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When it comes to relationships, libras are happiest when they can find compatible compatibility. They’re essentially harmony-seekers and are a people pleaser, which can often lead them down a path of codependency.

The sign of Libra, which falls between Air signs Gemini and Aquarius, is represented by the goddess Themis (Greek for “order”), a peace broker who sought justice and equity. Themis was also the wife of Zeus, and was part of the Morai, three sisters or fates who spun, measured and divided the threads of life for humankind. This goddess, who defended her divine privileges through her sense of justice and fairness, is a good representation of the Libra energy: graceful, socially adept, balancing the many needs of their people with an eye for the balance of what’s best.

These social butterflies are natural mediators, and they’re on a perpetual mission to make the world lighter, funnier, and fairer for everyone. They’re on the lookout for ways to make their tumultuous surroundings less chaotic through design, and they’re able to see beauty in anything, even if they can’t fully grasp it themselves.

Their weakness is their inability to stand up for themselves and their insecurity around their own worth. In a soulmate, a libra needs someone who can bring out the best in them by being agreeable without being a doormat and encouraging their need for levity. They also need someone who can help them divorce who they think others perceive them from how they actually feel about themselves, which can often be a bit conflicted and confused.

What Does it Mean When a Libra Man Stops Texting?

If you’re wondering What does it mean when a libra man stops texting, the good news is that he isn’t necessarily ignoring you. Sometimes, he’s just testing you to see how you react. He doesn’t want to lead you on, but he also doesn’t want to just flat out reject you.

He might simply forget to respond to your text. As air signs, Libras are thinkers before they’re feelers and often get distracted by other things. It might be that he saw your message and meant to reply but then forgot. If this is the case, he’ll likely remember soon and you can pick up where you left off.

It could be that he has other things going on in his life and is simply not in the mood to discuss them over text. As a people-pleaser, it takes a lot to make a Libra man angry and they usually don’t hold grudges, but even these patient and kind people-pleasers have their limits. If they feel that their crush is putting them in an uncomfortable position or they’re getting taken advantage of, it can cause them to disengage from their relationship.

If he stopped flirting with you, it could be that he’s still emotionally hung up on an ex and doesn’t want to get into another relationship. This can be hard to deal with, but it’s important to recognize if he isn’t in the right head space for a new relationship.

What Does it Mean to Libra When Mercury Enters the Sign of Libra?

Mercury rules two zodiac signs—Gemini and Virgo—and it’s known to affect your life when it enters the sign of Libra. The flavor of this transit depends on the sign that your Sun is in and how it interacts with the other planets in your chart.

People with Mercury in Libra have a lighthearted spirit and a desire for harmonious relationships. Their main motivating force is preserving peace, and they might compromise their own interests to do so. They are shrewd negotiators and can make great friends, although they may have to raise their expectations of their friends to match their own standards.

They tend to favor beauty, and can be quite vain if they’re not careful. They’re also a bit of a flirt and love to be around people they can intellectually stimulate. They’re a bit quick-witted and great conversationalists, and they appreciate friends who can keep up with them. People with this Mercury placement also have a natural sense of fair play and are able to detach themselves emotionally when they talk, which makes them good mediators.

However, they’re easily overruled by their emotions when someone tries to hurt them or take advantage of their compassion. When this happens, they can veer into the vengeful. They’re a bit of a tit-for-tat kind of person, so it’s important for them to set healthy boundaries with themselves and others. They often find it easier to work with men than women.

What Does Libra Season Mean?

The Sun sheds Virgo’s cotton oxfords for the body-con date night gear of Libra and you can expect some extra flirtatious arrows from Cupid, Leo. This is a season to practice the art of courtship, whether in your love life or in your work life. The cosmos is all about bringing you more people, more connections and new opportunities that can help you cultivate your inner wisdom. So, take heart. You can be the best courter this heavenly season.

You may feel a resurgence of your social butterfly energy, Taurus, and meeting new people is easier than ever right now. The Libra sun lights up your third house of communication and collaboration, so this is a good time to set some grounded intentions in terms of how you want to contribute and collaborate with others.

Your home and family life is a central focus this month, Cancer, and the cosmos may be asking you to reassess your relationship with safety. As the Libra sun lights up your fourth house of home, family and roots, you may be called to rethink how you approach stability, security and the comfort that your loved ones can provide.

