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Scorpios are mysterious, imaginative, and emotionally intense, but they’re also a sign of loyalty and depth. They’re not afraid to sweep away anything that stands between them and their goals or their quest for a higher being, and they’re always thoughtful about who they let into their inner circle. In addition, they’re incredibly intuitive and often know how a situation will end before it even begins.

Scorpios can also be possessive, especially in relationships. They’re loyal to their friends and lovers, but they expect that loyalty back in return. And they can be so intense in their emotions for others that it’s hard for them to let go, leading to jealousy and resentment. And of course, they take betrayals and setbacks very seriously, and a big lesson that Scorpios must learn is that not everything is under their control.

In addition, Scorpios are unfailingly honest to a fault, and they despise dishonesty in others. They’re not afraid to take risks or step outside their comfort zones, and they’re the first to volunteer for tough jobs. And finally, they can be quite vengeful when they’re upset, so they’re not ones to be easily forgiven.

The Celtic spirit animal for Scorpio is the Snake. The Native American spirit animal for Scorpio is the Wolf. Click on your respective zodiac signs below to discover which spirit animals speak to you!

What Does it Truly Mean When a Scorpio Woman Calls You a Friend?

A blunt person, she’s not shy about letting you know what she thinks. Her wry sense of humor is also a trait she’s not afraid to show off, and she loves someone who can keep up with her wicked repartees.

She’ll probably invite you to events and activities she knows she’ll enjoy. This is because she wants to make sure you’re compatible with her emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Scorpios are extremely sexual people, so if she suddenly stops flirting with you or being intimate with you, it’s a clear sign that she’s done with you. This is especially true if she’s always been forward and sexual with you in the past.

Similarly, if she starts making plans with her friends without telling you, it’s another clear sign that she’s over you. Scorpios are reliable and responsible people, so if she starts to disappear for long periods of time and doesn’t let you know where she’s going or who she’s with, it’s a red flag that she’s already found someone else.

Lastly, if she stops texting you or doesn’t respond to your texts for long periods of time, it’s a clear sign that you’re not her priority anymore. Scorpios are highly dependable people, so if she starts giving you less attention, it’s probably because she has found someone else that she values more. This is a clear indicator that she’s not interested in you anymore and is moving on.

What Does it Mean to Be a Double Scorpio?

If you have the Sun and Moon both in Scorpio, you are a double Scorpio. These are individuals who have a lot of internal power and passion that is hard to deny. They are incredibly intuitive, and they trust only themselves. They are also extremely loyal and devoted to the things they put their interest in, making them great partners. They are also courageous, and they are ready to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs or their ideals.

In love, they are deeply emotional and they need a partner who can understand them. They don’t do small talk and they will cut right to the chase. They are likely to have conversations about difficult topics and they will be curious about their partner’s past and any struggles that they may be going through.

They are not afraid of the things that most people fear, including darkness, pain and death. They see these truths as a way to hone their appreciation for life. They teeter on the edge of the unknown and they find peace in this position.

They need a partner who will help them to control their emotions and who will not be intimidated by their strength and determination. If they are able to find this person, they will have an intense and fulfilling relationship that can last for a long time. It is important that they don’t let themselves get emotionally entangled with the wrong person though, because this could lead to them being hurt in the end.

What Does the Super Blood Moon Mean For Scorpio?

The full lunar eclipse in Scorpio illuminates your intimate 12th house of home, privacy, and long-term goals, suggesting you’re ready to let go of certain things in your private life that have been holding you back. This is a major shift, Sagittarius, but trust that you can make it.

This eclipse is also a powerful moment in your career. It’s time to shake up your public image and re-examine the way you present yourself in the world, Sagittarius. This is an opportunity to do a complete overhaul in your professional life, which could involve leaving a toxic work environment or revamping the direction of one of your projects.

A spooky new chapter in your relationship with money and power is underway, Virgo. The powerful fixed water sign Pluto rules your finances and this lunation activates your wealth sector. Be careful not to fall into self-destructive spending habits or overcommit yourself financially. You’ll soon find that the universe has a better plan for your bank account.

