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Japanese people are a culture that is very punctual. Their trains are always on time, they get to work on time and even the post arrives at their doorstep when it is supposed to.

You may notice that your Japanese boyfriend remembers all your little things, from your favorite song to the shade of lipstick you prefer. This shows that he values you.

1. Be a good listener

Japanese men are often a bit shy around women, especially foreign girls. They will probably never make the first move unless they are drunk or gaijin hunters. Even then, they usually avoid showing public displays of affection like holding hands or putting their arm around you in public places.

They also tend to prefer a girl with smooth skin, a petite build, and feminine features. They are attracted to women who have a modest personality and are quiet.

If he loves you, he will probably eat anything that you cook, even if it tastes terrible! This is to show that he accepts you as who you are. He may also text you a lot and ask about your day. This is a sign that he really cares about you.

2. Be yourself

Japanese men are very shy, so it takes a while for them to show their feelings. But if they see that you respect their culture and are confident, they will start opening up to you. Moreover, they want you to look feminine and elegant. So, make sure that you take care of your appearance and grooming.

They will appreciate if you show your flaws, too. For example, if you are clumsy or forget things often, that will be more interesting than just seeming perfect all the time. They also like women who can communicate with them without any language barrier. And it may go against your feminist principles, but let him pay on the first date. It is his way of showing that he is financially stable and worthy of dating you.

Japanese guys find foreign girls who are confident very attractive. This is probably because confidence translates to assertiveness and intelligence, two attributes that they prize in themselves.

They also appreciate foreign women who can show their flaws. For example, if your date forgets things or is clumsy, don’t be afraid to point it out. This shows him that you’re comfortable with his imperfections.

3. Get along with his mother

When dating a Japanese man, you will often find yourself in his mother’s company. This is because the mother is considered to be one of the most important women in a family. Therefore, it is essential that you get along with her and show respect towards her opinion.

It is also crucial that you avoid PDA with your Japanese boyfriend as this would be highly embarrassing for them and the people around them. For example, it is not normal for them to hug or hold hands in public. Also, it is extremely rude to run your fingers through their hair or kiss them on the cheeks in front of their parents.

Getting close to your Japanese boyfriend is difficult as they are usually shy and don’t like showing their interest in foreign girls. Moreover, they are worried that they might be turned down by you.

In Japan, it’s very common for couples to meet through work or friends. They also often use a “he kon” which is a group first date.

They may worry that a foreign woman will expect them to tell her how they feel several times a day. This isn’t always the case but you should be prepared for this. Also, he might take his mother out more than you do.

4. Be confident

Japanese men tend to respect the feminine aspects of women and want their ladies to be confident and take care of themselves, particularly when it comes to hygiene. Showing your femininity will help build a more intimate connection with him.

Avoid sarcasm as it is not well-received in Japan. They prefer a more soft form of humour, such as a gentle jibe they can turn towards themselves.

Keep your conversations light and fun but also focus on the more serious side of life. They are very passionate about their work and may seem focused on it more than other cultures. They are not big on casual relationships, but rather aiming to bond with one special girl and get married – which is great if that’s what you want.

5. Be honest

Japanese men tend to be very honest and open with their feelings. They’re also very loyal. It’s easy to see this loyalty in the way they treat their work and the people around them. They may work 12 hours a day and give everything they have to their job. If you’re dating a Japanese man, it means that he cares about you more than anything else.

They also have a great sense of humor. But, it’s important to know that sarcasm has a time and place. In general, it’s best to avoid sarcasm with Japanese men.

You might find that they don’t introduce you to their friends or family until you are engaged. This is a cultural thing. They value their relationships with coworkers and bosses as much as they do with you.

In Japan, explicitly asking someone out on a date is a much bigger step than it is in other cultures. For many people in their mid-twenties, dating is seen as more of a search for “the one” than a casual way to meet new friends.

