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Rob Kardashian is born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. This is the 12th sign in the zodiac and is considered a mutable, negative sign. It spans approximately 330 to 360 degrees of celestial longitude. The sun will be in this sign from February 19 through March 20.


The sun in Rob Kardashian’s horoscope is in the Pisces sign, which is associated with dreams and creativity. This sign is also associated with addiction, loneliness, and secrets. Pisces rules the twelfth house, which is the unconscious mind. This is a sign that tends to hide from the spotlight, and Rob is no exception. The reality star is an introvert, and he’d probably rather spend his time playing video games or in the soft glow of fantasy.

Rob Kardashian was born on March 17, 1987, making him a Pisces with a Libra moon. His mother, Angela Renee White, was born on May 11, 1988 and is a Taurus with a Pisces moon. Both of these zodiac signs represent intense emotion and sensitivity.

The couple’s zodiac signs are compatible, and astrology can help explain the dynamic between the two. Kardashian and Barker were friends for several years before becoming romantically involved. Their natal chart positions reflects their compatibility, and it’s likely they felt at ease with each other from the start.

In addition to their zodiac signs, the moon in Pisces can be a sign of conflict. People born under this sign are often prone to drugs and alcohol abuse. Rob Kardashian has maintained that Chyna was under the influence of drugs when she pulled on him with a metal rod and gun. This sign is associated with creative expression, but it can also lead to a dangerous behavior.

Aside from being a Pisces, Rob Kardashian has other astrological signs. His Ascendant, the planet Uranus, posited in Sagittarius, gives him an inclination for the open sea and freedom. He’s also loyal and benevolent, and puts things into perspective. Uranus also encourages travel and is a strong individual.

Chyna has a high level of strategic thinking. She knows how to parlay her fame as a model and exotic dancer into a lucrative beauty empire. As a Pisces, Chyna has the skills to be successful in all of these fields.

As a Pisces, Rob Kardashian has a high sensitivity to beauty. This sensitivity causes him to have aesthetic emotional reactions. However, a Pisces needs balance in his life. He appreciates the good things about others, and is good at highlighting their qualities. However, he can become too dependent on others if he doesn’t have enough independence.

Pisces people are highly intellectual and talented people. They are also extremely charming and sociable in public. Despite their charming personalities, they can be elusive in love. They are devoted to their friends but are detached in their love lives. They are good at business, but can be unreliable in love.

Pisces moon

The Pisces moon and Rob Kardashian zodiac signs are highly compatible with each other. Both have the Moon in Pisces and are sensitive to the energy around them. They can easily become overstimulated by sensory overload. Moreover, both are idealistic and sensitive, which can make them vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

The Pisces moon has a tendency to seek escape, and it often turns to drugs. Chyna was accused of public intoxication in 2016 and drug possession. Rob Kardashian maintains that Chyna was under the influence of drugs. The Pisces moon and Rob Kardashian zodiac sign has great potential for radical healing.

Robert Kardashian was born on March 17, 1987 and is famous for his role on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He has also appeared in several spin-offs. In 2013, he competed on the thirteenth season of the reality television competition Dancing With the Stars, placing second. As a Pisces, Robert Kardashian’s zodiac sign and moon sign represent the different aspects of his personality.

Rob Kardashian’s moon and Pisces moon indicate that his personality is sensitive and vulnerable. Moreover, Rob is a sensitive person and may experience depressive or sorrowful phases. Rob should strive to stay strong despite these phases and try to identify the triggers so that he can overcome them in a healthy way.

Kim Kardashian’s rising sign is Sagittarius, indicating that she is full of energy and ideas. However, she may feel unfulfilled in life and believe there is something better on the horizon. According to Hello Astrology’s analysis of Kim Kardashian’s birth chart, she is prone to success and creativity.

However, this sign has its own disadvantages. The signs are highly sensitive and may not be able to have long-term relationships. They are also overstimulated, which is why they cannot hold long-term deep conversations. However, they can be generous and help others when needed.

While the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian is a perfect example of an ideal relationship, it should not be taken lightly. Although their zodiac signs are different, their personalities match perfectly. Both of them are sensitive and caring. They are also intuitive and flexible and are great parents.

The Pisces moon and Rob Kardashian zodiac sign compatibility is rooted in their affinity for giving. Both of them have the ability to tune into one another’s mind. They share a sympathetic emotional frequency, and can feel each other’s feelings from afar. Their psychic abilities are one of the most unique aspects of their compatibility.

Rob Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are classic Pisces, both in personality and career. They are often aloof and difficult to approach, but are impossible to ignore. Their deeply emotional nature can sometimes lead them to take actions that can cause them to hurt themselves and others. Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, has the youngest of the Kardashians and has been a major success in the world of finance and prominence.

Pisces sun

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian’s relationships may be tricky for a Pisces. Their love life is often fraught with drama, which could be detrimental for the family’s image. Kim is the only member of the family who has a Pisces Sun. While Kim may be known for her outspoken nature, Rob Kardashian is known for his more mellow approach to life.

However, a Pisces sun makes it difficult to remain silent, even when confronted with criticism. Rob’s sun is in the sign of Pisces, which is associated with creativity and dreams, but also with addiction and loneliness. Pisces is also ruled by the foot, which is why his most successful business venture to date has been his luxury sock line Arthur George. Furthermore, Pisces is a highly sensitive sign and can become overly observant of everything. As a result, a Pisces can feel isolated and easily taken advantage of.

The Pisces moon has a tendency to seek escape and so it often turns to drugs. Rob Kardashian has maintained that Chyna was under the influence of drugs when she pulled her gun on him and assaulted him with a metal rod. Despite these limitations, the Pisces moon is also a sign of radical collective healing.

Despite the astrological alignment, the Kardashian-Jenner family is dominated by Scorpio energy. The new arrivals, Stormi Webster and Wolf, add to the mix of energies. The family also includes a Leo, an Aquarius, and a Cancer.

Rob Kardashian is very intuitive. His love life may be less intense than that of others, but it is still full of passion and enthusiasm. As long as he is able to focus on the pursuit of his personal interest, he will be able to enjoy his success on all fronts. In addition, Rob Kardashian is extremely optimistic and enthusiastic.

Chyna’s Taurus sun indicates that she holds on when she should be letting go. She is also likely to hold onto things for too long, which may make her unhappy and clingy. It is important to remember that Chyna is a Taurus, which is the sign of the second house of values. She has mastered the art of strategy and has a knack for making a business work for her. She started out as a model and exotic dancer before becoming a reality television star.

A Pisces sun in a Pisces sign is ideal for a romantic relationship. This energy is conducive to a stable relationship between Rob Kardashian and Chyna. Despite their apparent distance, the couple is capable of enduring any emotional or legal tribulations that may arise. They will be able to establish healthy relationships free of weapons and conflict.