply. They are a great choice for those allergic to glue or adhesives. Ardell’s Naked Lash is a great product for those who want to have the illusion of luscious lashes, but who are afraid of the pain and discomfort of wearing false eyelashes?

These eyelashes are designed to fit any eye shape and style. They look like real eyelashes and last for two weeks. These Ardell Lashes are available in five different styles. Each lash can be applied with just one application. Despite the fact that they may not be removable, Ardell Lashes are made from premium quality hair strands. They are also designed to fit any eye size.

Ardell’s Lucky magnetic lashes

Magnetic false eyelashes are an amazing way to enhance your natural lash. Unlike eyelash extensions, these lashes are easy to apply and will not damage your natural lashes. Unlike traditional false eyelashes, magnetic lashes are made up of lightweight fiber strips that are placed on your lash line like a sandwich. Because they are magnetic, they will stick to your lashes without damaging them.

If you’re worried about wearing false eyelashes all the time, magnetic lash strips are the best option for you. They don’t require glue and can be reused over again. They’re also much less likely to fall off your natural lashes, making them the perfect low-maintenance option. These magnetic lashes were recently launched in drugstores, starting at $11 each.

The materials of these lashes are also very natural looking. They are made of 100% silk, giving them a light, fluffy feel. The application process is easy, and the magnetic applicator is made of stainless steel, which tilts to help you apply the lashes without touching them. Ardell’s Lucky magnetic false eyelashes are available in many colors. This variety is suitable for any occasion or look.

Types of Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Seniors

There are several different types of natural looking false eyelashes for seniors, each with their own special qualities and benefits. The Classy eyelash type is the most dramatic, and is best used for evening events. It looks perfect with a subtle smokey eye. Magnetic lashes are easy to apply. Ardell’s Naked Lash line also offers a magnetic version. And MAC has individual style eyelash clusters.

Magnetic lashes are easier to apply

Magnetic false eyelashes are a great option for seniors who want to look great without gluing their own lashes down. Seniors do not have to worry about the glue getting into their eyes, which is a concern with regular false eyelashes. However, magnetic lashes do need to be removed after each wear, and a gentle cleanser is all that is needed to do this. Seniors should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the magnetic lashes and remove any excess glue.

Another perk of magnetic false eyelashes is that they are more comfortable to apply for seniors. Many of the magnetic sets come with five pairs of lashes in different styles. These lashes can be applied to the top and bottom of the eye. Once in place, the magnetic bands will stick together, sandwiching the natural lashes. This makes them easier to apply for the elderly. Seniors may also find that they can apply their own lashes using the magnetic lashes.

Another advantage of magnetic false eyelashes is that they are easier to remove than traditional eyelashes. Seniors can easily remove them by gently wiping them with a damp cotton ball. Once removed, magnetic lashes come with a little storage case, so they can be kept safe from getting damaged or misplaced. These lashes are made of soft, non-toxic materials that are safe for seniors to handle.

When applying magnetic eyelashes, you should first apply mascara. Then, apply the false eyelashes. This way, you don’t have to worry about the adhesive residue. You can even fix mistakes with magnetic lashes. They also require less glue, making them ideal for senior citizens. However, seniors should not wear them if they are allergic to eye makeup. This is because magnetic lashes may have some adverse effects on their skin.

Ardell’s Naked Lash line

The Ardell Naked Lash line for seniors is a great option for senior women who want a dramatic lash look without the hassle and cost of applying mascara. This line of lashes comes in five new styles to choose from and will give you the fluttery, barely-there look you want without the hassle. They are also comfortable and light to wear. You can use them whenever you want, and they are great for seniors who don’t like to wear too much makeup.

The 420 style of Ardell’s Naked Lash is made with extra soft, mink-like lash hairs that are ideal for daytime and special occasions. They blend seamlessly with the eyelashes and appear natural on the eyes. You can wear them everyday or for special occasions, and you’ll look stunning. The extra length and rounded shape will show off your eyes and will turn heads.

The 105 style is great for seniors who want to have a casual look without wearing a lot of makeup. It’s lightweight and easy to apply. You can also wear it with mascara, which will blend in easily with the lashes. You can choose between a lash that is a little longer or a little shorter. The Naked Lash line from Ardell offers a wide variety of styles to suit every occasion and budget. They’re also comfortable to wear, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off or rubbing off.

The Demi Wispies lash is a popular choice. This set offers a darker look and stacked, feathering curl. It’s perfect for a romantic evening. The Baby Demi Wispies are also a great option. These lashes are for babies and senior women and are designed with the same quality as the older versions. These lashes are made of medium-length mink hair and have a curved band for a seamless look.