There is also a strong sense of egality in relationships, and it’s not uncommon for couples to split the bill on dates as they get closer. This isn’t because Japanese people are cheap; it’s a way of showing respect and demonstrating that you value your relationship.

Another thing to remember is that it’s not common to introduce a potential partner to your parents until you’re fairly certain you’re serious about them. This is partly due to the perception that hookups are considered filthy and only serious relationships should be introduced to parents.

Honesty is everything in this culture. If a guy likes you, he’ll let you know over text pretty quickly. He’ll also tell you about his day and share his stories with you.

He knows all the little things about you without you overtly telling him. Show him you respect him by turning up for your dates on time. He will appreciate that.

How to Date a Rich Japanese Man

In the West, dates tend to be casual affairs over coffee or lunch. But in Japan, couples often spend a whole day out together on dates!

Host clubs have a bad reputation, but Takami says she feels like she’s doing something good for women. She says many of the girls are desperate for money and turn to enjo kosai in order to get it.

1. Be polite

If you’re serious about dating and want to find that special someone, it can help to get acquainted with other foreigners. This is why so many foreigners choose to join online dating apps such as Jack’d and 9Monsters. These apps offer worldwide chat, swiping, profile insights, anonymous browsing and even a ‘breed’ feature where you can communicate with different monsters.

Some Japanese men see sex as a fetish and are keen to guide foreigners through culture shock, introduce them to Japanese food and sex on the first date. Beware of these types and block them immediately. You’re better off finding a man who is open to romance and doesn’t mind being the first to show interest. Men fawning over women are a foreign concept to Japanese girls and they appreciate a genuine, respectful approach.

2. Don’t talk about money

Men may want to introduce you to their friends, which is an opportunity for them to show off their wealth. However, it’s important not to talk about money too much. It can make him feel uncomfortable and give the impression that you’re only interested in him for his money.

It’s not uncommon for couples to split the bill on dates, especially as their relationship progresses. This is not because they’re cheap; it’s a reflection of the Japanese belief that sharing expenses fairly strengthens relationships.

The practice is so common that it even makes its way into popular media, such as the 2001 anime series Bounce Ko Gals, which follows a schoolgirl who partakes in enjo-kosai to raise money for her family. Yet, many young women find the concept of enjo-kosai to be demeaning and harmful.

3. Don’t be too shy

While some people still rely on traditional dating methods to find their perfect match, online dating is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Thankfully, the world of Japanese dating isn’t as complex or confusing as it may seem at first glance. However, there are some important differences you should be aware of before dating a Japanese man.

For example, many Japanese men are extremely shy and rarely show affection in public. Also, they’re not always very good at reading body language. It’s important to know these differences so you can avoid making any big mistakes. Besides, the more you understand their culture, the better your relationship will be.

4. Say “I love you”

Generally speaking, it is quite rare for a Japanese man to say “I love you” to his date. This is because they are generally very shy and would not be forward enough to do so. They would usually prefer to let their actions speak for themselves and show their feelings through their actions.

It is also common for couples to split the bill on dates in Japan as they progress into a relationship. This is not because they are cheap but rather because they believe that it helps to maintain equality in the relationship.

Overall, dating a rich Japanese man is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it is important to remember that there are certain cultural differences that may be challenging to navigate at times.

What it Like to Date a Japanese Man

If you’re dating a Japanese man, you may notice that he remembers the little things about you. He might know your favorite color, the ice cream you like best, or the tune that makes your heart sing.

He might also let you pay for dinner on the first date – even though it goes against your feminist bones.

1. They’re not afraid to break the rules

There’s no doubt that dating a Japanese man can be a bit of a wild ride. There are a lot of cultural and familial norms that you must keep in mind. For example, it’s considered rude to display public displays of affection.

Sarcasm also has a place in their culture, but it’s much more subtle than what we might expect to hear from someone here in the West. Instant replies are also uncommon in Japan, and it’s not unusual for time to pass before a reply is received.

2. They’re very romantic

In Japan, it is well-known that most couples date with the intention of getting married. This is a clear difference from foreign cultures where it can be unclear whether the person you’re dating wants to take things further or not.

