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Robert Pattinson Birth Chart: Astrology Explains

If you’re curious about Robert Pattinson’s birth chart, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find an interactive horoscope and an excerpt from his astrological portrait. You’ll also find out his planetary dominants and the source of his birth time.


The relationship potential of a Taurus in Robert Pattinson’ birth chart is intriguing. While it is difficult to predict a Taurus-Aries match, there are a few things to consider. First, this star sign requires a definite amount of earth influence, which makes it a good match for Robert Pattinson. He also has several Capricorn placements, the sister sign of Cancer. This means that a relationship between Pattinson and a Cancer or Leo could prove to be very successful.

Taurus and Pisces are opposite signs, but they do make for a good match. Although both are hopeless romantics, Pisces and Taurus share similar temperaments. Together, these two signs would find the perfect balance of love and affection, with a bit of depth to withstand growing pains.


Robert Pattinson was born on 13 May 1986. His sun is in hardworking Taurus and his moon is in compassionate Cancer. His trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces is a powerful significator of major breakthroughs. The last three houses of Robert Pattinson’s birth chart nurture his creativity.

His birth chart also features the water signs Libra and Taurus. They have a strong connection, as both are characterized by high sensitivity and devotion. However, if their signs are incompatible, a split may result. Taurus and Pisces are both hopeless romantics, and a relationship with Robert Pattinson could be the perfect way to fulfill a Pisces’ dreams. With the right amount of affection and love, this pairing can sustain through the growing pains of love and romance.

Robert Pattinson’s birth chart shows his desire for a partner with an earthly element. This is the type of person he should date if he wants to find a love interest who matches his unconscious desires. Since Mars is at 14/26deg GEMINI, Robert Pattinson is likely to be attracted to someone with a Mars in Capricorn.


Saturn in Robert Pattinson’s horoscope is very revealing and gives us some insights into the way Pattinson sees life. He may be shy and reserved when talking about his feelings, but he may also gain some insight into his life through his intuition or psychic ability. He may also have a strong interest in the law, or a career in business organization. Saturn in Robert Pattinson’s chart is positive, but there are some things to watch out for.

Saturn in Robert Pattinson’s horoscope is a sign of responsibility, discipline, and seriousness. Saturn in Sagittarius is also associated with higher education and the pursuit of religion, philosophy, or higher learning. This means that Pattinson has strict moral codes and has probably adhered to religious disciplines. He is likely to be sensitive and empathetic, but he may also be prone to possessiveness.


Robert Pattinson’s birth chart shows a strong emphasis on creativity and emotional drive. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Robert’s birth chart makes him a mysterious and fascinating character. His desire to be loved and cared for is a driving force. He needs the feelings of others to move forward and to feel fully understood.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the sign that governs money and worth. Robert Pattinson will have an inclination towards money and will likely have several sources of income. He will also enjoy the material things in life and focus his energy on accumulating them. He will likely have many material possessions, but will also focus a lot of his energy on comfort, satisfaction and pleasure.

Pattinson is also highly intuitive and has an intuitive understanding of social trends. This rapport with people will help him to succeed and enjoy a high level of popularity. He may also be interested in law or business organization. However, he must be careful to avoid acquiring excessive pride and false ambition.

South Node

Robert Pattinson has the South Node in Sagittarius, which makes him a perfectionist. This can cause him to take on too much. He may also be emotionally detached from others. This can lead him to feel like an outsider. He may also try to hide his uniqueness. This is related to his karmic past.

Saturn will be conjunct Rob’s South Node in a few weeks. This will highlight the importance of Rob’s karmic past. In fact, Saturn will cross his South Node in September, which will further demonstrate his need to please others in a romantic relationship.

Robert Pattinson’s chart features three houses. These houses indicate his ability to communicate effectively and have good judgment. These are all traits associated with his South Node, which is symbolically connected to the mind. However, he can also be indecisive or hesitate when making decisions. This can lead to some conflict in his life. He may also need to adjust his actions a little to avoid upsetting his entourage.


Robert Pattinson’s birth chart features both the Sun and Venus, both of which are powerful planets of passion and emotions. Both have harmonious placements in his horoscope, and together they give him an insatiable curiosity and an intense need for change. As such, he has a tendency to tire easily of routine. His family, which includes siblings and neighbors, is a very important part of his life, but he must be careful not to get caught up in emotional biases and not allow other people’s reasonable opinions to be overridden by his own. Similarly, the position of Mercury in Robert Pattinson’s birth horoscope shows how he approaches decision-making, and his ruler, Mercury, is in Taurus.

While Saturn is the ruler of the seventh house, the sixth house is home to the planet Venus. This placement makes Robert Pattinson a serious person who may pursue philosophy or religion, as well as higher education. He is likely to be interested in traveling, and he may also have a natural affinity for the arts and the occult.


Robert Pattinson’s horoscope tells us a great deal about him. In addition to his sun sign, he has Mars in his birth chart, which is a sign associated with success, money, and romance. Robert is a hardworking Taurus with an empathic Cancer moon. He also has a morning star Mercury, which can lead to trouble communicating. As author Michael Craft points out in this video, a person’s birth chart can change over time.

The placement of Mars in Robert Pattinson’s horoscope can be a positive factor, but there are also a few aspects to keep in mind. Robert’s Mars is in a sign that relates to the bedroom. The influence of Mars in Capricorn can be quite dangerous in a relationship. This means he needs a great deal of change and new experiences.


Robert Pattinson’s birth chart has Pluto in the eighth house of money and worth. He has a keen sense of practicality and an ability to make money, and will likely have several sources of income. He will also have an eye for aesthetics and practicality in his possessions. This planetary configuration may be associated with his penchant for health maintenance regimens.

Jupiter will return to the sign it was in when Pattinson was born in 2022, bringing him major breakthroughs and new beginnings. Jupiter will also spend a year dancing in Pattinson’s sun sign, Taurus. This placement will help him find love and marriage, and he may also give birth.

North Node

Robert Pattinson’s birth chart features a North Node in the eleventh house. According to Celeste Teal, this planetary placement is associated with romantic dreams and heroism. Robert will likely find personal satisfaction through associations, groups, and friendships. However, his over-zealousness may cause him to appear egocentric.

Robert Pattinson’s birth chart includes several important aspects that could affect his relationships. For one, his North Node is located in the 12th house, which represents fantasy and dreams. This house is also where he went into hiding after the release of Twilight. As a result, his love life will be turbulent. As a result, Robert Pattinson should look for a steady partner.

In addition, Pattinson’s North Node in the birth chart is associated with an optimistic nature and a desire to help others. This planetary configuration also indicates a strong will and good judgment. Similarly, Robert Pattinson’s Venus in the signs of his birth chart can influence his social and aesthetic values and his overall attitude toward money. As a result, Pattinson may be very concerned about his reputation.


Uranus in Robert Pattinson birth chart indicates that the actor is spiritual and may be attracted to numerology, ancient philosophies, and the occult. He is also likely to travel to different countries and may even embrace the idea of a one-world government. His intuition is strong and he may have a need to feel important. This may cause him to display overbearing pride and false ambition.

The Sun and Uranus in Robert Pattinson birth chart are in Taurus. Taurus is the earth sign, and Pattinson is efficient in practical matters. He finds spiritual truth in the material aspects of his life, such as love, pleasure, and satisfaction.