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How to Get Him to Make Love to You More Than Once a Week

If you’re struggling with how to get your man to make love to you more than once i a week, you’re not alone. In fact, sex is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your man. In fact, couples therapist Jill Vermeire says that men get the message fairly quickly.

Mirror his movements

Mirroring your partner’s movements is a powerful way to build attraction between you. This type of mirroring can be subtle or overt. Depending on the situation, you can mirror his entire body or just one specific move. You may not even have to be in sync with his movements or voice to create a strong connection.

Construct a passion wheel

A passion wheel is a great way to get your guy to make love to you more than once if you want to make him feel loved more often. The idea is to write down the activities or hobbies that you both love and include them on the wheel. You could also add sex or pornography to the wheel if that’s what you two enjoy.

Initiate more

If you want your man to initiate more love, there are some key strategies you can use. In the first place, you need to make sure your man knows what you want. Men are happiest when their intimate partners are in tune with what they want. In fact, most men will initiate less if they feel that they are not in control. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true.