This can make it difficult to understand what they mean when they say yes or no. However, silence can also mean yes so listen carefully to them.

3. They’re very loyal

Japanese men are very loyal and they care about the people they love. They’re not big on casual relationships and they prefer to bond with one special person.

They’re also very careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings. This means they might not express their emotions as openly as someone from another country. This is especially true if they’re unsure about taking their relationship to the next level and starting to officially date.

4. They’re very hardworking

Working hard is a big part of Japanese culture. It’s not unusual to see salary men rushing off work in a hurry, or to be stuck in an endless series of meetings.

They’re often reluctant to take paid vacation, as they don’t want to leave colleagues behind to pick up their slack. They also tend to prioritize personal projects over work.

5. They’re very kind

Verbally declaring your feelings of love is not common in Japan. Instead, it’s more common to show your affection through consistent kind actions.

It might go against every feminist bone in your body, but let him pay on that first date! This is a big sign that he cares. This is his way of showing that he’s financially stable and capable.

6. They’re very smart

In Japan, explicitly asking someone out on a date is a much more significant gesture. This is called kokuhaku, a confession that indicates the two parties are ready to take things to the next level and begin officially dating.

Sarcasm is a common thing in Japan, but it’s generally taken in a much softer tone than in many Western countries. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid of a little humour, though!

7. They’re very good looking

Many Japanese men are very good-looking and have a unique beauty about them. They’re usually very tall and have beautiful eyes.

They’re not big on casual relationships and don’t have a lot of sex until they find the one they want to marry. They’re more interested in making their parents proud and getting married.

It may go against every feminist bone in your body, but it’s best to let him pay on the first date. It’s a way of showing that he cares about you.

8. They’re very humble

Like many Asian cultures, Japanese people place a strong emphasis on family. This means that couples often need to gain the permission of their parents before dating exclusively.

Additionally, personal space is highly valued in Japan. As such, it’s not uncommon for couples to speak only a few times a week. This is a stark contrast to Western culture, where instant replies are the norm.

9. They’re very kind to animals

Japanese people, both men and women, care very much about how other people see them. They remove their underarm hair, eyebrows and bikini lines, as well as their nose and ear hair.

This might seem harsh, but it’s the way of the Japanese people. They’re always worried about bothering other people. This can lead to some awkward situations, like this cat cafe in Japan.

10. They’re very patient

They value punctuality and never want to impose on their loved ones’ time. It’s a good idea to always plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

If your Japanese man left their entire home life behind to live in your country, it’s important to respect and show an interest in the culture they come from. This will help avoid cultural fatigue over time.

Would a Japanese Man Date a Foreigner?

With their lack of confidence, difficulty expressing feelings, and tremendous focus on work it can be difficult to make the first move in dating a Japanese man. This can be further complicated by cultural differences and a language barrier.

In some cultures asking someone out on a date is a common practice – yet in Japan, 40 percent of men in their 20s have never been on one.

1. They are shy

Many Japanese men, especially those who have lived abroad, are open to dating foreigners. They see it as a way to expand their cultural knowledge and meet new people. But they may be shy to initiate conversations with strangers. They are more likely to be comfortable with online dating or meeting people at izakayas (Japanese pubs), temples, and parks.

If you are interested in dating a Japanese man, it’s important to understand their feelings and attitudes towards women. For example, they are very shy to show affection and will not say “I love you” until they know you really feel the same way.

They will also be reluctant to introduce you to their family until they are sure that you are serious about them. This is because they believe that it’s a waste of time to date someone if they don’t think about marrying them someday. This mindset can be frustrating for Western women who are trying to find a soulmate in Japan.

2. They don’t like to go on dates

When dating a Japanese man, it is important to remember that they are a family-oriented culture. This means that they will be looking for a responsible man that they and their future children can rely on. In addition, they will be picky biggest it comes to choosing a partner. Although money and social status will play a role, they will focus on your moral app and personality traits.