The second eclipse of the season, a solar eclipse in Taurus, took place on April 30, and now this lunar eclipse in transformative Scorpio is poised to blow up anything that’s gotten out of hand. Embrace the emotional upheavals that are ahead, and remember that a lot of these changes were meant to happen. Powerful Scorpio energy can be terrifying but it’s also life-giving. Channel that ferocity through a spiritual practice and you’ll be able to survive any rude awakenings that come your way.

What Does Moon in Scorpio Mean?

People with their Moon in Scorpio are intimate with the shadowlands of the psyche. This heightened awareness of what’s beneath the surface can be a blessing and a curse. They are masters of subtext, and they can quickly see when someone is lying. This can make them hyper-vigilant and sometimes suspicious of others. They may also take it personally if they feel that their trust has been betrayed.

They are often drawn to emotional upheaval, and they tend to go through epic ordeals in love (or at work). These deep karmic experiences help them crack open what’s been repressed. This can be exhausting but ultimately healing for them.

As a lunar eclipse, this is an especially powerful time to seek the truth about yourself and what’s been buried. You may be surprised at what comes to light.

Astrologer Kevin Burk notes that it’s challenging for Moon in Scorpio individuals to find full whole-soul engagement in life. He says they instinctively know that they need it and might only be able to experience it in passionate, dramatic relationships.

In fact, today’s full moon lunar eclipse activates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and collaborations. This could bring major shifts in your platonic, romantic or business relationships. It’s also an aligned time to seek out a high-level therapist who can help you navigate the complex nuances of your psyche. This is a wise investment in your own well-being.

What Does It Mean to Have a Scorpio Rising?

People with a scorpio rising are mysterious and intense, often teetering between passion and obsession, love and hate, cathartic highs and dramatic lows. Like the scorpion, eagle, or phoenix, they’re a master of transformation and change. Their life story is often shaped by chaos and drama, with periods of turmoil and self-deprecation, but also healing and growth.

Intuitive astrologer Lumi Pelinku tells mindbodygreen that Scorpio risings are often otherworldly and spiritual, with an interest in taboo or occult topics. They are fearless, willing to get to the bottom of their deepest inquiries, and may lean into metaphorical “deaths” or endings in order to experience rebirth and new beginnings. However, Pelinku warns that if they don’t take steps to protect their energy, these folks can sometimes become obsessive and possessive in relationships.

When it comes to work, people with a scorpio ascendant have a strong will and are dedicated workers. They’re typically able to keep their cool under pressure and can work well independently, but their fixed quality means they’re usually more comfortable working with others. They can be great leaders, as well as teachers and coaches.

People with a scorpio ascendant can come off as cold and distant, but they’re really just protecting themselves. It takes time for them to open up, and when they do, they can be really sweet. But their famous stern face is a sign that they have their guard up, especially around people they don’t know or who they think are threats.

What Does a Scorpio Mean in Indian Cards?

Scorpios are powerful and tenacious. They’re the executive types who won’t let anything get in their way when they pursue something, and no one knows how to hold a grudge like these fearless souls. They take betrayal very personally and can become jealous and domineering if they feel that they are being overlooked. They need a lot of space, as their intensity can cause them to over-react.

This sign is symbolized by the scorpion, a venomous nocturnal arachnid native to arid deserts and exotic, shadowy locales. Scorpio-born individuals are cunning and vengeful, just like the scorpion itself. They know what they want and are not afraid to do what it takes to achieve success, but they can also be overbearing and self-destructive if their intensity isn’t directed in the right ways.

Those born under this moon sign are highly intuitive, and they tend to pick up on the emotional undercurrents in their surroundings. They also have the ability to see what others are feeling and can sense if someone is lying to them. Those born under this moon sign are also very secretive, but they don’t usually share their secrets with just anyone.

In love, those born under this sign are passionate and devoted partners. They’re willing to go to extreme lengths to protect the people and things they care about. Their depth of character makes them fascinating companions, but they can be cold and distant if they’re not careful.