MAC’s individual style eyelash clusters

When it comes to making eyes look gorgeous, MAC’s individual style eyelash cluster for seniors is a fantastic choice. The lightweight clusters can be placed anywhere along the eyelash line to add undetectable length and volume, and are much easier to apply than traditional strip lashes. Here are some tips for applying these eyelash extensions. Here’s how:

MAC’s Look So Natural

MAC’s Look So Natural false eyelash for seniors is a lightweight and easy-to-apply option for those who want to enhance the appearance of their eyes without the hassle of applying mascara. They’re lightweight and can be applied anywhere along the lash line for undetectable length and volume. Plus, these lashes are reusable and are perfect for any social occasion. This product also comes in an excellent price range.

These lashes are priced at about $17, which is a bit more expensive than your average drugstore brand, but they’re worth the cost. You can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a quality product since MAC was started by a group of cosmetics enthusiasts who were frustrated with cheap and low-quality beauty products. They also come with exclusive samples that you can try at checkout to see whether or not they’re the right choice for you.

MAC’s Look So Natural false eyelash for seniors is easy to apply and looks natural. Applying mascara is easy as the lashes blend with your own. This product also comes in four styles and is comfortable to wear. These lashes are also available in several colors. The brand is a trusted name in eyelash products and has earned the trust of the beauty industry with its high-quality and affordable products.

KISS’s Classy Falsies

The new magnetic lashes are designed to fit your hooded eyelids and have a slight cat-eye taper. The magnetic lashes are applied with a magnet liner. Magnetic liners have the same effect as liquid eyeliner and can even last for several hours without smudging or pulling. These magnetic lashes can also be used while wearing glasses, and they are very durable.

The glue used by Kiss is of high quality and won’t damage your natural eyelashes. You can use it to apply as many clusters as you need or you can apply it with your fingers. For best results, apply the adhesive using a fine line on the lash band. Wait for it to dry tacky before applying the false lashes to your eyelids.

KISS’s Classy Falsies feature finely-flared lashes that extend into the outer corners of your eye. These lashes feel like your own lashes and are very comfortable to wear. They are also tapered at the end to blend seamlessly with your own eyelashes. The product comes in a kit that includes everything you need to apply your new lashes, including tweezers and a dual-ended bond and seal.

To remove your false eyelashes, use a makeup remover. You can also apply coconut or sweet almond oil to soften the glue that sticks to your lashes. This will make them easier to remove and avoid any potential irritation. You can also clean the glue off of your lashes before you remove them with your makeup. Just be sure to remove your eye makeup before you apply the false eyelashes.

Natural Looking False Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

To get a dramatic look, you should layer your lashes. Combining medium Original lashes with Hollywood clusters will help you define hooded eyes. You can also apply strip lashes to your outer lash line, but these can be difficult to apply to hooded eyes. If you have a hooded eye, you may need to trim the strips first. Using a combination of medium and long Original lashes will give you a glamorous look.

Demi wispies

The first thing to look for in a set of natural looking false eyelashes for hoodely eyes is that they are free of latex, gluten and parabens. Another important factor to look for in a set of false eyelashes is that they have a thin, flexible band, so they won’t get caught on your lash line or crease.

Ardell False Eyelashes come in strip and individual styles. Ardell Demi Wispies are thinner toward the inner corner and longer toward the center. They provide a dramatic effect without looking fake or unnatural. Another option is Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack, which comes with 5 pairs of lashes. These are perfect for those with hooded eyes and a low budget.

When used properly, eyelash extensions are safe and can enhance a range of eye shapes. You can use as few or as many clusters as needed to achieve the look you want. The best part is that they look super natural. You can also use them for both day and nighttime wear. A good pair of Demi Wispies can be worn with or without mascara. If you have a hooded eye, you may want to consider purchasing a set of Demi Wispies.

If you have hooded eyes, it’s hard to find the perfect set of fake lashes. However, you can make them look bigger and more glam than ever! Just be sure to choose a style that works for you! There are many different styles of lashes to choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment! The best option for a hooded eye is the cat-eye lash extension. This is a great way to create a cat-eye look, as well as lift the outer corner for an open and wide look.

Lilac St. Originals

Lilac St. Originals are an excellent choice if you want to create a subtle, yet dramatic look for your hooded eyes. This collection includes a variety of lengths and styles to suit your unique facial features. The shorter clusters are perfect for the inner corner, while the longer clusters are perfect for the rest of the lash line. Whether you want to create a dramatic look or simply need some extra length, these eyelashes will give you the perfect look.

