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How to Get Someone to Say That You Special

There are many ways to tell someone you love them. You can choose from Direct ways, Gifts, Conversations, and more. Here are 25 ideas to make someone feel special. Read on to discover how to say “I love you!” to that special someone in your life. You may be surprised to know that you have more options than you thought!

25 ways to tell someone you love them

There are many ways to tell someone you love them, and not all of them involve saying those magic three words. Some gestures or actions can also be meaningful ways to let someone know how much you care. These 55 unique ideas can help you show your love to a loved one. There’s a perfect gesture for every occasion, and they are guaranteed to make your loved one feel special.

Taking the time to shower someone with love is a romantic gesture, but it can also be a little bit awkward. A balloon can be placed where they’re not likely to notice it, or you can give candy and notes with messages for your loved one. You can also give them bacon roses, which are absolutely amazing. Bacon is an excellent symbol of love, so why not incorporate it into your romantic gesture?

Writing a letter is a great way to let someone know how you feel. You should be honest and heartfelt, but you don’t need to be the best writer. Public affirmations carry a greater weight than private ones. If you don’t have a blog, you can create a free one on Blogger or Tumblr.

Showing your love and caring for your partner is crucial to a successful relationship. It can be as simple as buying their favorite food or making a special meal for them. Alternatively, you can suggest a show they like to watch. It is the little things that show your love and care that will go a long way.

Sending flowers is another classic way to tell someone you love them. You don’t need a special occasion to send flowers. Roses are great for any occasion. Sending romantic gifts is another great way to show your partner how much you appreciate them. If your relationship is new or old, a thoughtful and creative gift will show that your love is sincere.

If you want to show your partner that you love them, cooking their favorite meal is a tried and true way to show your love. This is not only a great way to show your appreciation, but it’s also a foolproof way to show them that you care.

Direct ways

The most effective way to convince someone that you are special is to come directly to them and tell them how you feel. This approach is very powerful but you may get rejected even if you’ve already made some friends. To avoid being rejected, you can share your interest in getting to know new people. This way, you can make an impact without coming across as creepy. Instead, you can come off as confident and charming.


There are many ways to say that you care. One of the most personal ways is by giving a thoughtful present. Although it may seem cliche to think of someone’s birthday, Christmas, or wedding, a thoughtful gift has sentimental value and makes the recipient feel special.

When giving a gift, take time to consider the recipient’s interests and time. Whether they enjoy music, food, or anything in between, a personal gift makes them feel special and appreciated. It can also be an opportunity to express gratitude and show them you’re thinking of them.

Williams explains that the true meaning of gifts is the sentiment attached to them. People who have this love language often treasure small gifts more than larger ones. The gifts are reminders of their loved one and may be displayed on a wall or worn all the time. They may even gush about the gifts to their friends.


One of the best conversations starters is a viral video or meme. People are often on their cell phones and have heard of such things, so they’re probably familiar with them. It’s also a great conversation starter to tell someone about a skill you have that they might not have known.

Compliments are great conversation starters, but they should be specific and sincere. Also, avoid being overly aggressive in what you’re trying to say. A person who feels aggressive is unlikely to take you seriously. Instead, try to find ways to be charming and approachable.

Another great conversation starter is to ask questions that make the other person feel comfortable. For example, “What’s your favorite color?” can get someone laughing. Other common topics of conversation include hobbies, favorite movies, and TV shows. You can also ask them to tell you about their favorite movie or song.

You can also play games like Brightful to get them talking. This conversation starter game will automatically give you conversation starter prompts and set a timer. You can even try using the calendar as a basis for a light-hearted conversation. By making light-hearted conversations, you can increase your chances of success with your date.