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How to Spot a Bad Guy: The Online Definitive Guide

How to Spot a Bad Guy: The Online Definitive Guide

There are many signs that indicate you are being approached by a bad guy. First of all, he is not going to do you any favors before you know him. A good guy is very reserved and respectful. Also, he is unpredictable. You should be looking for these signs in clusters to be able to spot a bad guy. Here are a few of them:

Good guys are cautious and respectful

Everyone has heard the saying, “the good guys never win”. However, what do the facts say about good guys and bad guys in relationships? The results of a recent study on men and women in relationships were a bit surprising. Though the study involved men, it may not apply to other types of relationship studies. It does show that good guys have to be more cautious and respectful. Here are some tips to make yourself a good guy in your relationships.

A nice guy isn’t very demanding and does not make any real demands on women. A bad boy will try to control a relationship without respecting the woman’s boundaries. Women do not respect men who try to control them. Similarly, they won’t be attracted to men who have the ability to control a relationship. Good guys are more likely to be cautious and respect women. This makes them a good choice for women.

They don’t do favors for you before you know them

It’s easy to recognize the characteristics of a bad guy before you know them. They’re less interested in healthy communication and will try to rush the relationship. They’re also predictable. You’ll laugh at their cliches because they’re so true. These characteristics are all too common among bad guys. If you want to recognize a bad guy, keep an eye out for these warning signs.

Bad boys are often good looking, nonconventional, and spontaneous. They’ll woo you with flattery and confidence, and then win your heart with a sad story of his childhood or a betrayal. Women love the wounded, witty little boy, and the emotional tension that he conveys. A smart woman should know how to spot a bad guy before she meets him.

They brag about their abilities in the bedroom

Sexually-advanced men are always bragging about their abilities and promoting themselves to women. This is often done in an effort to take the heat off. But men should be wary of sex brags because they may be offensive to the woman they are trying to seduce. Some men may even use their ability to seduce women as a means of flirtation. Here are some of the worst examples of men brags:

They are unpredictable

You can tell if a guy is being dangerous or not by his behavior. If you like surprises, then you will like the unpredictable personality traits that bad guys possess. Moreover, if you like the thrill of a chase, you will enjoy a guy who doesn’t reveal much about himself to you. An unpredictable personality may be a plus point but can also be a turn-off if you’re not careful.

They have nothing to lose

The best thing you can do when you spot a bad guy is to stay calm and stay within your car. You should never go mano a mano with a criminal, because they may have something as deadly as a gun, knife, or bat. You should also always assume that you have nothing to lose, so never challenge the bad guy to a fight. You can also stay calm by staying in your car while tailing him.