You’re the most grounded sign in the zodiac, Capricorn, and you are a natural at grounding your energy. The Libra sun is lighting up your career sector, though, and it’s possible that you’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound this month by keeping your eyes on the prize.

What Does Mars in Libra Mean?

Individuals with Mars in Libra tend to use a cooperative approach when resolving conflicts and disputes. They will often sign agreements and form partnerships but they will only do so if Venus is dignified in the chart. This is because these individuals are often prone to exploring and discovering many people before they actually settle down in a permanent relationship. According to Vedic astrology, it is highly recommended for these individuals to wait to marry or commit themselves to life partners until they reach the age of 28.

These individuals will frequently see more than anyone else the violence and conflict that are prevalent in our society. They will often feel more passionate about world justice than personal victory and this is one of the few times that they will show outward anger.

This placement is what’s known as a “detriment” for Mars, which means that its usual feisty and aggressive nature is toned down. They may still enjoy debating but they will often run away from anything too confrontational.

They will usually prefer a more elegant and graceful exercise regimen than the sweaty and grunty style of working out. They will instead be attracted to yoga, tai chi, and dancing.

In terms of sex, these individuals will often be attracted to women who are graceful and powerful. They will also be drawn to a woman who is dependable and consistent. Their inner rage and passion will usually be directed into their goals and group interactions.

What Does a Libra Sun Mean?

When your sun sign is in Libra, you’re a sociable people-pleaser who strives for balance and beauty. You’re an aesthete and enjoy the arts, glamour, fashion, and entertainment. Venus rules Libra and this is also the seventh house of your chart, influencing your relationships with partners and others in general.

You have a tendency to try and meet everyone’s needs without compromising your own, which can lead to frustration and conflict. You can also be a bit passive-aggressive. You’re here to learn how to interact with others, and this is a challenging lesson.

Your sun is in the airy sign of Libra, which makes you a thinker and a dreamer. However, like all air signs, you can be a bit flighty and indecisive. You have a tendency to avoid conflict and confrontation, which can backfire on you in the long run.

Medical Astrology

The astrological sign of Libra is associated with the kidneys, genitourinary tract, and lumbar spine, as well as all aesthetic body parts. People with a sun in Libra are usually physically beautiful and have an elegant sense of style. They’re also able to keep their cool under pressure, which can make them good negotiators. This is a good sign for someone seeking a career in law or the arts, as both of these fields require negotiation skills. They’re also very friendly and sociable, making them great friends. Libras also have a tendency to overindulge in romantic pursuits, which can lead to health issues like heart disease and depression.

What Does the Libra Symbol Mean in Egypt?

Egyptian culture has a unique zodiac system that differs from Western astrology. Instead of the signs of Aries, Taurus and Libra, the Egyptian zodiac is based on their gods and goddesses. Each sign is associated with a different god or goddess and their traits. Here are the 12 signs of the Egyptian zodiac:

Geb — Earth

People born under this sign are faithful and sensitive. They’re open and honest, although they might sometimes seem too emotional. They’re reliable friends, and they love to help others in need. They also have a passion for knowledge. They’re always searching for ways to improve themselves.

Thoth — Learning

Named after the god of writing and knowledge, those with the sign of Thoth are very observant. They are good at analyzing problems and finding solutions. They are also a little stubborn. They’re a real ray of sunshine for their loved ones. They’re very affectionate and supportive of those around them, and they’re a natural at public speaking.

Seth — Chaos

People with the sign of Seth are a bit rebellious and adventurous. They’re also very ambitious and confident. They’re great at leading groups and have a lot of energy. They’re a little impatient, but they usually make up for this by being very focused on their goals.

Wadjet — Protection

The symbol of the god Wadjet is a cobra. It’s a symbol of power and was often engraved on the crowns and head ornaments of the Egyptian rulers and deities. It was also believed to protect the Ka, the spiritual double that lives on even after death. This is why the Egyptians mummified their dead to give their Ka a chance to survive in the afterlife.

What Does North Node in Libra Mean?

In this lifetime, individuals with their North Node in Libra are learning the fine art of compromise and partnership. They find their greatest fulfillment in committed long-term partnerships and groups of people. This includes both romantic relationships and business or work situations that require collaboration. They also learn the value of sharing credit for their accomplishments.