What Does it Mean When a Scorpio Keeps Coming Back?

Scorpios are known for being dark, mysterious and passionate. They’re also deeply loyal and devoted to those they love, which can sometimes lead to toxic on-again-off-again relationships. They’re often misunderstood and can appear intimidating, but they’re actually very approachable sweethearts who are willing to open up their hearts and share all their secrets with those who they trust.

When you keep hearing from him, it means he’s thinking about you and missing your company. He may start reminiscing about your first date or how he misses making you blush. He’ll want to talk about the good times in your relationship as well as the bad ones and may even try to convince you that you should give him another chance.

One of the biggest signs that he’s still into you is when he starts stalking you online and in person. He’ll want to know what you’re doing, who you’re talking to and what your social media profile looks like. He might start texting your friends and family to see what you’re up to, too.

You may also notice that he’s jealous of other guys who flirt with you or seem interested in you. This is a sign that he still has deep feelings for you and wants to make sure that no one else takes you away from him. If he sees you flirting with other men, he’ll start to feel insecure and may even act defensively.

When a Scorpio Holds the Door Open

Scorpio is a deep man and he loves deep people. He’s a soul searcher and is innately drawn to the spiritual realms that surround us. He’s also deeply connected to death and the otherworld. That’s why he loves mystery, the supernatural and anything that is beyond the norm.

When a scorpio holds the door open for you it’s a sign that he’s interested in you. He’s looking at you and he’s studying your every move. He’s noticing the little things you do that no one else notices.

He’s empathetic but he doesn’t show it much. He’s often introspective and he can sometimes be detached from other people, especially when he feels like he’s being mistreated or manipulated. This can be confusing for those close to him but it’s just how he is when he feels a sense of distrust or insecurity about opening up to others.

Reveal yourself to him slowly. Scorpio loves mysteries and he gets bored with people he can easily figure out so make him work for it. Show him your strong side, like your commanding social skills and professional achievements. He’s attracted to powerful people so make him see that side of you.

In the bedroom he’s looking to ravish your body and merge with your soul. Be sexually open and let him push your limits. It’s a wild ride and you will remember it for the rest of your life. Show him that you’re a force to be reckoned with, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

What Does Mars in Scorpio Mean?

As we head deeper into Scorpio season, it’s time to let our intuition lead the way. Mars here is a master at spotting weakness, and it’s a Mars that likes to dig in and see things through to their organic end. It’s a powerful and empathetic Mars that understands the value of community. Its strong will and creative energy gifts us with a willingness to learn from mistakes, turn obstacles into opportunities, and ultimately push ourselves to our limits in order to achieve our goals.

Mysterious and enigmatic, individuals with this Mars placement are often found reading people like books. They can sense the emotions of those around them and are incredibly loyal to their friends and family. They may have an easygoing exterior serenity that conceals a passionate and determined inner nature.

When it comes to relationships, these people prefer harmony, peace, fairness and justice over power and personal victory. They are a bit suspicious of those they don’t know well and may come across as guarded, but with the right person, these Mars in Scorpio individuals are passionate and loyal partners.

However, since they are in a fixed sign, these folks can be pretty stubborn. As a result, they may have a hard time letting go of the past or be prone to holding grudges or being vengeful. This is why it’s always a good idea to work with a professional when learning more about your Mars placement.

What Does it Mean to Be a Scorpio?

Ruled by Mars, the Scorpio sign is often seen as dangerous. They ooze sexuality and have a mystical, mysterious quality to their eyes that can pierce right through you.

When it comes to their professional lives, they treat each day like a mission. They’re on point and focused, ready to work their charms/strengths/advantages to get what they want (and they always know that what they want is AWESOME). Watching a scorpion in action is like watching a magnificent predator parading around — you just never know what’s about to happen.

They’re also known for their loyalty, and they’ll go the distance for anyone they love. They’re deep and passionate in their relationships, and they’ll only ever settle for someone who truly understands them.

