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What to Say to a Boyfriend That Calls You a Lard Ass

What to Say to a Boyfriend That Calls You a Lard Ass

A lard ass is a useless human being. They weigh a ridiculous amount and live off fast food three times a day. Their typical diet consists of two meals at Taco Bell and two snacks from Burger King. They also always use other people’s money to buy the food they crave. They are also unmotivated and have a dull personality. They are not the type of person you would want to be with.

Problems with calling someone a lard-ass

Calling someone a lard-ass is not a compliment; it’s a slang term that has negative connotations. A lard-ass is a person who is lazy, ineffective, and useless. They’re prone to binge eating at Taco Bell and Burger King and consuming snacks purchased with other people’s money. They’re also self-centered and have dull personalities.

Characteristics of a lard-ass

“Lard-ass” is a word that can be used to describe a number of things. In English, it means “lard.” In other words, a lardass is useless, lazy, and doesn’t do anything for fun. Their life is defined by three meals at Taco Bell a day, plus one or two Burger King snacks in between. They also have dull personalities and can drain the life out of others.

In one episode of Top Chef, Ramsay called one of the diners “lard-ass.” In another episode, Ramsay called Clarkson “gobsh*te” for cooking lobster in an island lighthouse. While the audience laughed, Ramsay was furious.

Advice for lard-ass lovers

If you’re a lard-ass lover, here’s some advice: First of all, you’re doing yourself a disservice. These people are worthless, useless, and overly greasy. They weigh rediculous amounts and eat Taco Bell three times a day with a Burger King snack in between. And they’ll always buy their food with other people’s money. On top of their greasy skin and greasy personality, they lack motivation and have no drive to be productive. These people suck life from those around them.