They may struggle with issues around worthiness and connection, especially when these show up through feelings about gender. They have a tendency to question whether other people are capable of “getting them” and can easily become offended by comments that they feel are derogatory to their identity.

These lessons are often the hardest to learn but, with time and effort, these individuals will move away from their lone wolf ways and into a place of true collaboration. This means learning to fight nice and to take the time to hear all sides of a story before jumping to conclusions. It also means releasing the need to constantly prove themselves and to be number one in every group activity.

With the North Node in Libra and the South Node in Aries, these individuals will be learning to trust themselves and to make decisions based on their own interests. They will be resolving issues of power and control in both the personal and professional realms. It will be a time of finding balance in all areas of their lives.

What Does Jupiter in Libra Mean?

Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th, 2016 and will stay here until October 10th when it moves into Scorpio. The planet of abundance finds it much easier to find balance in this sign as the big Jupiter is naturally inclined to see that people are treated with fairness and respect. Jupiter in Libra is often found in business, communication and design-based careers. It’s a very social sign and you tend to have many friends but you also know how to keep a healthy balance in your life.

You are a very spiritual person and you are drawn to religious sacrifices and austerities. You are a moral person and you strive for right action. With Jupiter in the ninth house, you are inclined to teach others how to be more compassionate and you love the study of religion, ethics and philosophy. You are a good listener and you learn a lot from listening to other people’s stories.

With Jupiter in the watery and sentimental Pisces, you are a very compassionate soul who feels oneness with the universe. You are drawn to all types of esoteric knowledge that helps you understand your role in this world, such as the occult, healing, poetry, astrology and history. Your biggest wish is to understand your place in the world and how to be of service. Historically, you have been happy to join movements for peace and you have a strong intuition when it comes to seeing that everyone deserves their equal rights.

What Does Moon in Libra Mean For Relationships?

The full moon in Libra illuminates our connection to others and relationships—including our friendships, partnerships and intimate connections. It’s a time to review these relationships and see what needs to change or be released in order to feel more balanced.

Lunar Libras are charming, affectionate and likable. Their graceful persona and communication skills make them natural mediators and diplomats, able to view both sides of a situation with equal perspective. Their wishy-washy people-pleasing, however, can sometimes come off as obnoxious or irritating to others.

These folks are generous and want to be of use to the world. They often find sustenance in admiration, though this can be a dangerous game to play since they may look for it in all the wrong places and get disappointed with every rejection. They have a tendency to disguise their true desires with acts of generosity and kindness, but it’s important for lunar Libras to learn that they can only be fully loved by themselves.

This full moon is a chance to revisit the hard-hitting lessons of 2018, applying them to your relationships with a new sense of clarity and maturity. To help you do this, download your free Full Moon Workbook, written by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter.

What Does Libra Rising Mean?

People with Libra Rising are all about balance, harmony, and diplomacy. They’re natural lovers who value peace and love as a way of life. Their chart ruler, Venus, lends them their aesthetic sensibilities and appreciation for romance.

They’re also naturally community-oriented, and they like to dedicate themselves to issues that matter. Whether it’s supporting the arts or volunteering in the local community, they don’t shy away from giving back to their communities. They’re always on the lookout for the next great cause to support, and they make it their business to keep up with current social issues.

A stunning smile is their greatest asset, and it’s not uncommon for them to have adorable dimples. Even when they’re not feeling their best, they’re able to turn things around with their dazzling smile. This is a result of their natural charm and charming demeanor, which they’ve worked hard to perfect throughout the years.

Their eyes are also magnetic, and they’re more likely to have flecks in them that give them a radiant, hypnotic appearance. Though the color of their eyes can vary from person to person, they’re always mesmerizing. This is a result of their enlightened, compassionate nature, which helps them to connect with others. This is the reason they’re a favorite amongst friends and colleagues. They’re very loyal to their pals, and they can often be spotted cheering them up on their low days. The same goes for their relationships with partners; they want nothing more than a strong, loving relationship.

What Does it Mean to Be a Libra?

Embracing the idea of “balance,” Libras are charming, kind, empathetic and generous people. They love to connect with others and are usually well-liked by almost everyone they meet. They are naturally flirtatious and may seem to have several “friends” at once, but they can be very loyal in intimate relationships when they find their soulmate.