They tend to be more clairvoyant than most, and they can sense what people are thinking even when they aren’t directly addressing the subject. This is why it’s so hard for them to lie, and they will never stop fighting for what they believe in.

Scorpios are the politicians of the zodiac and they love to run things — they’re the type to be at the top of the ladder of whatever industry they’re in, and they don’t look back. It’s the yin and yang of Scorpio: they love to conquer but they are deeply loyal, too.

What Does Jupiter in Scorpio Mean?

Jupiter spends 12 months in each sign, and its placement reflects how the world interprets your experiences. It also amplify the qualities of any personal planets in your birth chart that it touches.

When Jupiter in Scorpio is triggered, you are powerfully protective. You know how to defend yourself and you’re willing to use force if needed. However, you don’t want to lose control or get swept up in drama. In fact, you may be a master of manipulation and a chaos alchemist, so you can transform the most destructive situations into something more beautiful.

Men with this Jupiter are often leaders or entrepreneurs who seem to have all the answers before anyone else. They have a lot of energy, and they aren’t afraid to make the first move in a relationship as part of their strategy to take control. They are savvy in the financial realm, and they’re always on the lookout for new investment opportunities.

Women with this Jupiter are fearless in their femininity, and they don’t mind showing off their sensuality. They are passionate in relationships, and they can be ruthless when it comes to achieving their goals. However, they aren’t quick to forgive and are often the type to snoop around their partner’s phone.

People with this Jupiter placement are a bit mysterious and can sometimes be quite intimidating. They have a gift for reading people, and they know how to spot your weaknesses. They can be a bit paranoid, and they’re always wondering who their friends and allies really are.

What Does a Scorpio Moon Mean?

Whenever the moon is in Scorpio, it triggers a deep, dark emotional intensity. People with this moon sign are diggers when it comes to the world of emotions-they can see through facades and cut straight to a person’s core, which can be either terrifying or wildly attractive. They’re also unafraid to confront the dark truths of life, both their own and others’.

This intense emotional depth can be a positive thing, especially when it is channeled into work that helps them connect with others in meaningful ways. However, it can be challenging for Moon in Scorpio individuals to open up in their personal lives, and they often have a hard time trusting those closest to them. As a result, they may harbor feelings of jealousy and resentment toward their loved ones, and they might be overprotective of those close to them.

In general, people with the Moon in Scorpio seek whole-soul engagement, but they might only find it in passionate, dramatic relationships. They may find themselves creating drama and needing revenge to feel like they’re making progress in their lives, but if they focus on spiritual development, they can learn to harness these negative emotions and use them for good.

Despite their secretive tendencies, those with the Moon in Scorpio can be quite charming and witty, so they’re easy to win over when it comes to romance. They thrive on intimate connection and crave a healthy, open relationship, but they can be difficult to approach because of their fear of vulnerability.

What Does Scorpio Rising Mean?

When Scorpio rises, you have an intense fire in your chart. You’re passionate about everything from work to relationships. Your intuition is strong and you trust it. In relationships, you want a deep connection. You can be jealous and possessive. You’re also sensitive and have a mysterious edge.

People with Scorpio rising often have a small circle of close friends and may feel misunderstood by the world around them. This is because you’re a mysterious and otherworldly sign, with an attraction to taboo or occult topics. You’re also fearless and get to the bottom of your questions, leaning into metaphorical “deaths” and up-endings in order to experience new beginnings.

Scorpios are known for their fierce loyalty, and you’re one of them. When you love something, it’s all or nothing, and you’re not afraid to put your own needs on the back burner for those you care about. This is not to be taken as a sign of weakness or an indicator of insecurity—it’s simply how you operate.

Like other fixed signs, Scorpios are driven by their values and principles. They are unstoppable when they have a goal in mind, and you’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. However, this can sometimes lead to a lack of compromise or realism in your approach. This is why it’s important for people with Scorpio rising to ground themselves through ritual, self-care, and spiritual practices that keep them connected to their center.