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Top Selling Kindle eBooks: What Should You Be Reading?

Top Selling Kindle eBooks: What Should You Be Reading?

If you’re looking for the best selling Kindle eBooks of all time, you’ve come to the right place. Our list of top 10 books includes detailed facts and charts for each year. The list includes Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series featuring Lisbeth Salander.


Fantasy kindle ebooks are some of the most popular genres for the Kindle. These novels are often humorous and often have fantastical elements. The authors of these books are able to create unique characters that will draw readers in. Whether they are emo or romantic, this genre has something for everyone.

Science fiction

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres on the Kindle. Readers of this genre often consider themselves intellectually gifted and want a challenge. The genre focuses on science and character development. Unlike other genres, science fiction does not have to deal with the supernatural.


The mystery genre is one of the most popular genres of ebooks. There are many different books and authors of mysteries, but a few stand out above the rest. Here are some of the top-selling ebooks in this genre. Among the most popular are the books by Lee Child and Louise Penny.

Mysteries are popular because they keep the reader guessing. The writer of a mystery book keeps many details secret to the reader, which keeps them on their toes. Mystery writers can use these details to create complete surprises. For example, a reader might have no idea how the characters will get out of the situation until the end of the story.


One of the most popular genres for Kindle eBooks is thriller. Whether you prefer psychological or historical fiction, a thriller will definitely keep you turning pages. You can even read it in audiobook format! In this article, we’ll talk about some bestsellers in the thriller genre.

One of the most popular thrillers in the genre is “The Villain.” It’s a mystery about an arranged marriage and a convicted sex offender. It’s a bestseller, and it has received several awards. This book is set in a world where secrets and dark secrets are hidden and kept under wraps.

Children’s books

Children’s books are among the most popular genres for Kindle, and many readers began reading them when they were younger. The genres vary from simple kindergarten stories to lengthy collections with important messages. To choose the best children’s books for Kindle, we reviewed the bestseller lists, award-winning titles, and Goodreads recommendations.

As the popularity of eBooks continues to increase, so does the number of e-books geared for children. The growth of the children’s e-book industry demonstrates that parents will continue buying books for their children, and e-books will only continue to gain in popularity. While bedtime stories and nursery rhymes were once the most popular categories, today, the most popular children’s books are educational and activity books. These books not only teach children the alphabet, but also promote milestone development in children. Buying these books will help your child to learn while having fun.

Typically, books for young children have only about 1,000 words, so illustrations take center stage. Elementary readers, on the other hand, have books of around 2,500 words, and the illustrations become less central to the story. By the time a child reaches middle school, his or her reading skills have improved, and they are capable of handling books up to 12,000 words. Some children’s books do not even contain illustrations, but they contain fewer words.

Amazon’s Kindle Kids Book Creator program enables authors to create children’s books for Kindle. This program allows authors to import artwork, format their books into Kindle format, and preview their books on various devices. Despite the complexity of the process, this program can provide authors with the means to create great children’s books that can be sold on many platforms.