Additionally, they may not be interested in going on dates as frequently as you might be used to. It is common for couples that are dating to only talk several times a week and meet up maybe 2-3 times a month.

Some people mistake this for being rude or cold but if you consider their mentality and culture, it makes sense. They don’t want to waste time on people that they don’t see as a potential long-term partner. Similarly, they will not introduce you to their friends and family until they are sure that they can marry this person.

3. They are afraid of commitment

Some men in Japan feel that foreign women are less suited to their cultural values. This is especially true if the man has lived abroad for long periods of time, but it can also be true of those who have not.

They are hesitant to give a clear indication of their feelings and might not tell you that they love you until much later in the relationship. This may seem frustrating but it is something that is just how the culture is in Japan.

They also tend to have more traditional views on gender roles and might not be interested in women who are working outside of the home or taking care of children. This is a generalization, of course, but it is important to keep this in mind when dating a Japanese man. Love knows no boundaries, however, and you can find a way around this. It just might take more patience and communication on your part!

4. They are hesitant to introduce you to their friends

Despite all the negative stereotypes, there are Japanese men that are genuinely interested in dating foreign women. They might have a harder time expressing their feelings but love knows no culture and will find its way to cross all boundaries.

If a Japanese man pays attention to the little things about you, like what your favorite color is or the song that makes you smile without you overtly telling him, it means that you are important to him. If he also has his friends tease you in front of him, it shows that he feels comfortable enough around you to allow them to do so.

When it comes to body language, there isn’t one clear sign that indicates if a person likes you but if he frequently compliments you or positions his body close to yours while talking, then these could be signs that he is interested in you. In the end, it’s up to you to make the first move.

How to Date an Attractive Japanese Man

For some reason, many Japanese women want a man who tells them several times a day how much he loves them. It’s probably due to the influence of too many Hollywood movies.

They also value their relationships with their coworkers and bosses more than those with you. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get invited to dinner and drinks with them.

3. Be feminine

Japanese guys are very shy and express love in the simplest form. They kiss, touch and tease you privately to show they care for you. They also text you frequently and want to get along with your mother.

They’re attracted to feminine girls who push the fashion limit and have good manners. A little bit of grace goes a long way!

4. Compliment him

If he compliments you, this is an indication that he’s interested in you. He may compliment you on your looks, the way you cook, or something else.

He may also compliment your skills, for example, your handwriting or the way you speak English. This is because he wants to show his appreciation for you. He also admires girls with good manners and grace.

5. Be humble

Japanese men are incredibly modest. They will only text you back pretty quickly if they like you and they will always make sure to ask about your day.

They also love girls who are well-educated and can balance being cute and sexy. They also find it attractive when a girl has good manners. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she needs to be super polished, but just that she’s respectful.

6. Don’t be a Debby Downer

Many Japanese men don’t express love or affection openly. They also don’t give advice unless they really care about you.

They expect their foreign dates to be a little more forward in their expression of emotions. They think their foreign boyfriends tell them how much they love them several times a day. This is probably due to the influence of Hollywood movies.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

While this might be something foreign women don’t expect from their partners, Japanese guys actually like it when you give them advice. It shows that you respect them and their opinion.

Unlike western men, they’re not likely to hug or kiss you in public and they’ll rarely express their love by saying “I love you”. They will show it through their actions though.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There are a few things you need to keep in mind about dating Japanese men. For starters, they don’t speak their minds as openly as Westerners do.

Public displays of affection are not common, so don’t be surprised if your date doesn’t hold hands or kiss you in public. It’s considered inappropriate. Also, they may not introduce you to their family until marriage is on the horizon.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

A lot of Japanese women want a guy that tells them several times a day how much he loves them. This could be because they are influenced by Hollywood movies.

When they like you, they will text you a lot and ask you about your day. They will also text you first when they feel sad or happy.

In addition, they will give you advice when they like you. This is their way of showing that they care about you.