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Is There a CIA Psychic?

Psychics are an interesting topic for conspiracy theorists, but is there a CIA psychic? Or parapsychology, or ESP? In this article, we’ll discuss the various theories surrounding these parapsychological techniques. If you’re interested in the CIA’s ESP or parapsychology, keep reading! Here’s a transcript of a recorded session between a psychic and an interviewer. CIA …

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What is an Empathic Psychic?

What is an empathic psychic? An empath is a psychic who is clairvoyant and has the ability to feel other people’s emotions, energies, and spirits. This makes them great listeners and empaths are often very good listeners. But their big heart can drain them. Some empaths feel cursed because they feel so much empathy for …

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What is Psychic Astrology?

What is psychic astrology? If you want to learn more about your Zodiac sign, or Tarot card readings, then read this article. Then, you can learn about online tarot astrology and Tarot card readings. You might also find some interesting information in the links below. If you’re curious about astrology, you should learn about the …

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