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What Is Kim Kardashian’s Zodiac Sign?

What Is Kim Kardashian’s Zodiac Sign?

If you want to know Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign, you’re in luck. This article will discuss the star’s compatibility with your sign. From Leo to Libra, from Aquarius to Sagittarius, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be more attuned to Kim’s personality and her style than you’d expect!


Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is a Libra, and she was born on October 21, 1980. Librans are diplomatic, social, understanding, and creative. She is also a great communicator. Her zodiac sign is often compared to the scales, which symbolize balance and harmony. The Libra sign also represents rationality.

Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is also reflected in her personal style. She favors dresses with a Greek or goddess vibe, as well as asymmetrical, one-shouldered silhouettes. Libras also favor simple, sleek attire. Florals and flounce are not good choices for this sign.

Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is a Libra, and she has exhibited her Libra energy many times. She’s a very social person and has many friends. She’s also a good listener and problem-solver. However, she can struggle with making important decisions.

Kim Kardashian Giving Speech in Armenia: Photo Credit Asatur Yesayants


Kim Kardashian is a Leo, one of the most dominant signs in the zodiac. Among her siblings, Kim’s older sister Kylie Jenner is a Leo. The other two children, Stormi Webster and Wolf, are Aquarians. Although the Kardashian family is dominated by Scorpio energy, the newcomers may add a little bit of Virgo energy to the mix.

The Leo sign is associated with wealth and success, and Kim has both. She finished school at home, and her work ethic is impeccable. She has worked for many different brands and companies over the years. The key to her success has been her determination and commitment to her goals. She even appears older than her actual age, despite her teen years.


Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is a sign that symbolizes family and friends. She is a Libra, which means she dislikes being alone and loves having close friends. The Moon in her sign, Pisces, makes her intuitive, psychic, and eloquent. She is a very generous person and loves to help others.

Libra is a sign of balance, harmony, and symmetry. Kim Kardashian is a very kind person who is always thinking of others. She has been working on criminal justice reform and has a passion for beauty. Although she is a highly sociable person, she also has a penchant for luxury and expensive items.

Neptune, Kim’s ruling planet, rules film and photography. Neptune has a tendency to blur the lines of reality. It also sits in the area of her horoscope that governs appearances. That’s why Kim may appear to have a flawless bone structure. Uranus in Scorpio adds a dash of originality and mental speed.


Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is a sign of independence and a dreamer. She is a member of the Sagittarius generation, which is known for its love of freedom and ideals. Although they have idealistic goals, they often find it difficult to achieve them. The sign of Sagittarius is also ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression. This combination of planets can lead to extreme behavior.

Kim Kardashian At Do Something Awards: Photo Credit Tinseltown

Kim Kardashian is a Libra by birth and has a rising sign of Sagittarius. People born under this sign have lots of energy and are always thinking of new ideas. They may feel like they are not happy with their current lives and always think that something better is just around the corner. According to Hello Astrology’s analysis of Kim Kardashian’s birth chart, she is likely to be successful and creative.


Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is Pisces, and it’s been a controversial choice ever since she broke up with Kanye West. While this is an unusual choice, Kim Kardashian has shown the power of this sign many times. She has taken a stand for social justice, even becoming a lawyer, and has helped exonerate a number of people. She also makes it clear that she’s all about family.

As a Pisces, Kim Kardashian’s moon is in Pisces, which represents her moods and emotions. Pisces people are considered empaths, and must use their intuition to make major decisions. They also take their careers seriously.

Sagittarius rising

Kim Kardashian is a Libra born on October 21, 1980, with Sagittarius Rising in her zodiac sign. This fire sign is associated with philosophy, travel, and education. This rising sign can also be related to relationships. As a result, Kim Kardashian is likely to be a creative type, and she may be looking for a new role or relationship.

Kim Kardashian has a very sensitive nature, and she has a huge compassion for others. The opposition between the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, her natal planet, will intensify this ability. Combined with her professional charisma and natural selflessness, Kim Kardashian is also likely to have a deep interest in beauty.

Mars in Sagittarius

Kim Kardashian’s Mars in Sagittarius is in conjunction with Pete Davidson’s Mars in Sagittarius, meaning the two are on the same page regarding their sexuality. Mars is the planet of primal desires and sexual impulses, and it is no surprise that Kim and Pete have similar desires. Recently, Kim said that she wanted to see more of Pete’s BDE action.

Kim’s Mars in Sagittarius is in a trine to Neptune, which rules dreams and imagination. This combination gives Kim a strong sense of self-expression, although she is not always the most compassionate person. The placement of Neptune on the other side of Kim’s ascendant is also a challenge. Neptune can bring glamour, intrigue, and deception to a life, but it may also bring spiritual qualities.

Kim Kardashian At The Primetime Emmy Creative Arts Awards: Photo Credit Kathy Hutchins

Jupiter in Virgo

Kim Kardashian was born in 1980 at 10:46 am in Los Angeles. She rose to fame with the infamous SexTape videos and is now one of the world’s most popular and successful celebrities. In addition to her stellar Jupiter in Virgo, Kim also has many planets in the Venus-ruled constellation of Libra. Her Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are all in this sign, which makes her prime for positions of authority.

While Jupiter is a great ruler of relationships, it isn’t always easy to deal with difficult situations. This is because it governs the emotional and psychological aspects of relationships. In addition, a person with Jupiter in Virgo is a good problem solver. On the other hand, a person with the sign of Libra has the tendency to be very emotional, and may not be able to control her temper.

Venus in Virgo

Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is Virgo, a sign ruled by Venus. Virgos are very practical and health-conscious, and they often worry about their health. They avoid heavy food, alcohol, and greasy foods, and they often work in the healthcare industry. They may also be salespeople or administrators, depending on their profession.

Virgo is a full sign that relates to the mysteries of life and death. They also have a strong need for space and are often prone to run away from situations that require them to be in control. The zodiac sign of Virgo also rules growth and romanticism. These people are great leaders, and they excel in the health, nutrition, and service industries. They also have an intense desire to achieve their goals and have a lot of passion.

Mars and Venus in Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign make for a complex relationship. Mars in Scorpio causes her to be quick to get hurt, and Venus in Virgo helps her be more stable and steady in relationships. This combination makes for a passionate and mysterious woman. She also tends to harbor grudges for a long time.

Mars conjunct Barker’s Midheaven

Mars conjunct Barker’s midheaven in Kim Kardashian’s zodiastry sign represents the couple’s sex drive. Kardashian’s Mars is at eight degrees Aries, while Barker’s moon is at 10 degrees Aries. While this is a potent combination, it’s not the only factor that could be responsible for their sexy chemistry.

Mars rules Scorpio, Aries, and Capricorn. As a result, Mars and Kim Kardashian’s midheaven are highly compatible. Their relationship, however, may need some time to adjust. They may need to have some “me time” away from each other in order to work out their differences.

The astrological relationship between Kardashian and Davidson is difficult to judge based on appearance alone. While they are both incredibly famous, their compatibility is dependent on their moon signs. Kim Kardashian’s is in a highly sensitive zodiac sign, while Pete Davidson is in a rational, pragmatic zodiac sign.