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Astrology and Mike Tyson: What Is In His Birth Chart?

Astrology and Mike Tyson: What Is In His Birth Chart?

Astrology is an important part of Mike Tyson’s life, and it has been his passion since he was a teenager. His Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer makes him very emotional and intuitive. As a result, he makes a great astrologer.

a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer makes Mike emotional and intuitive

Mike is a sensitive, emotional person with intuitive abilities. He is also a good judge of people’s motives. His emotionality and intuition can be a big help for him in his career. He is also a good communicator. But he may need to temper his overly-emotional nature with more reasoned, rational behavior.

The conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter in his chart brings Mike to the forefront of world events. The political and personal power swings and empowerment that this combination represents are well known. In 1931, under this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, Mahatma Gandhi marched 241 miles to harvest salt from the ocean. In 1943, the conjunction brings about sweeping changes in political power, and in the following year, King Alfonso XII is deposed.

This aspect of Mike’s chart is known to make him emotional and intuitive. However, it can also limit his spirituality, which he finds difficult to deal with. Jupiter in Gemini may also hamper his religious and spiritual side, which is often associated with pessimism. In addition, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer causes Mike to be emotionally sensitive, which limits his ability to control his emotions.

Mike Tyson At The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center: Photo Credit To Leonard Zhukovsky

The Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer affects his health, especially the health sector. People born under this aspect are prone to illnesses and infections. It can also lead to problems in business and relationships. It is a good time to seek spiritual guidance. Prayers to the Hindu god, Lord Ganesha, will also help.

Jupiter is a planet that represents the highest plane of the psyche. People with this aspect are good at discerning the bigger picture and finding solutions. They also have a natural need to help others. They have many gifts. If Jupiter is your ruling planet, you can expect to be a generous and compassionate person.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning that it initiates change. It pivots something, but doesn’t always complete it. Its energy is sensitive, and it allows Mike to sense things others don’t. This allows him to discern and react to subtle clues. It also makes him an excellent judge of character. It also helps Mike deal with difficult situations.

The Moon and Sun in Cancer are also conjunct the True Black Moon Lilith. This point in space corresponds to the lunar apogee, which is the closest part of the moon’s orbit to Earth. Black Moon Lilith is associated with the primal side of human nature and raw sexuality. In the psyche, the Black Moon Lilith represents suppressed energy, which has been distorted throughout history.

a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer makes Mike a good astrologer

Mike Tyson’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer is favorable to astrologers because the Sun is emotional and intuitive. He has a great mind and no lack of ambition. He also enjoys good food, but could become overweight.

MIke Tyson At The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen: Photo Credit To CarlaVanWagoner

Michael Tyson is born with the Sun and Jupiter in Cancer. These planets represent the core parts of our personality. Signs and houses are symbolic of different aspects between planets. Each sign represents a different color of consciousness.

Astrologers can use a person’s natal chart to determine whether they are compatible. If they have the same zodiac sign, their birth charts may be quite similar. However, if Mike Tyson has the same natal chart as his rival, he might be considered a good astrologer.

Jupiter and Mars have a similar effect on astrologers. Jupiter is a potent planet. It’s strongest in the morning. However, its influence diminishes in the evening. This planet is best suited for astrologers who want to predict the future.

The new moon in Pisces in early March is also potent. This lunation is associated with Mars and Pluto. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer also occurs at zero degrees of Aquarius. In addition, this degree is a sensitive degree for pandemics.

Mike Tyson’s Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Cancer make him a good astrologer. This astrological combination can help him succeed in his chosen profession. The Mars/Pluto conjunction in his 5th House is also strong and indicates a struggle with authorities. This also accounts for the unusual circumstances of his birth.

In addition to being a successful astrologer, Tyson has superior communication skills and an innate intelligence. In addition to these qualities, he has a healthy emotional level. He is a good astrologer because his 29th-degree mastery of the sign can bring him extraordinary success.