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If you’re interested in Penn Badgley’s birth date, you’ve come to the right place. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, on a Saturday. Although his birth date isn’t well-known, it can give you a good idea of the day he was born.


The Scorpio in Penn Badgley’s birth horoscope is indicative of the actor’s fiery personality and fiery temperament. Born on November 1, 1986, Badgley is a vivacious Scorpio. These people are passionate, magnetic, and don’t think twice about speaking their mind. However, they can be difficult to forgive and are often tied to their pasts. It is therefore important to study Badgley’s natal horoscope to determine whether he or she is a good match for a Scorpio.

In the Gossip Girl star’s birth chart, there are five planets in Scorpio. Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are in her natal chart and always close to the sun. Additionally, the Gossip Girl star’s sun is in the fifth house, where the sun feels the need to live for passion.

The Scorpio in Penn Badgley’s birth horoscope is a sign of intense passion and intense love. These signs are also very protective and possess a powerful sense of revenge. In fact, Scorpios are known for holding grudges for the rest of their lives. Scorpios are intensely emotional and can be very hard to read. They can be obsessive about new interests.


Venus in Penn Badgley’s birth-chart represents the female figure. This sign is characterized by intense feelings and a need to explore and understand the world around them. Its ascendant represents love and sex, and the position of Venus in Badgley’s birth chart emphasizes her emotional appeal.

People with Venus in Gemini in their birth charts are passionate about life and are attracted to a variety of different people and activities. They also enjoy being part of a large social circle and using connections to help them navigate their lives. They also tend to be attracted to original, novel, and eccentric ideas. These characteristics make them prone to changing their minds about beauty.

Venus in Badgley’s birth chart reflects her love of the arts and enjoys romantic touches. She enjoys creating and implementing romantic themes in her life and chooses clothes that suit the persona she is trying to create. She moves in a seductive manner and exudes effortless charm.

Women with Venus in their birth chart are generally adventurous, free-spirited, and philosophical. These women attract men who share their aesthetic values. They also present the image of a multicultural adventurer. Men with this sign are typically long-lived and soft-spoken.


As of the recording of this video, Mercury is in the sign of Scorpio. This is a fixed water sign, and the planet of travel and communication. Likewise, Mars, the fixed ruler of Scorpio, is a planet of ideas and inventions. It also represents the marketplace and communication. It can also have a dark erotic quality.

Depending on the sign of Mercury, Penn Badgley may be a great communicator, as this planet is a sign of communication. People with this sign are also great strategists, and they like to get to the bottom of things. However, Mercury natives need to limit their excessive distrust and constant suspicion.

Another important aspect is the placement of Mars and Venus in Penn Badgley’s birth chart. Mars is the lord of the 2nd house in the 4th house, making the native happy and healthy. Nevertheless, the native of this sign may also have a cruel disposition, or die abroad.


The astrological birth chart of Penn Badgley reveals a few traits about her personality. Whether you are a professional astrologer or just a lover of astrology, these birth charts can shed light on a person’s character and traits. While a birth chart is only a few pages long and only takes into account the time of birth, this can provide a lot of information about a person.

Badgley was born on November 1, 1986. Her natal chart is dominated by the sign of Scorpio. She is also blessed with Mars in Aquarius, which is a good action planet. She has been named a member of the National Celebrity Cabinet of the American Red Cross.

Badgley is an activist who supports the movement for Black Lives. He has been involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and has spoken out on social issues. He has also backed the LGBTQ rights movement. Badgley’s love life includes a relationship with singer Domino Kirke. The couple announced they were expecting on February 10, 2020. They later had several miscarriages, but eventually welcomed a baby boy in August 2020.

Mars in a sign other than Aries may indicate a romantic, idealistic nature. It can also indicate a strong sense of loyalty to one’s partner. This sign can be sensitive and passionate, but may also be intolerant of other people’s needs.


Penn Badgley was born on a Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. His natal chart contains an unusual astrological pattern called a stellium. This means that Penn Badgley was born during a time period when two planets, Mercury and Saturn, are in the same sign. Because of this, he is likely to be a very creative and intuitive person. The planets in his birth chart may also make him a great strategist. However, it is also important to manage his constant suspicion and over-abundance of mistrust.

The lord of Penn Badgley’s 2nd house is Mars. People with Mars in this sign are honest, long-lived, and devoted to their parents. However, they may be a little cruel at times. If this is the case, Penn Badgley should be very careful and avoid a romantic relationship with anyone.

Penn Badgley’s birth chart also shows a strong sense of independence. Mars is in the Capricorn sign, the exaltation sign for Mars. This placement can make a person rich and industrious. Unfortunately, it can also make a person unhappy, lose their mother, or experience a short life.


Pluto is a planet associated with extremes and intensities. Although this planet is silent, it can bring intense feelings to things. When Pluto is in Sagittarius, it brings intensity to ideas, beliefs, and information. Pluto in Sagittarius also relates to higher education, speaking, and freedom.

Pluto’s aspects to the Sun make him intense and deep. He can be influenced by powerful forces and wields immense power. In relationships and events, this can be a challenging time. Although Pluto can be difficult, it can also reveal a strong willpower and a willingness to achieve.

Pluto in Penn Badgley’s birth charts has a few aspects that are favorable to him and his career. Mercury is in the 2nd house and an important ruler is Venus. This combination of planets can cause success. It also promotes good work. This placement will help Penn Badgley achieve success. He will be healthy and rich and will avoid diseases. He will also be very attractive.