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Rihanna Birthchart: What Does Astrology Say About Her?

Rihanna Birthchart: What Does Astrology Say About Her?

Rihanna’s birthchart can tell you a lot about her personality. For example, her ascendant is in Aries, and her Mars is in Sagittarius. Moreover, her sun and moon are both in Libra, so she has both fire and air signs.

Mars is in Sagittarius

Rihanna’s birth chart contains an important piece of information. She was born with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius. Mars is also in the Dhanu and Mula nakshasatras, which represent pushiness and aggression. If Mars is in Sagittarius, Rihanna is likely to be aggressive and pushy.

Mars in Sagittarius is associated with a high level of energy and a passion for exploration. Those born under this planet are full of inspiration and ideas. They also tend to enjoy adventure and extreme sports. Those born with Mars in Sagittarius are highly adaptable, which can make them great motivators.

Women born with Mars in Sagittarius are passionate, creative and energetic. They are also impulsive. These characteristics make them the life of the party. They will not hesitate to pursue someone they like. However, they must be aware of their limits when it comes to relationships and will be cautious about the kind of relationship they pursue.

Her ascendant is in Aries

Rihanna’s ascendant is in a sign of Aries, which means that her natal chart is dominated by Aries. This sign is known for being passionate, passionately expressive, and ambitious. It’s also a sign that has plenty of innovative ideas. This sign never fails to inspire. It also has no shortage of courage and self-confidence.

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Rihanna’s astrological aspects lean towards a one-sextile, which is the supreme angle of opportunity and harmony. This aspect has a powerful influence on her aesthetic, her social image, and her relationships. Although Rihanna’s ascendant is in an Aries sign, this does not make her a perfectionist. Rihanna is highly strategic and knows how to use her own mind to get what she wants.

The combination of Rihanna’s Aries ascendant and Drake’s Aries sun indicates a deep union. This is often called a soulmate union. This type of union can happen multiple times in a person’s lifetime. The suns of both people are connected with their Venuses, which rule pleasure and affection.

Her sun is in Taurus

Rihanna’s sun is in Tauros, and her natal chart shows that she’s an energetic “free-thinker.” She’s ambitious and futuristic, as well as very inventive. Rihanna’s interests include psychology, new technologies, and the computer sciences. Her enthusiasm and strong argumentativeness make her a very pleasant interlocutor.

Rihanna’s astrological aspects lean toward the one sextile angle – a perfect horoscope aspect that promotes harmony, opportunity, and self-expression. She has always enjoyed a supportive universe and a lot of access to opportunities.

Interestingly, both Rihanna and Rocky have a lot in common. Both are passionate, romantic, and creative. Their planets are in air signs, and their astrology shows they can support each other’s growth and weather difficult changes together. Their astrological signs also show that they can trust each other and form a strong bond.

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Her moon is in Libra

Rihanna’s birthday coincides with the New Moon in Libra and her planet, Uranus, is in Capricorn. This combination of planets reflects a strong will to reach your goals and break boundaries. During this New Moon in Libra, you are likely to experience extreme levels of creativity and motivation.

Rihanna’s Moon is in Libra, the seventh house of relationships. Libra is a sign of fair-mindedness and the ability to diffuse tension. Her ability to bring balance to any situation makes her a great match for a man who can MELD with her and create a genuine partnership.

When Rihanna’s Moon is in Libra, she is attracted to men with Libra energy. She needs someone who can understand her needs, and who is considerate of her desires.

Her Mars is in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is a powerful aspect, especially when placed in the first house of a person’s birth chart. It emphasizes the desire to be creative and take risks. Mars in Aquarius also indicates a love of the arts and performing arts. This aspect is a positive aspect because it emphasizes Rihanna’s natural talent for music.

Mars in Aquarius in Rihanna’s birth chart is a powerful aspect, but it’s not the only thing to consider when reading a birth chart. The other aspect is the North Node, which is located in Pisces. This aspect often represents fate or destiny, so it is likely that Rihanna will announce her pregnancy in the coming months.

In addition to Mars in Aquarius, Rihanna also has an Aries moon. As an Aries, Rihanna is bold, energetic, and spontaneous. During interviews, she has shown that she is not afraid to express herself.

Her Mercury is in Aquarius

Mercury is the change-agent planet, and when it’s in Aquarius, it’s especially quick to prod and synthesize ideas. Mercury in Aquarius is also known for its unique perspective and ability to look at the big picture. This makes Mercury in Aquarius an excellent choice for anyone who loves to challenge convention. They’re also highly interested in the ways that people can solve problems and improve society.

Mercury rules communication and the creative process, so the two stars are a great match for a romantic relationship. However, this pairing may be difficult to pull off in real life, as both stars are so different in nature. As a result, there is some uncertainty about the relationship between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. While they both have Mercury in Aquarius, their Suns are opposite. This makes a complicated relationship even more challenging.

Rihanna’s Mercury in Aquarius makes her an excellent partner, but her Venus is in Aries, making it difficult to make it work. The impulsive and independent artist is hard to keep happy in a relationship with someone with Venus in Aries. She thrives off change, constant challenge, and creativity. She also has a fiery temper, making it challenging for people to work together with her.

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Her Mars is in Sagittarius

Rihanna’s birth chart has a few interesting aspects. First of all, her Sun is in Pisces, which is a very intuitive sign. It is also very compassionate and selfless. Second, her Moon is in Aries, which describes her moods and emotional energy. Aries people are natural pioneers and have quick tempers. They also have great courage and determination.

On Friday, March 13, 2022, Rihanna’s sun and Moon will be in Libra. This combines to create a very creative and loving personality. The moon is also connected to the mother, so she is likely to have a love-making nature. This is a great combination for a woman who runs the biggest makeup company in the world. And while Mars in Sagittarius is known for causing delays, the planets in the fifth house often signal the arrival of an important event.

Mars in Sagittarius is another feature of Rihanna’s birth chart. The planetary placement of this planet makes it a good sign for a singer. Her birth chart also has the planet Saturn in Sagittarius. This planet is a creative energy, so the sex life of this superstar is likely to be quite exciting. But Mars in Sagittarius is also a sign of aggressiveness and pushiness.

Her Mars is trine Jupiter

The placement of Mars and Jupiter in Rihanna’s birth chart indicates a strong connection in love and sexuality. In fact, these two planets are complementary, as they both rule their respective signs. Mars rules attraction and Venus rules sex. The combination of these two planets in a relationship can create an easy rapport, reducing misunderstanding and hurt feelings. The relationship between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky is a great example of this, since the two stars share a mutual sexual appetite.

The placement of Jupiter in Rihanna’s birth chart indicates her natural talents and willingness to take risks. She also has a dazzling imagination and new ideas.

Her Mars is square Pluto

Rihanna’s birth chart reveals three planets that have significant roles in her personality. These planets are Mars, Pluto, and Capricorn. Together, these three planets form a Scorpio stellium, and indicate that the performer is passionate and self-expressive. However, she also values privacy and doesn’t shy away from deep work.

Mars’s square to Pluto’s placement in Rihanna’s birth chart indicates that she will have strong ambitions to become powerful in the world and will push for her views. She may seek leadership roles in the arts, religion, or philosophy. She may also travel extensively for business purposes. Regardless of her career choice, she will need to practice moderation and avoid overindulgence. In addition, she may be very self-centered and may try to dominate others.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have powerful Mars-Uranus connections, but their Sun-Moon conjunctions are polar opposites. This can be challenging, and may cause one of the two to act impulsively.