However, this balancing act can also backfire, as Libras often put their own needs last in an attempt to please others, and their people pleasing energy can be exhausting. It is important for them to learn how to divorce who they are from how they anticipate other people will perceive them, and to separate what is best for their own personal growth from the need to create harmonious relationships.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are inspired to make art and beauty. They are drawn to the concept of modeling (turning an experience, idea or emotion into a representation or performance) as a form of self-expression, and they can be influenced by ideas around symmetry and balance, which are Venusian concepts. They are interested in analyzing the social, ethical, and philosophical aspects of art as well. Famous artists range from makeup artists to minimalist composers.

Conflict is the limbo stick that Libras bend and contort themselves to avoid, but this approach can leave them feeling unheard or dissatisfied. They might only address a problem when they think it is intellectually or emotionally fair, rather than speaking out in the face of injustice, and their attempts at peacemaking can end up being manipulative or passive-aggressive.

What Month is Libra – The Key Dates This Month

What Month is libra

Ruled by Venus Libras are charming, charismatic, and naturally romantic. They’re also adept at integrating disparate groups, lightening the mood and sweetening negotiations. They are also cultural critics and wordsmiths like Arthur Rimbaud, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote, Bell hooks and William Faulkner. At their best, Libras believe in equanimity and are interested in bringing issues into focus and justice into being. However, at their worst they can be superficial, indecisive, and self-pitying.

The key dates this month:

This October, the new Moon in Libra encourages a balanced approach to new ventures and a fair but firm hand when it comes to relationships. Meanwhile, transformative Pluto ends its retrograde journey on October 6 and authoritative Saturn begins to move forward after nearly five months in unfiltered Aquarius. The tumultuous year-and-a-half has probably changed you in some way — it’s time to take stock of what’s working and what needs to be let go. You can do this with the help of the Seventh House, which rules your one-on-one relationships (with long-term partners and friends) as well as your social circle.

What is Libra?

Libras are on a quest for harmony and beauty. They’re the designers of the zodiac, eager to take any messy situation and infuse it with beauty. They’re also guided by justice, which can lead them to work in law and government.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are in love with life and believe that true romance is possible. They’re skilled at courting, wooing and keeping relationships intact. They’re also open to the possibility of a spiritual relationship, even though it may be hard for them to articulate their beliefs.

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra spans 180°–210° celestial longitude. Its symbol is a pair of scales—based on the Scales of Justice held by Themis, goddess of divine law and custom. The Sun enters Libra at the Autumn equinox or Spring equinox (depending on where you live).

Although Libras are very polite, they’re attracted to folks who can call it like it is and speak honestly. They’re happiest when they’re wandering through life hand-in-hand with their crew and cherish all of their friends’ idiosyncrasies. But be warned, this air sign can get a little vain and overindulge in spiffing up their appearance (and maybe just a bit too much makeup). They can also veer toward the vengeful when they feel wronged. That’s why they’re best served by people who help them keep their karma in check. Luckily, they know when to seek out guidance from a trusted friend or therapist.

What Elements Are Librans?

People born between 23rd September and 22nd October come under the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra. Ruled by the planet Venus, this social cardinal air sign represents balance and harmony. Their symbol is a pair of scales, which perfectly encapsulates their need for equilibrium.

They think and reflect before acting and are often indecisive because they want to find the middle ground between sharp intellectualism and wild imagination. Their focus on resolving conflict with diplomacy also makes them good at negotiating and mediating solutions. They are able to see all sides of an argument and often go to others for advice, as they want to be sure they are making the right choice.

Librans are romantic, and they tend to value beauty. They love luxury and upscale things, but they are also sensitive to the environment and care about their impact on the world. As a result, they are conscious consumers and strive to find the best products, fair prices, and environmentally friendly options.

Their soulmate is someone who understands their need for balance and can help them find the middle ground between their logical, thoughtful side and their emotional, whimsical side. They want to explore the world together, but they also need someone to bring out their sense of calm and help them keep perspective when life gets a little crazy. If they don’t, they can quickly become depressed or even depressed and anxious, which is why they need their partner to be a source of stability in their lives.