If you have hooded eyes, you need to find a pair of false eyelashes that will make them appear more open and spacious. Those with longer lashes will appear larger. Longer lashes with short ends will accentuate the shape of your hooded eyes. Ardell Faux Mink Wispies are an excellent option because they combine volume and drama for a perfect look.

This brand also offers several different styles, ranging from a simple smoky look to a subtle spiky look. You can purchase a single pair for $7, or you can buy a whole set for around $20. Lilac St. Originals natural looking false eyelashes for hooded eyes are also available in a variety of colors and styles. They can be worn on their own or layered with other false eyelashes.

The criss-cross design is universally flattering. The lashes have a criss-cross design that adds volume. Start with an 8-mm cluster for a natural-looking look. Then you can gradually increase to a larger number of lashes to make them look more dramatic. If you want a more dramatic look, you can try the 12 mm lashes and build up the size as desired.

House of Lashes

If you’ve ever had hooded eyes, you know that they can be very unflattering. However, you can get a natural-looking look with false eyelashes. If you’re looking for a natural-looking alternative, consider purchasing the House of Lashes style Siren eyelashes. The lashes’ length is perfect for hooded eyes because they offer a slight variation in length. In addition, the lashes’ length is long enough at the center to open up your eye.

You can make your eyes look bigger by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow under your hooded eye. A smudged line of eyeshadow will enhance your hooded eye area without looking too dramatic. If you have a crease, you can conceal it with a light color or use a light shade of eyeshadow. To make up for the lost space on the lid, you can also apply a liner under the hood.

Ardell’s Faux Mink Wispies are designed with crisscrossing fibers. They are shorter at the inner corner and flare out at the outer corner to create a winged effect. These lashes come with their signature Invisiband that helps keep them secure. These lashes fold seamlessly into the natural lash line. In addition, they are latex-free, making them perfect for sensitive eyes.

The best natural-looking false eyelashes for hooded eyes will give your lashes a beautiful appearance. They will help you get a perfect eye make-up look in minutes. They’ll even cover the imperfections in your hooded eye area! The House of Lashes natural looking false eyelashes for hooded eyes comes in a variety of styles, so it’s possible to find the one that matches your eyes best.


Ardell natural looking false eyelashes are designed to look just like real lash clusters, but with the added benefit of adding tons of volume and length to your eye area. These lashes work well with a variety of eye shapes and can add length and volume without overpowering the eyes. You can use as few or as many clusters as you desire. The best part about these lashes is that they feel completely natural.

The Ardell Invisiband is an incredibly comfortable and natural-looking lash extension band. It creates a seamless connection between the eyelashes and the natural lash hair on your lids. The Invisiband is so thin that it won’t even be noticeable, so you can wear it on a daily basis without worrying about it looking too bulky. You can wear them as-is for a subtle look, or you can enhance their natural appearance by applying a thin line of black eyeliner or a bold nighttime makeup.

While applying eyeliner to hooded eyes can be tricky, there are many ways to make your eyes look more open and bigger. You can use a thick liner to outline your upper eyelid, but you should be aware that it will overlap with the eyeshadow. White eyeliner can be a great option if you want to brighten up your hooded eye area and create an eye-opening effect.

If you have hooded eyes, it can be hard to find false lashes that look natural. For example, Ardell’s Siren eyelashes are long and fluffy, but they don’t look bulky. They are made from 100% human hair and can be reused up to five times. And because they are so inexpensive, you’ll be able to use them several times over.

Dolly Wink

Whether you’re battling hooded eyes or simply want to make your eyes look bigger, the Dolly Wink natural looking false eyelashes will help you achieve the look you desire. These lashes have long strands that are designed to add length and volume to your lashes. They blend seamlessly with your own lashes and can even be worn multiple times if you wish.

The best lashes for hooded eyes are those that curl directly above the pupil and taper out on the ends. They are made from a thin synthetic fiber that is non-irritating and comfortable to wear. GLUEliner makes an excellent line of natural looking fake lashes that are available in singles, doubles, and multipacks. These lashes can help you achieve the look you want and make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

The Dolly Wink natural looking false eyelashes can make your eyes look larger and brighter. They aren’t overly long and will give you a flirty look. The lashes are lightweight and can be reused several times. Unlike some other brands, these lashes do not have a stick. The best part is that you can purchase three pairs at a low price.

Dolly Wink’s lashes are available in 6 shades including black, brown, and beige. If you’re a little more daring, you can try the #14 Holiday Pink or #19 Dusky Navy Grey. These funky lashes are perfect for parties and Insta-worthy moments. It is also important to note that you can reuse them for up to 25 times.